New No Doubt Album Gets A Name, A First Single

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No Doubt‘s long await comeback album has, at last, a name! The band revealed in a note on their website that their first record in 11 years, which is set for release this September, will be called Push and Shove. They also shared news that the album’s first single “Settle Down” will drop July 16th (finally!) with a video treatment by Sophie Muller, whose past work with the band includes classics like “Don’t Speak” and “Simple Kind of Life.”

Last month in a webisode, the No Doubt previewed a track — which we now know is the title track — called “Push and Shove.” Over a beat produced by the on-trend Diplo and Switch,  Gwen Stefani sings: “You push and shove / I take the bait / It’s a risky business / Gonna play it anyway.” Which, given the time the that’s eclipsed since their last outing, could perhaps be about the pressures of returning to the studio. If so, it’s good to know that, solo albums and clothing lines and babies later, they are still willing to play together.

The full announcement, signed “Gwen, Tony, Tom & Adrian,” via the band’s official website, below: Read more…

Listen To A Free Stream Of Elle King’s New Self-Titled EP

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Loyal readers of VH1 Tuner will recognize that we’re pretty excited about Elle King, a brand new artist whose career trajectory looks incredibly promising. She first caught our attention with her powerful new single, “Playing For Keeps,” a track that our Creative Music Integration team liked so much that they made it the theme song to Mob Wives: Chicago.

Today sees the release of her new, four-song EP, simply entitled The Elle King EP. In addition to “Playing For Keeps,” the record features two other original tracks (“Good To Be A Man” and “No One Can Save You”) and a live cover of Khia’s XXX-rated hip-hop classic “My Neck, My Back.” Before you decide to head over to the iTunes store to purchase it, you can stream the entire album right here on VH1 Tuner for FREE for the next seven days. So take a listen to this talented new artist whose powerful pipes are drawing favorable comparisons to Adele, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Wait No Longer, Fiona Apple’s Idler Wheel… Is Now Streaming

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Remember, first, back to when it seemed like this might never happen. To a time when label drama had her left in limbo, and delays felt so endless that she told an audience that, “I can’t remember [how to play] any of my new songs because they’ve been done for a f***ing year.” Know that when she brought the album to her label, she told them that it was finished, that it had to be, even if it lacked a proper single. And that lengthy title? It’s just, as she says, “what the title’s supposed to be.” Then, take haste! Because Fiona Apple‘s much anticipated The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do is now streaming, via NPR, two weeks ahead of its June 19th release date.

And in the same swoop, we get a video for the album’s first single “Every Single Night,” by director Joseph Cahill. “Every single night I endure the flight,” she sings, inviting us into the surreal, zoological worlds of her dreams. There are hula-skirts and cuddling skeletons, squids and snails. Lots of snails. “I used to love to put snails on my arm,” she told Pitchfork. “I really like snails a lot.”

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“R.I.P.” To The Stage Rita Ora Killed At The Summertime Ball In London


As Jay-Z’s latest protege there are high expectations for 21-year-old Rita Ora. Ora’s success in the UK is just the beginning; and if the pattern of British singers successfully owning the UK charts and eventually taking the US airwaves by storm continues, Ora is headed for the top of the charts. In front of 80,000 fans with their hands in the air, Ora performed “R.I.P.” at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London. In eccentric jeans and midriff top, on a scale of one to 10, Ora’s energy was at 20. And with 80,000 onlookers every bit of her energy was reciprocated. Read more…

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Regina Spektor’s Music Video For “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)”

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Back on December 25th in the year 2001, before Regina Spektor was signed to a major label deal, she decided to spend her Christmas Day in the recording studio. Over the course of the day, she recorded 12 original songs — ones that featured no other instrumentation besides her vocals and her piano — which ultimately became her Songs LP. This was a particularly fertile period for Spektor, creatively, and many of these songs remain fan favorites to this day. She decided to re-record that album’s first track, “Samson,” on her breakout 2006 LP Begin To Hope, and now she has decided to revisit another one of those early Lower East Side anthems that propelled her into the spotlight in the first place.

“Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” was the closing track on Songs, but in its new incarnation, it’s the second single from Spektor’s brand new album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. We’ve been singing and dancing along with the original for years, but there’s no denying that the song has been tremendously improved by the addition of a more robust sonic palette, which includes adorable percussion (bells, a Casio Keyboard style drumbeat), a much needed bassline and even a rollicking horn breakdown. As for the video, it’s our favorite of Spektor’s since 2006′s “Better” (the one that propelled her to VH1 You Oughta Know status) — with its stately interior shots, slightly surreal imagery and continued use of slow focus, it’s the kind of music video that we imagine Stanley Kubrick might’ve been inspired to shoot. In it, Spektor remains as beautiful, quirky and ebuillient as ever, and thanks to the recent tide of interest in yé yé-style pop songs, perhaps this song —with its chorus of “Ne me quitte pas” — might land Spektor in the race for Song Of The Summer.

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That Awkward Moment When Oprah Asks 50 Cent Why He Named His Dog Oprah


Oprah's Next Chapter | Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson... by Ashley_Miller_3

Mother Oprah has a way of asking just the right questions to get even the hardest gangster to open up about painting his grandmother’s toenails. On Orpah’s Next Chapter the queen of media interviewed 50 Cent, her former sworn enemy, in what turned out to show 50′s softer side, even more so than his gaggle of stuffed animals. Oprah talks to Fiddy (or we should say Curtis Jackson) about his childhood, his mother’s murder, the love of he has for his grandmother and if he’s ever been in love. The interview goes from serious to funny from serious back to funny. It gets all too real when Oprah asks about 50′s dog named Oprah. Read more…

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Perform An Acoustic “Lego House”

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Country cutie Taylor Swift and You Oughta Know artist Ed Sheeran have been logging lots of studio hours together, working hard — mostly! — on the follow-up to Swift’s Speak Now. Last night, the two took a break from whatever they’ve got cooking there to record this acoustic duet of Sheeran’s hit, “Lego House.” And it’s pretty much the sweetest thing you will see today.

Posted to Twitter late last night by Swift, the Viddy finds the two in her kitchen, on the floor in front of the stove, where Sheeran strums an acoustic version of his hit, “Lego House,” while Swift harmonizes. We’ll have to wait to hear what more they’ve got in the works, but, for now, this glimpse shows a promising chemistry between the two.

And as for Sheeran, he will be on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live tomorrow to celebrate the stateside release of his debut album, +.
Zara Golden

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Perform An Acoustic “Lego House” [Idolator]

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Justin Bieber And Drake Want You To Know They’re “Right Here”


Justin Bieber & Drake "Right Here"

There are few things that get us more giddy than a new Justin Bieber song or album on the horizon. Luckily for us it’s officially Bieber season with Believe dropping on Tuesday, June 19. So far we’ve zoned out to “Boyfriend,” “Die in Your Arms” and “All Around the World.” Today Idolator posted a leak of “Right Here” featuring Drake, which is only a snippet of the full song. Sounding like Chris Brown, Bieber is definitely on his grown man swag despite being barely legal. Drake raps about one thing he cares a lot about–love. As a team the duo deliver a hot song.

Usher’s influence on the 18-year-old pop star is apparent in both Bieber’s sound and lyrics. It’d only make sense that Usher’s protege pick up the very things that made Usher great and apply them to his own style. Bieber’s first album as an adult sounds like it’s laced with maturity and experience. The slow ballads touch on feelings and love while the more upbeat songs deal with partying and Biebs singing, “I can take you home.” His growth into adulthood not only means he’s legal (for all the cougars out there), but it also means the content of his music has expanded. And it’s Believable.

Listen To Justin Bieber And Drake’s ‘Right Here’ []

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Lauryn Hill Was Too Busy Protecting Herself From “Greed, Corruption And Compromise” To Pay Taxes


Lauryn Hill Explains Why She Didn't File Her Taxes

Ms. Lauryn Hill is perfectly sane, maybe misunderstood, but sane nonetheless. Only a coherent person could write the dissertation statement she released on her Tumblr explaining why she didn’t pay her taxes in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Warning: you may need to consult your thesaurus to follow along. Ms. Hill calls out the music industry for its “pop culture cannibalism” and accuses the media of trying to distort her image by painting her as a lunatic. Despite her eloquence, we’re almost certain Uncle Sam cares absolutely nothing about the reason she didn’t pay. They just want to get paid. Read more…

Will Smith Teams Up With His Old Buddy DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lays Down New Vocals For “Summertime Remix”

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Looks like Will Smith is back to making moves on the mic. Ahead of Men In Black III‘s release, Will Smith gamely rapped the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song along with an eager Graham Norton Show audience, and then he flexed a freestyle on 106 & Park. And you know what? He sounded pretty great! However, he explained that “There are too many people in my house making music right now,” dashing our hopes of a real return to rap.

And so The Fresh Prince returns instead with a remix of his still classic “Summertime.” The song leads the third installment of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie‘s Summertime mixtape series.

“A groove slightly transformed,” he rhymes over a drawn-out rework of the famous Kool & the Gang sampling-beat. Sounding his 43-years-old, he goes on to suggests that it might be “a little something to break the monotony of all that hard-core dance that’s gotten to be a bit out of control.” Funny how a line that’s over twenty years old can still resonate so strongly in present-day 2012. Read more…