Gotye Draws The Wrath Of Glee Fanatics, Backs Off His “Dinky” Diss

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Hell hath no fury like a Gleek scorned! After Australian artist Gotye, whose song “Somebody That I Used To Know” is currently sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100, told the Australian Sunday Mail newspaper that the Glee cover of his song was “dinky” and “ultra-dry”, he encountered a swift backlash from enraged musical theater enthusiasts. For a show that talks so much about the evils of bullying, Glee fans can turn quite nasty themselves. Here are just two of the hundreds examples we saw on Twitter:

After realizing that he had put his foot in his mouth and angered one of the few groups of people who still buy music, Gotye retracted his diss at an concert in Los Angeles last night. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Gotye told the audience during the show that “the nature of using reverb and space in a recording can change your perception of how a sound appeals to you … I thought it was really clever to transpose the song to two guys … It was a great idea.” While it’s always essential to maintain one’s integrity, in a case like this, there’s more to be won from a strategic backpedal than there is to be lost. Gotye may have lost the fight, but his decision to play nice in the sandbox with Gleeks shows that he’s got every intention of winning the war.

Gotye Clarifies ‘Glee’ Comment; Calls Darren Criss-Matt Bomer Cover ‘Clever’ [THR]

[Photo: Colin Gray/VH1, Fox]

Azealia Banks Goes In On T.I., Calls Him A “Clown” And “Snitch”


The saga continues like a played out soap opera between Azealia Banks and T.I. In the latest episode of Azealia/Azalea gate, Bossip reports that T.I. stopped by Chicago’s Morning Riot to promote his new album Trouble Man, and once again he commented on the “beef” between his artist Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. In a non-politically correct move T.I. added his two cents. When asked about the girl drama T.I. responded with a rather interesting response:

“Now you see the thing is about that. Guess what. I didn’t even know nothing about it to just now. I ain’t even see it. Now I know they going through they thang. But the fact that she’s speaking upon me and mine. And I never, I ain’t even see it. That is what I consider and excuse my language, but that’s bitch sh*t. I’m a man. You ain’t got no business addressing me. You got a man, get him to address me and he and I can speak on it. But you and me – naw, keep dealing with that woman. Y’all handle that. Me and you we ain’t got nowhere to go with that. I do what men do.

Everyone needs to just breathe. Remember: “No comment” is a sufficient answer. Use it; it is your friend. Not one to stand by idly while being talked about, Banks took to Twitter and replied to T.I. directly. And she did not bite her tongue, calling T.I. both a clown and a snitch.

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Rita Ora Gives Us The Skinny On Her Summer Jam, “How We Do,” And Drunk Sex Feelings

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We’re not sure exactly where you live, but here in New York City, there’s a palpable feeling of excitement coursing through the streets. After dealing with (an admittedly mild) winter for the last few months, the sun has begun to creep out, resulting in people shedding their winter coats and gearing up for warm weather. With the summer months rapidly approaching, the jockeying for this year’s Song Of The Summer has already begun. British singer Rita Ora is one of the first artists out of the gate to stake a claim in the race with her infectious hit, “How We Do (Party),” a song that is built off the Notorious B.I.G.‘s high-life anthem “Party And Bullsh*t.” (We’ve got the official video for “How We Do” below.)

“To me, ‘party’ and ‘bullsh*t’ summed up a party,” Rita told us when she swung by our VH1 headquarters a few weeks ago. “So we took the quote and turned it into a summer jam.”

The song, which made a huge splash when Jay-Z and Rita showed up to debut in on Z100 back in February, is already stirring up a significant amount of heat, particularly it’s refrain of “Cause when the sun sets baby, on the avenue/I get that drunk sex feeling, yeah when I’m with you.” The hashtag #drunksexfeeling has been popping up on Twitter repeatedly, so we asked the Roc Nation artist if she was ever concerned with that phrase becoming a lightning rod for controversy.

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Music Seen: 2-Time Grammy Winners The Civil Wars Get Unplugged In New York City (PHOTOS)

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The Civil Wars VH1 Unplugged Music Seen

It’s been a little bit over a year since The Civil Wars were named VH1’s You Oughta Know artist, and what a year it’s been! The duo, made up of John Paul White and Joy Williams, went from being virtual unknowns to two-time Grammy winners thanks to the outstanding batch of songs that appears on their debut LP, Barton Hollow. Still riding high after their Grammy success back in February, they’re on a bit of a victory lap at the moment: They have not one but TWO songs on the super successful soundtrack for The Hunger Games, they’re in the early phases of writing for their follow-up, and they just taped a brand new episode of VH1 Unplugged, which is scheduled to make its online debut on May 1.

As a means of whetting your appetite in advance of next Tuesday’s Unplugged premiere, we’d like to present to you the latest installment of our exclusive photographic series here on VH1 Tuner, Music Seen. A lot has changed since Joy and John Paul shot their last Music Seen here at our VH1 headquarters in Times Square last May, and we’re not just talking about the critical and industry acclaim. Joy and her husband, Nate Yetton, are expecting their first child in June, which makes Joy the first person to perform an Unplugged set while pregnant in the show’s 22 year history. She definitely had the radiant glow that you always hear about, which you can see in our set of amazing photographs that Colin Gray shot in Harlem’s Metropolis Studios last week.

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Frank Ocean Debuts New Song “Forrest Gump,” Covers Lauryn Hill At Coachella


Performing at Coachella for two consecutive weekends must be intense for artists. They understand that each show is different, as is each audience. Doing an exact repeat performance of a set that has already been viewed around the ‘net by thousands of fans could be career suicide. (Well, at least Coachella career suicide.) Frank Ocean, an artist whose reputation has been built up by the Internet, is definitely someone who recognizes this, so he made sure to switch things up a bit this weekend by covering Lauryn Hill’s beloved “Tell Him” right out of the gates. The minute the crowd recognized the words, they went crazy. Not just because they were familiar, though, but because of the way Frank took the slow steady route, singing smoothly over the mellow instrumentals.

Ocean also gave the crowd another treat with his new song, “Forrest Gump,” which he explained to the rabid crowd as being on “one of his new jams” from his upcoming LP.

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Gotye Hits No. 1 On The Billboard Hot 100, Puts Glee On Blast

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Gotye Kimbra Somebody That I Used To Know

A (slightly belated yet enthusiastic!) note of congratulations is due to Gotye, our February You Oughta Know artist, for a brand new milestone he recently accomplished. Back in February, “Somebody That I Used To Know” hit #1 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart, but last week, his duet with fellow Down Under sensation Kimbra climbed all the way #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Yes, you read that right, it’s the #1 song in the country!

Gotye got a boost from appearing on last week’s Saturday Night Live, which led to him selling an astounding 542,000 digital copies of the song last week alone, the fourth-best single week digital sales number in chart history; to date, he’s sold 4.5 million copies of it worldwide. However, he’s less-than-impressed with the way that the cast of Glee treated his song in a recent episode. In an interview with the Australian Sunday Mail, he described the hit show’s cover thusly:
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Bracket Madness: 8 Greatest MCs Of The Yo! MTV Raps Era


8 greatest yo rappers

Now that you’ve had your nostalgia fix with 40 Greatest Yo! MTV Raps Moments, we’re letting you decide the eight greatest emcees of that era. It’s the ultimate face off! You vote for your favorite contenders hoping they advance to the next round. But only one will walk away with the coveted title of “Greatest MC of the Yo! MTV Raps Era.”

In Round One, Chuck D. takes on KRS-One, and Ice Cube is matched up against Fresh Prince. Both Chuck D. and KRS are said to be at the top of any lyricism list. That will be a close call. With Ice Cube and Fresh Prince you have a west coast, former N.W.A. member versus the fun “Parents Just Don’t Understand” creator. We’re not even sure if that’s a fair match up. How will you decide between LL Cool J vs. Rakim? And, of course, we couldn’t leave out the women of hip-hop with Queen Latifah vs. MC Lyte.

Vote for your favorite emcee if you want to see them take the crown! Round One is open from 11 a.m. today to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25. Round two opens from 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25 to 4 p.m. on Friday, April 27. The final round voting opens at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 27 and closes at 4 p.m. on Monday, April 30. Check back daily to see who is on top.

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That Metal Debate: That Metal Show‘s Top 5 Iron Maiden Albums

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Let’s get right to it. This week on That Metal Show, we were joined by Michael Schenker (who rocked out on the guitar for us) and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. Because the guys are HUGE Maiden fans, we thought we would make it easy for them and have them decide of the Top 5 Iron Maiden Albums.

There’s a lot of great Maiden music with a lot of great eras and decades, so it was unanimous when deciding Killers and their self titled album, Iron Maiden to go on the list. Just deciding the rest of the albums and in what order was the toughest, but we did it, and here is the list of The TMS Top 5 Iron Maiden albums.
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Jill Scott Reps A Biggie Shirt, Wants You To Know She’s “Blessed”


Jilly from Philly is still churning out singles from her Billboard No. 1 album The Light of the Sun that was released last June. “Blessed” is Jill Scott’s soulful fourth single, her way of singing her gratefulness for all of the blessings in her life. Boy, does she have a lot to be grateful for, including her album, which was indeed a commercial success. The success is all the more sweet following a four year hiatus, where she worked on movies like Why Did I Get Married, and Hounddog, not to mention a starring role in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Series. She collaborated with producers Terry Lewis and JR Hutson for the album and will be promoting it with her Summer Block Party tour.

On May 21, she will kick off VH1’s 16th season premiere of VH1 Storytellers. In the meantime, she is fabulous as ever. How cute is the dressed up moose, an ode to her son, whom she sings about in the first verse. Singing in her Biggie t-shirt, Jill reminds us why we love her. She is working those different hairstyles (three to be exact. Duh, we counted). Bow down to Ms. Scott.

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Hologram Craze: Dr. Dre Wants to See Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye


Tupac’s hologram resurgence at Coachella last weekend has spun into an otherworldly pool of ideas of what other deceased celebrities should be resurrected. Super producer Dr. Dre was the visionary behind the concept and has finally broken his silence. Judging by his interview with TMZ, we can surely expect more artists to pop-up from the dead in the near future.

TMZ caught up with the Doctor as he was leaving dinner. There’s been mixed reactions about whether or not the hologram was a brilliant idea or if it was totally creepy. Well, Dre is happy with the results and said, “I think everybody’s in love with it right now, so we’re having fun.”

Not only is he having fun, he hopes other artists will create their own spin-off of his idea and bring back their favorite artists. “Hopefully, different artists are able to bring out their favorite artists,” he said. “Hopefully, we can see Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye. Let’s see what happens.”

Dr. Dre I’d LOVE to See a Jimi Hendrix Hologram [TMZ]
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