Electronic Dance Music Takes Over MTV Movie Awards With Performances By Martin Solveig, The Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa And fun.


MTV Movie Award Performers

The MTV Movie Awards’ eclectic mix of performers every year is always a pleasant surprise. This Sunday the annual award show has pegged Martin Solveig to DJ the music for the evening. Expect to hear some mashed up remixes of iconic movies like Jaws, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars. DJ’ing won’t be the French producers only duty of the evening as he’ll also be joining Black Keys, fun. and Wiz Khalifa as performers. Hopefully his hit “Hello” will find its way into the list of songs (or performances!) that will make you want to boogie. Read more…

Jay-Z And Kanye West Recreate Imagery Of Revolution In “No Church In The Wild” Video


Kanye and Jay-Z still have everyone watching the throne almost a year after the release of their collaborative Watch the Throne album. On Tuesday night the Romain Gavras directed “No Church in the Wild” video was released online sans an appearance from Kanye or Jay. One word that instantly comes to mind: revolution. Amidst slews of  global uprisings the two biggest rap stars in the world create a visual for Prague citizens challenging authority. The video starts with one man setting a Molotov cocktail ablaze and tossing it at police, which inevitably incites a brawl. Read more…

VH1 Storytellers Preview: Jason Mraz, “I Won’t Give Up”

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“I’ve had everything. I’ve had all my dreams come true. I was given a great gift, I was given a great community to share it, and I was given a great network of people to get it all around the world. And yet, one still experiences melancholy.”

We told you yesterday that this weekend’s episode of VH1 Storytellers: Jason Mraz was a particularly emotional one, and after watching this special preview of “I Won’t Give Up,” you’ll start to understand what we mean. Jason Mraz is one of those rare artists these days who does not hide their true selves behind a façade of slick, glossy, Top 40 friendly sound. Instead, when he sits down to write a song, he draws from his own personal reserve of life experiences, sharing all of the intimate details surrounding his life’s highs and lows with his audience. This quality is expressly why we chose him to appear on the current season of VH1 Storytellers, and we hope that you tune-in to VH1 this Friday night, June 1, at 11 p.m. ET/PT to experience the rest of this magical set.

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Wayne Coyle Tweets Nude Photos Of Erykah Badu Look Alike– Her Sister


Nude Photos Tweeted by Wayne Coyle Aren't Erykah Badu

A nude Erykah Badu isn’t very shocking considering her 2010 booty bearing “Window Seat” video. What no one expected was filmmaker Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips to tweet nude photos of what appeared to be the very lovely (and in shape) soul singer. According to PopDust.com, Coyne and Badu are working on the video to the remake of Roberta Flack’s “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.” So when he tweeted photos of a nude woman with long dreadlocks that resembled E. Badu, well, people assumed it was her. Not that anyone was complaining.  Uncensored photos after the jump. Read more…

Shearer’s Spotlight: The Dark Shadow Of American Idol

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Phillip Phillips - The Dark Shadow of American Idol

Each week here on VH1 Tuner, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer’s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Saturday morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Last week, Phillip Phillips became our new American Idol. As confetti fell and bright lights shone upon his face —one that doesn’t look much different from last year’s winner, Scotty McCreery— a dark, Sasquatch-sized monster peaked through the curtains of the Kodak Theater.

The creature has no name, but is commonly referred to as the American Idol Shadow. Besides a few select performers, the Shadow haunts winners, losers, runners-up and even judges. Read more…

It’s A Different World In Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ “Never Go Back”


It’s all vintage everything in Grace Potter & The Nocturnals “Never Go Back” video. Grace Potter’s heavenly voice pierces as she travels back to her childhood, which for this video’s purposes seems pre-civilization. Facing those demons she sings about the quiet girl is taunted by tiny warriors in face paint. They jump on top of the table and eat with their hands. As if that wasn’t barbaric enough they break plates, throw a violin over the stairwell and jump on the bed. We totally understand how unappealing going back is, and why she sings, “I’ll never go back there no more.” We don’t blame you, girl. Read more…

Music Seen: Jason Mraz Delivers At VH1 Storytellers

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Jason Mraz VH1 Storytellers Music Seen

The 16th season of VH1 Storytellers got off to a rousing start a few weeks back when Jill Scott blew the roof off New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. After taking a break for the Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got three incredible performances lined up for you to enjoy over the course of the next three Friday nights: Jason Mraz (6/1), Norah Jones (6/8), and Grace Potter (6/15).

We can’t wait for you to see Jason Mraz’s emotional VH1 Storytellers set, which will premiere this Friday night at 11 p.m. ET/PT. He played a rich assortment of songs from his truly outstanding body of work, including a few stunners from his brand new album, Love Is A Four Letter Word. We’ll be bringing you a few sneak peeks at his set as the week progresses, but for now, we just couldn’t wait to share these photos of Jason getting prepped for his set a few weeks back. Our ace photographer Jen Marigliano took all of these photos, which is the latest entry in our ongoing Music Seen series. Enjoy!

Jason Mraz Music Seen VH1 Storytellers
Jason Mraz Music Seen VH1 Storytellers
Jason Mraz Music Seen VH1 Storytellers
Jason Mraz Music Seen VH1 Storytellers Read more…

Lady Gaga’s Sexy Dance Moves Lead To Death Threats Which Lead To Cancelled Indonesian Concert


Gaga Cancels Show In Indonesia

Just when we thought Lady Gaga was going to ditch her backup dancers and perform solo in Jakarta, Indonesia to adhere to their censorship guidelines, she has instead cancelled the controversial June 3 show. She sure does know how to start a ruckus. Cancelling the sold-out concert comes after religious leaders protested the pop star because of her explicit lyrics and racy costumes. Certain people were so opposed to her performing in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world, that Gaga received threats on her life. Let’s face it, no show is worth the potential of losing your life. Read more…

Raising “Daughters” Is Tough, Nas’ Daughter Destiny Makes A Cameo In New Video


Nas is unapologetically honest about what he’s experienced in his life. His music explores the good, bad and ugly. After much controversy over the details he disclosed in “Daughters,” the video has arrived. It’s chill and mellow like the soulful track. The third single from his forthcoming album Life Is Good gives a small glimpse into Nas’ private life as a father. Directed by Chris Robinson, the video begins with the birth of Nas’ daughter Destiny. Although an actress plays her role, Destiny makes a cameo at the end proving everything is all good with her and pops. Read more…

All Hail Queen Bey! Beyonce Returns To The Stage With A Visit From Michelle Obama


Beyonce Performs at Revel Resorts & Casino

Queen Bey is back, baby! In her first performance in four months– since the birth of Blue Ivy– Beyoncé Knowles returned to the stage for a Memorial Day weekend extravaganza at Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City for four nights of exhilarating performances. During the two hour set one of the biggest stars in the world performed nearly two dozen crowd favorites like “Single Ladies,” “Get Me Bodied,” “Halo,” “Love On Top” and others. Celebrities from near and far traveled to Atlantic City to see the return of the Queen. It’s not like we didn’t know pals Michelle Obama and Beyoncé gush over one another all the time, but we weren’t expecting the First Lady to show up to Bey’s concert with  daughters Sasha and Malia. It’s pretty major when the First Lady of the United States, with Secret Service in tow, comes to see you. Read more…