Santa Gives Michael Buble What He Wants For Christmas: A Billboard #1

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Merry Christmas, Michael Bublé! Bubés (which, btw, is our own personal nickname for him) has sold 480,000 copies of his Christmas album this week, which keeps him at the #1 spot on the Billboard charts — the seventh, and highest selling week, in the album’s shelf life. The album has sold 1.5 million copies in total and could potentially surpass Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way to be the year’s second-best selling album. So it seems that consumers are really getting into the festive spirit by way of music — but strangely enough the album hasn’t received the sort of critical attention or accolades that Born This Way, or say, Adele‘s 21 have. But still — with what’s turn out to be a faster-than-the-speed-of-light sprint at the end of the game, Bublé has managed to outstrip artists whose albums have been available for months. Talk about Christmas wishes coming true.

Hot on Bublé’s heels in the impressive/blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speedy sales stakes are The Black Keys, whose 7th album, El Camino, has sold 206,000 copies in its first week. This almost triples the sales of the Keys’ last release, Brothers (which sold 73,000 in the first week), and almost doubles the sales of Amy Winehouse‘s Lioness: Hidden Treasures (114,000, if you’re counting at home). Can anyone say “buzz band”? Perhaps The Black Keys strategy of not offering El Camino on music sharing services is paying off, after all.

Bublé Stays At #1, Sells Nearly Half A Mil In Seventh Week Of Christmas Album [Pop Dust]

Most Adorable Thing Ever? Swedish Girl Group Covers Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” With Empty Cottage Cheese Containers

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It’s happened — the world has gone completely mad for Robyn. AND SO THEY SHOULD. Robyn is pretty much the most awesome electro-pop act going around at the moment, and with her bad ass attitude, gorgeous vulnerability and unparalleled dance moves it’s rightly so. Robyn is like no other, and fellow Swedish singers Erato are getting behind Robyn… with empty cottage cheese containers, no less! Singing an a capella cover of “Call Your Girlfriend,” Erato are absolutely adorable with their pixie smiles and sweet and honey harmonies. Not to mention perfectly dexterous as they lay down a beat using only a few hand claps and some empty cottage cheese containers.

Erato sings Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” [New Roman Times]

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Songtrust Announces The Top 20 Songwriters Of 2011

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Are you sick of “top” and “best of” lists for 2011 yet? Surprisingly enough, we’re not — even though they are getting a bit repetitive in the Adele/Iver global back pat that’s happening right now. With all the glory being attributed to musicians for songs and albums, Songtrust have come right out of left field to say, “Yeah, kudos guys, but let’s have a round of applause for the people who are actually writing these songs.”

Some of our favorite hit machines — including You Oughta Know artists Adele and Bruno Mars, as well as Katy Perry — are seasoned song writers in their own right, but what about the guys and gals behind the music that aren’t also household names? Using data from Billboard Radio Songs and Digital Songs charts, Songtrust have compiled a list of 2011′s most seminal writers — yep, that’s right, these are the people responsible for all those songs you’re putting on your favorites lists. So three cheers for the writers! Songtrust’s Top 20 Songwriters Of 2011 after the jump.
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12 Days Of DIVAS: Donna Summer Discos For “Bad Girls”

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Wow, it’s the 8th Day of DIVAS and we’re all the more exited for VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul to air on VH1 on Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The show will feature performances by Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Florence + The Machine, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J and other lovely ladies. For the past 8 days we’ve been reliving DIVAS past, drooling over performances from Jill Scott, Beyoncé, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, a duet between Joss Stone and Gladys Knight and yesterday, Destiny’s Child.

For the 8th day of DIVAS we’re bringing you more Donna Summer, straight from 2000, singing “Bad Girls.” In a disco-fueled performance, Summer is ravishing in a floor length gown adorned with sequins and chandelier earrings. Bringing the attitude with her finger wagging, shoulder shaking, neck popping moves, Summer shows who’s boss, and yeah, it’s those disco bad girls. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the soul veteran delivers and impeccable, powerful vocal to match the dress and lyrics.

VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul will premiere exclusively on VH1 on Monday, December 19, 2011, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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Tuned In: Death Cab For Cutie Get Emotional With “You Are A Tourist”

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Death Cab For Cutie took to the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was a resounding “Awww, big cuddle!” from us to the newly single Ben Gibbard (give us a call, yeah?). From their latest album Codes And Keys, Death Cab played “You Are A Tourist” (above) and “Underneath the Sycamore” (after the jump). In the truest, most emotionally sentimental yet frank lyricism that Death Cab has adopted as their niche, “You Are A Tourist” has all the floating whimsy and grand cavernousness of “Expo 86″ and “Marching Bands Of Manhattan.” With a certain soaring hopefulness beset with often gnarly or despairing lyrics, Death Cab have the Robyn thing (happy sadness) down pat.

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VH1′s Top 40 Videos Of 2011 [COMPLETE LIST]

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What a year, right? As we get ready to put the finishing touches on the year that was, it’s time to look back at the music videos that define the year 2011. Tonight, we’ll be airing a supersized edition of the VH1 Top 20 Music Video Countdown that takes a look back at the Top 40 music videos of the year. Be sure to tune-in to VH1 tonight at 7 p.m. ET/PT to see your favorite videos of the year in all of their widescreen, HD glory, but we couldn’t resist giving you guys a sneak peek at the list here on VH1 Tuner this morning.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the Top 40 Videos of 2011…

40. Daughtry“Crawling Back To You”
39. Jessie J“Domino”
38. The Civil Wars“Barton Hollow”
37. Demi Lovato“Skyscraper”
36. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals“Paris (Ooh La La)”
35. Britney Spears“Criminal”
34. Nickelback“When We Stand Together”
33. Colbie Caillat – “Brighter Than The Sun”
32. Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass”
31. David Guetta featuring Usher“Without You”

Continue along for the Top 30 videos of 2011!
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The Tastemakers At Pitchfork Declare The Top 100 Tracks Of 2011

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The strangest thing is looking a “Best Of 2011″ list and not seeing Adele in the Top 10. It’s almost refreshing, although we do love Adele. In fact, Adele doesn’t appear until #23 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks Of 2011 list, which is quite unsettling given that “Rolling In The Deep” was pivotal in defining 2011 popular music landscape (“Someone Like You” appears at #60). But we guess that’s what makes Pitchfork tastemakers — they don’t follow trends, yet are willing to give credit where credit is due.

More unexpectedly still, Nicki Minaj makes it to #4 on Pitchfork’s list for “Super Bass” — a huge party track that slipped almost completely under the radar on this year’s critical end of year lists. However, the only surprise about Bon Iver‘s “Holocene” coming it at #2 is that it wasn’t #1, lending a painfully predictable air to the inclusion. Most importantly however, coming it at number one is the forgotten hit of the year, the confusingly underrated “Midnight City” by M83. We’re predicting that M83 will be to 2012 what Bon Iver was to 2011, so it makes sense that Pitchfork would deem the electronic master piece a number one. We’re also pretty stoked to see Beyoncé at #7 with “Countdown” — probably the most overlooked track of the year.

The Top 100 Tracks [Pitchfork]

Broadway Muscial Rock Of Ages Is Now A Movie, Appears To Be Awefulsome

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We can’t remember exactly when Hollywood gave up on original ideas and simply began “remaking” things from the past/other mediums, or when they just started slapping together every big star they could think of to assemble a cast, but here you have it folks: The Future. What’s happening now is that Rock Of Ages, a Broadway musical, is being preened for its big screen debut. Starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Ackerman, Mary J. Blige, Bryan Cranston, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Cruise, the film embraces hair, rock, and the era that style forgot, the eighties. By the looks of it, there’s lots of gratuitous boobs, stage diving, sticking it to the man, and hair on Alec Baldwin’s head. We’re not sure what to make of the whole debacle, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be at the cinema dancing in the aisles when it comes out.

“Rock Of The Ages” Trailer: Yup, Everyone Had Terrible Hair In The Eighties [FSR]

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“Man Or Muppet” Gets Its Own Video Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Jim Parsons And Yep, Muppets

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The Muppets‘ new movie has hit the big screen and being received the way all Muppets should be received — with laughter, excitement, and a resounding standing ovation. Now, a video for one of the movies songs, “Man Or Muppet,” which is also up for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song has its own video. Not content with just a CCMA nod, Jason Segel says of the track “I think that ‘Man or Muppet’ should be nominated for an Academy Award. You can put that in print.” The song, written by Bret McKenzie of Flight Of The Conchords fame, is a coming of age/growing up story full of both human and puppet emotion. Starring in the video alongside Segel is a ravishing yet adorable Amy Adams and Jim Parsons as a human incarnation of the Muppet, Walter. The video, even its sentimental subject matter doesn’t miss a Muppet beat, with hints of comical irreverence, a cameo by Kermit and ultimate wholesome goodness.

Jason Segel And The Muppets Get Teary Eyed In “Man Or Muppet” [Pop Dust]

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Was Kelly Rowland Drunk On The UK’s X Factor?

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Last night, former child of destiny Kelly Rowland caused quite a stir with her “erratic” antics on the UK’s X Factor. Accused by fans of Twitter of being inebriated, Kelly’s behavior included some over the top laughter, telling some contestants she liked their sweaters in a sort of weird voice, declaring “Merry fricking Christmas,” mishearing host Dermot O’Leary‘s question to her and being just a little bit too excitable. Some of the accusatory Tweets included the following:

Kelly Rowland hit back via Twitter, declaring, “Nice try, but I wasn’t under the influence, in ANY way……….just overwelmed by the crowds cheers!” [sic] We’re thinking Kelly probably wasn’t drunk and it’s all just a bit of an overreaction to her nerves. And even if she did have a bit of a tipple… Does it matter? She’s glowing, lucid and lovely, which is more than we can say for ourselves after we’ve downed a few! What do you think? Watch the video above featuring snippets of Kelly on the X Factor and have your day in the comments!

‘I think she overindulged in the Green Room!’ Kelly Rowland sparks concern among X Factor viewers on Twitter with erratic behaviour [Daily Mail]

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