How Waiting To Exhale And Thelma And Louise Inspired Brandy And Monica’s New Music Video

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On Monday night at 11 p.m. on VH1 and right here on VH1 Tuner, we will be premiering the brand new music video for Brandy & Monica‘s “It All Belongs To Me.” The video was directed by veteran hip hip auteur Chris Robinson and, as the women describe it, has a Waiting To Exhale and Thelma And Louise vibe to it.

In this exclusive interview, Brandy and Monica discuss shooting the video for the pair’s first song together since 1998. “I love how the video represents a friendship between the two of us,” Monica tells us. “Just us being there for each other in both of our circumstances.”

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Brandy & Monica Discuss How Their Brand New Song, “It All Belongs To Me”, Came Together

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On Monday night at 11 p.m. on VH1 and right here on VH1 Tuner, we will be premiering the brand new music video for Brandy & Monica‘s “It All Belongs To Me.” This marks the first time that Brandy and Monica have paired up on the same track since 1998, but this time around, the ladies are allies, not enemies.

In this exclusive interview, the two vocal heavyweights discuss how the track came together, as well as the message that they’re hoping to send to young women. “It’s empowering,” Monica tells us. “It should make you feel good. Even if he made you feel wrong, we’ll make you feel right.”

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Last Lap: Go Behind The Scenes Of Karen O’s Psycho Opera, Stop The Virgens

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Go Behind The Scenes Of Karen O’s Psycho Opera, Stop The Virgens
If you loved Karen O‘s Stop The Virgens psycho opera as much as we did, then this is a much watch. The Creator’s Project, in conjunction with Karen O, have released a great two-part documentary giving a behind-the-scenes style insight into the making of the musical. The revealing documentary has Karen revealing, “It was the first time I made something that was so euphoric and so free of suffering or frustration or pain.” [Prefix]

Lil Wayne Plays Truant On Kimmel; Carl Covers His A**
Lil Wayne was a no show on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, with no sign as to why the truancy occurred. Never mind — Kimmel barely skipped a beat as he pulled the reluctant “Carl” from the audience, slapped a Weezy style dread-locked wig on his head and forced him to pretend to be Wayne. There are some giggle worthy moments, especially when Carl/Weezy tells Jimmy he didn’t buy Justin Bieber a birthday present because the Biebs is “rich”. That’s exacting some serious social justice, if you ask us. [Idolator]

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Playlist: Listen To All Of The Songs Featured On Your Favorite VH1 Shows During The Month Of February


VH1 CMI Playlist for February 2012

For each and every show that airs on VH1, a team of music supervisors here at the network have spent countless hours determining exactly what pieces of music best complement the footage that we have shot. This team —the CMI (Creative Music Integration) group— listen to thousands of songs each month in an attempt to figure out how best to utilize musical cues to reinforce the emotion and drama on shows like Mob Wives and Basketball Wives, so we thought it would be a cool idea to give you an inside glimpse into their world.

Each month, we’ll put together a list of all the songs that have been featured on the programs and promos that you see on VH1, which will be accompanied by two things: Specific commentary from the music supervisor as to why they selected a particular song for a particular scene in a show, as well as a Spotify playlist for you to sample these songs. Without further ado, here are all the songs that we featured on VH1 during the month of February!

(Listen to the playlist on Spotify)


  • Deluka‘s “OMFG” in the theme for 40 Greatest TRL Moments
  • Ellie Goulding‘s “Starry Eyed” is featured in VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music promo
  • Carmen Liana’s “Who I Am” in Black History Month Promo
    “When the promos department approached us for ideas on a song to be used in several Black History Month promos, Carmen Liana’s ‘Who I Am’ immediately came to mind. It’s a driving track with a touch of attitude in the hook that catches your attention. Lyrically, the theme of the song, which celebrates embracing your identity, ties in nicely with Black History Month.“—Lacey, VH1/CMI Department Assistant

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Mariah Carey’s First Performance Since Giving Birth Was A Real Fantasy

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If you’ve been missing Mariah Carey since she gave birth to her twin bundles of joy (who she apparently shouted out during her performance as “Dem babies!”), then miss no more — the babe is back, and how! The soul DIVA stepped out at New York’s Gotham Hall last night to perform “Shake It Off” and not only did she look divine in a black gown, she was glowing with that coquettish charm we love so much about her. Her smile, endearing as always, lit up the whole stage as she effortlessly gave a perfect vocal performance, not skipping a beat or missing a note. The bouncy performance was elegant and gorgeously executed, her backup dancers adding just the right amount of energy to the stage without turning it into a gaudy spectacle. Now let’s take a second to talk about that body, and only 10 months after giving birth to twins! The performance was part of a launch event for Caesar’s Entertainment’s “Escape To Total Rewards,” that also saw artists including Lil Wayne, Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles take to the stage.

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Watch Jack White Looking Slightly Uncomfortable Next To Lindsay Lohan In The New SNL Promo

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Maybe Jack White always looks this uncomfortable, or maybe not, we don’t know the man personally. All we know is that regardless of his regular stance, the charismatic musician seems somewhat perturbed in this new promo for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. White, who is set to appear on the show as a musical guest, spends almost the entire promo next to host Lindsay Lohan and funny man Andy Samberg with his arms folded in front of his body. Add to that a few sideways glances, the hint of an eye roll and the unenthusiastic exasperation with which he delivers his lines and it seems like he’d prefer to be anywhere but there. And let’s not mention that he seems to lean nervously away every time Lindsay gets close to him — or is that just our over active imaginations? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Arcade Fire’s “Abraham’s Daughter”, The Lead Track For The Hunger Games Movie Soundtrack, Is Revealed

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The lead track from the forthcoming Hunger Games film soundtrack, Arcade Fire‘s “Abraham’s Daughter” has been released, and it’s as cinematic as you would expect from the Grammy winning band. You can listen to the track here. There’s a certain sense of foreboding in the darkly whimsical tribal beating of the song, and Arcade Fire seems largely predisposed to this sort of grandiose film score. Of the track, front man Win Butler said, “I tried to put myself in the headspace of how excited I’d be if this film was coming out when I was 15. I still remember hearing Radiohead’s “Exit Music (for a Film)” in [Baz Luhrmann’s] Romeo + Juliet when I was that age.. Our whole approach was to get into the world and try to create something that serves the story and the film… There’s something in the story of Abraham and Isaac that I think resonates with the themes in the film, like sacrificing children. So we made a weird, alternate-universe version of that, where it’s as if Abraham had a daughter — kind of a metaphor for Katniss.” The climactic track is apparently set to play as the end credits of the film roll.

‘Hunger Games’ Lead Song Revealed – Arcade Fire’s ‘Abraham’s Daughter’ (LISTEN) [Celebuzz]
Listen: Arcade Fire’s New Song, “Abraham’s Daughter,” For ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack [Prefix]

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Enter VH1 Classic’s Pink Floyd The Wall Sweeps

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If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, then VH1 Classic has a treat for you — you can enter our sweeps for a chance to win tickets to The Wall tour. All you have to do is head to VH1 Classic’s Facebook page and click “Like” in order to go into the draw to win tickets to The Wall tour at Yankee Stadium in New York. There’s lots of other prizes to give away too, including 15 prize packs with Pink Floyd Immersion, Experience, or Discovery box sets, so hurry and enter the draw to win.

Visit VH1 Classic‘s Facebook page and “Like” for your chance to go into the draw!

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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Brandy & Monica Re-Team For “It All Belongs To Me” (VIDEO)

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Big news! On March 5, VH1 and VH1 Tuner will be exclusively premiering the brand new video from Brandy and Monica, entitled “It All Belongs To Me”, at 11 p.m. ET. The song is the duo’s first since the 1998 smash, “The Boy Is Mine”, which, according to the Billboard charts, was the #7 song of the 1990s. That song was all about the girls battling, but this time around, the girls are teaming up to take on a no good dirty Lothario type. You’ll have to wait until Monday to see the whole thing, but we were able to get our hands on this :30 sneak preview as something to whet your appetite. Bon appetit!

Full press release, which just hit the wires, is below:


First Video Collaboration For The Pair Since Their 1998 Grammy Award-Winning Hit Single “The Boy Is Mine”

Premieres on VH1 and on Monday, March 5 At 11PM EST ET/PT

NEW YORK, NY– March 2, 2012 – Grammy-Award winning R&B songstresses Monica and Brandy belong to VH1 on Monday, March 5 with the exclusive premiere of the music video for their new single, “It All Belongs To Me” Monday, March 5 at 11PM ET/PT on VH1 and This premiere commemorates the first time the R&B superstars Monica and Brandy have reunited for a video since their 1998 Grammy Award-Winning hit collaboration “The Boy is Mine.” “The Boy Is Mine” held the #1 spot on the Hot 100 Chart for 13 weeks and won the Grammy for R&B Performance by A Duo or Group. It was declared the best-selling song of 1998.

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Shearer’s Spotlight: Jim’s Top 5 Favorite Rock/Rap Pairings


Jim Shearer

Each week here on VH1 Tuner, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer’s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown tomorrow morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

It was recently announced that Cash Money Records latest recruit, Limp Bizkit, will release a collaborative single next week with label mate Lil’ Wayne. As you may know, the fusion of a mainstream rock and hip-hop act is nothing new in music.

Here are my five all-time favorite rock/rap pairings:

5. “Airplanes,” B.o.B & Hayley Williams of Paramore
This song helped spread Hayley Williams’ wings — at least for me — as more than a front-person in an emo band. Her vocals on the chorus blend superbly with B.o.B’s rhyme flow. This track, about the downsides of fame, was inescapable during the summer of 2010.

4. “Clint Eastwood,” Gorillaz & Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Though we were lead to believe an animated band played this gem in the early ‘00s, it was a genius collaboration between real human beings: Blur’s Damon Albarn, producer Dan The Automator and rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien. It wasn’t hard for the public to latch on to this one; it clicked on so many levels.

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