Steven Adler Sports A That Metal Show T-Shirt At This Weekend’s RRHOF Induction Ceremony

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Steven Adler That Metal Show T-Shirt

Well, after more drama than we care to recall, this weekend’s Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony went off without a hitch (relatively speaking, of course). Sure, there were a few prominent no-shows —W. Axl Rose, Rod Stewart, Adam “MCA” Yauch, Izzy Stradlin— but those who were there very clearly had a blast.

This year, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, Donovan, Laura Nyro, the Faces, and, of course, Guns N’ F*cking Roses were inducted into the Hall. This year’s private ceremony was held in Cleveland, and clips of the performances that happened on Saturday night that are popping up on YouTube are getting pulled down without haste, presumably to get everyone to tune-in when HBO airs the ceremony in a few weeks.

That said, our favorite moment of the evening is easily to call out: Guns N’ Roses drummer, former Celebrity Rehab patient and longtime friend of That Metal Show Steven Adler wore a TMS t-shirt to the ceremony! You can take a gander at it, in all its majesty, in our gallery below (and you can get one of your own in the TMS Shop on

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We’ve also got a joint interview featuring Steven and Matt Sorum for you below!

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Rita Ora Describes Why There Won’t Be Any Heartbreak Tracks On Her Debut LP


Don’t expect Rita Ora to sing about heartbreak, because, well, she hasn’t had any. The 21 year-old superstar on the verge — who gossipmongers have currently dating Drake — swung by the VH1 offices here in Times Square last week to talk about a bunch of things; her new single, “How We Do,” the Rihanna comparisons, and her forthcoming album. “One thing I can say is I don’t have that many heartbreak tracks on this album because I haven’t been through a heartbreak,” she says in her adorable British accent.

What we can expect from her album, however, is a mixture of various genre influences including reggae, pop and jazz. Ora considers her album to be different, something everyone can listen to. “I have influences from my reggae side of like Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel and Mavado. Then I have the ‘Hollaback’ Gwen Stefani kind of thing.” The buzz around the Roc Nation signed singer continues to increase, but we’ll have to wait until after the summer (hopefully September!) for the untitled debut album. And what does she have to say about what we’re all dying to know the title, “The title definitely has a few names,” she says excitedly, throwing out titles like Let’s Run Away, Fair Is Fair or the eponymous Rita Ora. “I write songs and can’t even put my mind on one god damn title.” Check out our video above to hear Ora talk more about her upcoming album, and check back here this week for more updates from her (including her new video for “How We Do,” which should drop in the next few days)!

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Nicki Minaj Deletes Her Twitter, Fans Fear For Her Mental Well-Being

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Is the stress getting to Nicki Minaj? Her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, debuted to semi-underwhelming critical and commercial response, selling 253,000 copies in its opening frame and averaging a 59/100 on Metacritic. Over the weekend, while a holographic Tupac was delighting 70,000 fans at Coachella, Nicki got into a Twitter altercation with, one of her many fansites. Nicki Daily had begun posting leaked songs, reportedly from Nicki’s NEXT album, when Minaj took exception and blasted the site on Twitter. Things quickly escalated, with Minaj tweeting “On 2nd thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet. *side eyes them* *looks into the sea 4 more*”, which she then followed up with “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f*cking bye.”

Then, just like that, @NickiMinaj was no more. Minaj deleted her Twitter account and, along with it, her 11 million+ followers. This led the popular (yet not always reliable) gossip site MediaTakeOut to report that “there are signs that she may have had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN” (caps theirs). The site claims that Minaj is suffering from exhaustion after an endless promotional campaign for her oft-delayed sophomore solo LP, including a controversial stop at the Grammys and a lip-synced performance on American Idol. At this moment, there is no evidence to back up the site’s claims, but either way, we just hope that Nicki is able to collect herself, brush off the haters, and get back to doing what she does best, soon.

Nicki Minaj Quits Twitter After Fansite Leaks Music [Billboard]
MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj DISAPPEARS . . . Friends Fear That NICKI Minaj Had A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN . . . Or WORSE!! (Details) [MediaTakeOut]

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10 Nostalgic Reasons To Watch The 40 Greatest Yo! MTV Raps Moments (PHOTOS)


Who doesn’t love flashbacks, particularly to hip hop’s golden era of the late 80s and early 90s? Television and music in that era were so badass, and the fashion? Well, that had it’s ups and down. However, there’s no arguing that this era was when hip hop expanded from a genre to a global culture, and throughout it all, Yo! MTV Raps was at the forefront of the movement documenting classic moments of hip hop culture.

On Wednesday night, VH1 will be airing a 2-hour special, The 40 Greatest Yo! MTV Raps Moments, beginning at 7 p.m. ET/PT. To whet your appetite, we pulled a bunch of classic stills from the legendary program —everything from badboy Bobby Brown to a (non-holographic) Tupac going off on the Hughes Brothers to Mary J. Blige pre-“No More Drama.”

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That Metal Debate: That Metal Show‘s Top 5 Title Tracks Ever

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This week on That Metal Show, we were joined by Mick Brown, Jeff Pilson, and George Lynch of T&N, as well as Brian Tichy, who was our guest drummer for the second week in a row. We asked the one and only Slash to stop by and help us sort out this week’s TMS Top 5: Title Tracks.

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC was a no-brainer, given its place as one of Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time, but choosing just one Black Sabbath song didn’t come as easy. Obviously, this is a very broad category and we could come up with 5 different versions of this list, but after shuffling the list around, we came up with the TMS Top 5 Title Tracks.

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Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb Falls Into A Coma

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Sad news to pass along. Robin Gibb, one of the singers of the legendary pop outfit the Bee Gees, fell into a coma over the weekend. A statement on Gibb’s official website,, confirmed the news:

Sadly the reports are true that Robin has contracted pneumonia and is in a coma. We are all hoping and praying that he will pull through.

Gibb has been battling colon and liver cancer since 2010, but back in February, it was announced that his cancer was in the remission phase. In a harrowing twist, the Toronto Star reported that he had been working on a “bucket list” when he developed pneumonia and slipped into a coma.

Everyone here at VH1 and VH1 Classic is pulling for Gibb to make a full recovery. We’ll keep you posted with any updates as we receive them.

Robin Gibb was making ‘bucket list’ before slipping into coma” [The Star]

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2Pac Comes Back To Life At Coachella (As A Hologram), Performs With Snoop Dogg

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“GANGSTA SH*T!” That was Snoop Dogg‘s reaction to performing alongside Tupac Shakur at Coachella last night. No, Snoop wasn’t just trippin’ on some super dope kush (although we’re pretty sure he was), the legendary 2Pac was brought back to life —on Greek Easter, no less!— and appeared in holographic form during Dr. Dre‘s closing set at Coachella last night.

We had heard earlier in the week that the late Nate Dogg was set to appear alongside Dre, Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent and Eminem during Sunday night’s headlining set on the Coachella Stage, but then rumors started flying around over the weekend that 2Pac would be the one to be reanimated using hologram technology. There were rumors that the CGI Pac would team up with Dre for “California Love”, but 2Pac performed “Hail Mary” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg instead. We’ve got video of the moment for you above, but be warned that the language is a little salty and therefore NSFW.

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Full setlist below:
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More RRHOF Drama: Rod Stewart Calls In Sick To The Faces Reunion

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What started out as a SUPER promising Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2012 induction ceremony is turning out to be littered with disappointment. First off, Hall organizers announced that this year’s ceremony would take place on the same weekend as Coachella, forcing many people to make a difficult decision as to which event they would ultimately attend. Next, the Beastie Boys announced that they would not be performing at the ceremony this year as Adam “MCA” Yauch continues to recover from cancer (but they WILL be attending). Then, Axl Rose dropped a bombshell on Tuesday night when he penned an open letter to the Hall wherein he refused to be inducted alongside his former GNR bandmates (a decision that That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk applauded). Now, in a late breaking story, it appears that the eternally spiky-haired rocker Rod Stewart will be skipping out on the ceremony, too!

You see, Rod “The Bod” was supposed to join a reunion of the seminal sixties Brit rockers Faces, a band that also includes guitarist Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), drummer Kenney Jones, and keyboardist Ian McLagan. However, at a press conference in Cleveland earlier today, Wood announced that “Unfortunately Rod is complaining of a sore throat,” and told a group of reporters that Stewart will not be attending the ceremony this weekend. Fortunately for fans of Faces, they have a backup: Mick Hucknall, the lead singer from Simply Red, will be taking Rod’s place. Now that we think of it, Slash, Duff and the rest of the guys in Guns N’ Roses might want to ask Mick if he knows any GNR tunes, too…

Rod Stewart To Skip Faces Reunion At Rock Hall Induction Due To Illness

Helping You Make The Tough Decisions At The 2012 Coachella Music Festival

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As we type this, the gates are about to open in Indio, California for the thirteenth incarnation of the Coachella Festival, and for the lucky few (hundred thousand) with wristbands (and the jealous/curious rest of us), the festival has posted set times for this weekend’s insanely strong lineup. There’s at least one performer worth seeing at any given time, so if you’re going, definitely try to check out at least one band you haven’t heard before. (If you’re like us and are sitting hundreds or thousands of miles away from the Empire Polo Club, YouTube will be livestreaming much of this year’s fest.)

As anyone who has ever attended a music festival will attest, the most difficult part of the weekend is choosing between one or more of your favorite acts who are scheduled to play at overlapping times. With that in mind, we’re here to help! Here are this weekend’s five most crowded time slots, along with our recommendations about who you should see at Coachella this weekend.

FRIDAY EVENING: Pulp vs. Frank Ocean
FRIDAY NIGHT: The Black Keys vs. Explosions In The Sky vs. M83
SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Childish Gambino vs. Azealia Banks
SATURDAY EVENING: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds vs. Martin Solveig
SUNDAY NIGHT: Florence + The Machine vs. DJ Shadow vs. AVICII

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Eddie Trunk On The Axl Rose Controversy: “Knowing What I Know About The Hall, I Like Him Even More For Standing Up To This Whole Thing”

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The buzz surrounding the rock royalty that will be in attendance for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s 2012 induction ceremony this weekend is currently being overshadowed by the buzz surrounding the one person who will NOT be in attendance. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only W. Axl Rose, who gave the Hall the proverbial middle finger last night with his open letter declaring his refusal to be inducted alongside his former bandmates in Guns N’ Roses.

This declaration has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of hard rock supporters, so we thought who better to reach out to help us contextualize these developments than the host of That Metal Show himself, Mr. Eddie Trunk. Eddie has been communicating with his fans through his official @EddieTrunk Twitter account ever since the news broke, but we were able to get him on the phone earlier afternoon for an extended conversation about these controversial events. We caught up with him when he was playing blackjack (and winning!) at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, and as you might expect, he had LOTS to share about Axl, the likelihood of an eventual GNR reunion, his interest in creating an institution to rival the RRHOF, and his disdain for the Hall’s inductee selection process.

“I’ve got to say, I was not surprised at all. Anybody who has followed, listened or watched me knows that not only do I have disdain for the Hall and the way they treat rock bands, but I never thought there was a chance in hell that Guns N’ Roses would play. Reading his letter, of course there’s deeper things there. Axl’s a complicated guy, everybody knows that. I thought it was extremely remote that Axl would ever show up.”

“When we sat down to talk to him about it on That Metal Show, he seemed like it was at that point he wanted to take a look at it and see what was involved in it. Judging from his letter, he clearly did look at it, had conversations with them, and saw that it wasn’t for him. Here’s why I think that this happened: He had issues with the Hall. Listen, if he doesn’t even want to be inducted, obviously something really went wrong there in the discussions. Purely speculating, I can tell you that this is a guy, for right or wrong, completely wants to promote and embrace his current band. This induction is NOT about his current band; they’re not included. He saw this for what it really was. If he stands up on stage with Slash and those guys, it’s going to throw a huge gallon of gas on this reunion outcry, and it’s the last thing he wants. I know the fans want it, but I can tell you this: I know all of the original members of GNR better than Axl, and none of them, with the exception of maybe Steven Adler, ever talk about a reunion. They’re all focused on their other projects.”

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