98 Degrees Reunion Will Be More Than One Night And Will Include New Music

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Earlier this summer and before the temps had truly peaked, word spread that 98 Degrees would be reuniting for one night, and una noche solamente at the Summer Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania on August 18th. Talk about news that leaves you wanting! Of 98 Degrees’ colleagues in 90’s pop, the Backstreet Boys are back in the studio together, and the Spice Girls are prepping a new musical memoir. No Doubt and Green Day are also both back and running the charts like they never left. Dusting off all those old dance routines and cueing up the hits takes work, and for only one show? It’s best to make it count. And the boys are going to do just that, with a newly announced Today Show performance and new music! “With so much to celebrate, this reunion is going to be one big party,” the band says. “Everyone’s invited.” Count our calenders marked.

The 98 Degrees Reunion Will Now Involve New Music [Vulture]

Rita Ora Admires Rihanna, So She Welcomes The Comparisons


Rita Ora Covers Complex magazine

Rita Ora is slated as the next big thing. With a co-sign from her boss Jay-Z, there’s definitely a bright future for the Kosovar Albanian British pop singer. Already she’s opened for Coldplay on their tour and killed the stage at Summertime Ball. In September she’ll perform at Jay’s Made In America festival, which she promises to make unforgettable since it will be her first festival performance. Her name is slowly becoming one of mention, but who is Rita Ora the person? Complex magazine put the blonde bombshell on the cover to answer that question.

For starters, she grew up in the West London projects. Her older sister Elena is her road manager, Rita still gets nervous before performances, she loves Biggie, reps hard for Kosovo and she prefers Jordans over heels, which she also told VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live last month. And guess what? She doesn’t mind the Rihanna comparisons. Not even a smudge. Read more…

Tuned In: The xx See “Angels” On Conan

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Katy Perry’s favorite electro-pop minimalists The xx gave “Angles,” the pretty first single off of their upcoming sophomore album Coexist, its television debut late last night on Conan. Lights low as they should be, neither Romy Madley Croft nor Oliver Sim moved much more than the skeletal bass line and whisper-y vocals necessitate until the song’s climactic break, where what was swooning growss haunted. “Like dreaming of angels,” Croft sings, and then Jamie Smith lets free a snare roll before she finishes, “…and leaving without them.” The whole thing was confetti free and delicate, so much so that it was startling when they are met with applause and an excited Conan at the end. To savor it, hit pause on the video at 3:10.
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Last Lap: Carly Rae Jepsen Rebukes Sex Tape Rumors

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Word spread last night that the “Good Times” singer had been caught canoodling on tape. But it’s not so. “Ridiculous,” she says. “Obviously not me.” [MTV]

According to Emma Hack, neither “Wally” nor Kimbra knew exactly what they were getting themselves into — in a good way. “Both artists loved the concept,” she says of her work. “It never occurred to them they were pushing the envelope.” [PopDust]

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When Asked About Guns In The Wake Of Dark Knight Tragedy Ice-T Said He’ll Turn In His Guns When Everyone Else Does


Ice T on guns

Ice-T wears and has worn many hats. Among those fedoras and skullies is the controversial hat that once led to President George H.W. Bush speaking out against Ice T’s 1992 “Cop Killer.” Amidst the Aurora, Colorado tragedy where a gunman killed 12 people on the opening night of Dark Knight, Ice-T spoke out publicly against increased gun control legislation. In an interview with London’s Channel 4 Ice-T said the United States is based on guns. He added that if people want to kill they will do so without guns. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it,” he said. “You can strap explosives on your body. They do that all the time.” Read more…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nas Says ‘Hip-Hop Has Died Many Deaths,’ Doesn’t Get The Respect It Deserves


Six years ago Nas‘ conviction on the state of hip-hop–he believed it was dead–left several of his peers disgruntled and defensive. Ticking rap heads off aside, Hip Hop Is Dead charted at No. 1. How’s that for a non-response to the critics? On the day of his 10th album release for Life Is Good, VH1 talked with the master storyteller to find out what he thought about hip-hop today. Obviously the backlash years ago didn’t phase him because he said if he felt the genre was in trouble again, he’d say it. Again. Although he doesn’t think it’s dead right now, he thinks it has died many deaths. Read more…

Paul McCartney Poke Fun At Hard Rock Calling Curfew In New Olympic Promo

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England may be serious about rules, but not so serious that they can’t laugh at themselves. A new promo for the Olympics — which he is rumored to close with a “Hey Jude” singalong — finds good Sir Paul McCartney mocking the strict curfew keepers who pulled the plug on his headlining set with Bruce Springsteen at Hard Rock Calling in London earlier this month. “We’re all getting excited, we’re ready to rock,” says the former Beatle before diving into a rocking rehearsal. But just halfway through “I Saw Her Standing There,” the sound cuts out and McCartney is left wondering, once again, “Who pulled the plug…?” We like to believe that, if this sort of power-out happens during the real thing, closing ceremonies attendees will be well enough versed in Beatles classics to all together now help take that sad song and make it better. But for the sake of all rock-and-roll moments sacred, let’s hope this is the last time McCartney has to ask that question.

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McCartney Mocks Hard Rock Calling In New Video – Watch [GigWise] Read more…

Boy George Gives Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” A Gritty Remake

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Lana Del Rey‘s viral hit “Video Games” has inspired countless covers and regrettable tattoos already, and now it has done one better by drawing Culture Club‘s Boy George forth for a remake of his own. The mostly retired pop icon keeps all the song’s soul but loses the Instagram-ed quality, trading its warm haziness for a gritty twang that we can’t say we expected from the former Blitz Kid. Spin suggests that George’s cover “brings Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ even closer to Chris Isaak‘s ‘Wicked Game,’ and that’s never a bad thing,” and we couldn’t agree more. The soundtrack to a video tale of “young love in bleak Britian,” helmed by Boy George documentary director Mike Nicholls, the song haunts the real world of an enamored couple kissing in an alleyway, playing on the coast, and sweetly sharing cotton candy. It’s as if, where Del Rey’s version haunts a dream world. We’ll keep both, if that’s okay.

Boy George Covers Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”: Watch The Video [Idolator]

It’s All About Having A “Good Time” When You’re Twentysomething Year Old Carly Rae Jepsen And Adam Young Of Owl City


When is life not a good time when you’re a twentysomething rising star? For the visual to “Good Time,” Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City‘s Adam Young take a quick trip to a cabin in the woods with their other twentysomething friends all looking to have a blast. By day the group rock out in the car while road tripping. Once they’ve arrived they take their slushies to the wilderness to trollop through the pebbles and swamp barefoot. By night they build a campfire and pitch a tent. But not to be confused with a regular weekend in the woods only complete by roasting s’mores (although they do that too!). CRJ and Adam Young have a full-out party, making it a good time to remember. Read more…

Morrissey Puts On A Cat Hat, And Our Other 5 Favorite PETA Campaigns Featuring Musicians

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Excuse us, Morrissey, but it looks like you’ve got a little something stuck up there…

Former The Smith‘s singer Morrissey donned a feline in hopes of helping to curb animal over-population. In an accompanying statement he explains that, “Despite the fact that they’re incredibly intelligent, animals unfortunately haven’t yet worked out how to slip on a rubber,” and that over-breeding leads to too-full shelters. “Please do the right thing,” the vegan and animal rights activist begs, encouraging pet owners to spay or neuter their animals while a real, live cat sits atop his head. The whole thing’s a little confounding and pretty silly, but it did get our attention just as a good ad should.

Controversial as the PETA may be, we can’t help but love their ads, Morrissey’s being only the most recent. Click through to see our five favorites that feature musicians:

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