Adele’s Talking About A New Album … In Maybe Four Or Five Years!

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Adele has all become Queen Of The World this year, unanimously placed at the head of “Top” and “Best” lists for her album 21 (ranked by both industry critics and the public), and yet again receiving nominations for a slew of Grammys, which it seems she’s a shoo-in to win a handful of. So how does the international super star plan to follow up her epic year? With a good old fashioned rest, to be sure!

Forget a hastily produced third record (as has been the trend with pop stars of late, resulting generally in quantity of quality), Adele is going to get some much needed R and R before leaping into her next musical offering, which, she predicts, will be when she’s 25 or 26. Of the decision, Adele says, “I’m just gonna lay some concrete, set up home and just ‘be’ for a bit. I’ll disappear and come back with a record when it’s good enough. There will be no new music until it’s good enough and until I’m ready.” On the mend from vocal cord surgery, the move seems like a sensible one for Adele’s voice, and a rather mature one from the perspective of someone who values their art over the dollar value assigned to it.

Adele To Take Much Needed Rest On Laurels [Pop Dust]

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You Oughta Know Artist Ximena Sarinana Will Be Live Streaming A Performance Tomorrow

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We’re excited to let you know that VH1 You Oughta Know artist Ximena Sarinana will be performing via live stream tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET. The live stream will be an intimate experience with the Mexican singer-songwriter, a dream for fans and newcomers alike. With many of our You Oughta Know artists moving on to big things (like Grammy nominations), this is a special event you don’t want to miss — get on board with Ximena Sarinana so you can say you always loved her when she becomes a household name!

You can watch the live stream here at 1pm EST on Tuesday December 13.

12 Days Of DIVAS: Joss Stone And Gladys Knight’s Spine-Tingling Performance Of “I Don’t Want To Do Wrong”

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VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul, is edging closer still, and we’ve entered the final countdown to the event with only one week to go! Set to air on VH1 on Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, we’re looking forward to performances by Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Florence + The Machine, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J and other lovely ladies. Because we can barely wait to see our divas in action, we’ve starting pulling past divas out of the archive, including Jill Scott, Beyoncé, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.

Today, for the 6th Day of DIVAS, we’re asking what’s better than a trip down memory lane with one diva? A trip with two, of course! We’ve got Gladys Knight performing “I Don’t Want To Do Wrong” with Joss Stone. While Stone appears in reverential awe of the veteran Knight on stage, the young performer holds her own with her sexy, gravelly vocal performance. Knight, of course, will make your heart skip a beat with her huge, soulful voice. And the two together? Think spine-tingling sensations and an irrepressible desire to hit repeat.

VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul will premiere exclusively on VH1 on Monday, December 19, 2011, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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Do You Love Drake Enough To Have His Name Tattooed Across Your Forehead? (If You Do, This Woman Beat You To It)

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Can anyone say “fan girl”? Showing her commitment to Drizzy, this young woman went all out and got “DRAKE” tattooed across her forehead. Drake. Tattooed. Across her forehead. For realsies.

We could forgive a “Drake” tattoo, but emblazoned across her forehead in tall letters that start at her eyebrows and end at her hairline? We’re frightened, but still intrigued. Vice spoke to Kevin Campbell, the LA based tattoo artist responsible for applying the horrifying homage, and he says of his decision to accept her patronage, “Sure, I could have turned her away, and I’m already getting a ton of flack from other tattooers for this, but the way I see it, if she’s got her little heart set on getting her forehead tattooed then she’ll just keep on trying until somebody finally goes through with it.” Righto. The move is pretty bad ass for a fan of someone who has been deemed the “softest” player in the hip hop genre; maybe a little bit too bad ass? Would you get a tattoo of your musical icon smacked, bang! in the middle of your forehead? A cursive “Bublé,” or “Nickelback” in a bold font? What we’re wondering is if the unnamed woman has any regrets; if she’s even vaguely employable as anything but a Drake roadie; what Drake thinks about the whole thing and will he indeed be employing her?

The Story Behind The World’s Dumbest Tattoo [Vice]

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Tuned In: Robyn Dances On Her Own For Saturday Night Live Hosted By Katy Perry

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On a Katy Perry hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, Robyn gave an impeccable performance of her songs “Dancing On My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend.” One of the few solo performers that can carry a live act alone, Robyn manages to captivate with high energy, perfect vocals and killer dance moves that require no extra fuss or frills. The best part is, while Robyn is a joy to watch, her lyrics are… well… a tad depressing! Despite that Robyn still makes toes tap, even when she’s be jilted by her lover and is left dancing on her own. Add an introduction by the adorable, newly blonde-bobbed Katy Perry, and you’ve got a recipe for pop deliciousness.

WATCH: Robyn performing “Call Your Girlfriend” on Saturday Night Live.
WATCH: Robyn performing “Dancing On My Own” on Saturday Night Live.

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“Can I Take You To The Mountaintop Tonight?”: Robin Thicke Live At The Highline Ballroom

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“There’s white people in the house, I must be blowin’ up or somethin’!”

Robin Thicke sounded genuinely surprised when he made this statement about halfway through his 19-song set at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom last night. Arguably the most successful white R&B artist of the last decade, Thicke has earned himself the adoration of ladies of all races, creeds, and religions, many of whom showed up in their finest Friday wear to squeal and scream their enthusiasm for the 34-year-old crooner. Thicke’s new album, Love After War, hit streets this past Tuesday, and is another outstanding collection of brassy, high-energy jams and soulful, babymakin’ mood music.

After an errant fire alarm and persistent strobe lights delayed the start of last night’s show by a good 30 minutes, Thicke and his four-piece band belted out from backstage and shook the crowd out of their stupor by serving up the Stax style funk of “An Angel On Each Arm,” the lead track on his new LP. Thicke was wearing the same Aviators that he wore during his appearance on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live earlier this week, and posed a question to the largely female audience: “Can I take you to the mountaintop tonight?” Judging by the volume of shrieks and the way Thicke exploded into an ear-to-ear grin, the answer was a resounding “Yes, please.”

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VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown For The Week Ending December 10, 2011

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If you missed this week’s VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, you’re in luck. Not only is it re-airing tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. on VH1, but we’ve got this week’s complete list of the week’s 20 hottest videos for you. After narrowly missing out on the top spot to Usher and David Guetta last week, Katy Perry‘s wistful “The One That Got Away” has snatched this week’s top spot. Check out the complete list of videos in the final Top 20 Video Countdown episode of 2011 below.

A reminder: VH1′s Top 40 videos of 2011 will be airing at a special time: Wednesday night, December 14, at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Watch this space for more details!

1. Katy Perry, “The One That Got Away” [WATCH]
2. Kelly Clarkson – “Mr Know It All” [WATCH]
3. Daughtry – “Crawling Back To You”
4. Bruno Mars, “It Will Rain” [WATCH]
5. David Guetta featuring Usher – “Without You” [WATCH]
6. Rihanna, “We Found Love”
7. Coldplay – “Paradise” [WATCH]
8. Safetysuit, “Let Go”
9. Adele – “Someone Like You” [WATCH]
10. The Fray, “Heartbeat” [WATCH]

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Last Lap: NBC Will Now Screen All The Roots’ Walk On Song Selections For Fallon Before Airing

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NBC Will Now Screen All The Roots’ Walk On Song Selections Before Airing
After causing some controversy by playing Fishbone‘s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” for Michelle Bachmann’s walk-on on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last month, The Roots will now have to run all their song selections past NBC before airing. Wrist, meet slap. [Paste]

Bon Iver Not Just Grammy Nominees, Also Good At Fitness
Bon Iver are going to be in a fitness video. This is a true and real thing that is actually happening. Never thought you’d see the day, did you? [NME]

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Shearer’s Spotlight: Jim’s Favorite Singles Of 2011


Each week here on VH1 Tuner, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer’s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the Top 20 Countdown tomorrow morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Because December is a month full of year-end lists, for your blog-viewing pleasure, today I give you my favorite singles of 2011:

10.) “Blow,” Ke$ha
Yes, this single was featured on Ke$ha’s 2010 mini-LP, Cannibal, but the track didn’t fully explode (or blow-ow-ow) until the beginning of this year. Because “Blow” stayed away from Ke$ha’s polarizing sing-annunciate-rap formula, it became her first single that I couldn’t stop listening to.

9.) “Michael Jackson,” Das Racist
For some reason, underground/indie-minded hip-hoppers tend to shy away from slick production and repetitive hooks, but on “Michael Jackson” Das Racist embrace these elements with fantastic results.

8.) “Lonely Boy,” The Black Keys
Dan and Pat of The Black Keys add bass and keys to their two-man sound, creating one of the most fun rock tracks of the year (which will surely still be in heavy rotation come 2012).

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Oy Bey! Beyonce Is Being Sued For $100 Million Dollars

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A video game company, Gate Five, is suing Beyoncé for $100 million dollars, and our first question to them is: do you hate yourselves? Why would you sue Beyoncé? Is it even OK to sue a pregnant woman? Would it not be slightly more decent to at least wait until she’s given birth? The company (ergh) alleges that they lost $7 million when Beyoncé pulled out of producing a dance-based video game, “Starpower: Beyoncé,” with them in 2010. Yes, we know — we said they were suing for $100 million, not $7 million. Apparently, Gate Five believes they’re entitled to the hefty sum of $100 million due to the projected profits they would have made, but failed to make, because Beyoncé pulled out. We hope this doesn’t spell the end of time for Beyoncé!

Beyonce Being Sued For $100 Million By Video Game Company [Prefix]