Watch Nicki Minaj ‘My Time Again’ MTV Documentary Right Here

by (@monsieurhodge)


Last night MTV aired the follow up installment to Nicki Minaj My Time series with My Time Again. The first episode explored the glamorous fun pop star Nicki with crazy outfits and colorful wigs. This time around MTV decided to showcase a different side of the superstar tackling personal issues in her private life, which she usually succeeds at keeping concealed from the masses, and releasing her latest album The PinkPrint. This is Nicki at her most raw.

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Prepare For ‘VH1 Storytellers: Ed Sheeran Live’ With This Stunning Performance Of ‘Thinking Out Loud’

by (@monsieurhodge)

Grammy-nominated pop star Ed Sheeran is set to kick off an all new season of VH1 Storytellers later on this week at Whelan’s in Dublin, Ireland — the venue where he was first inspired to make music. To ready all of the Sheerio’s for the big day, we decided to dig into our video vault to pull out the singer’s unforgettable performance of his hit single “Thinking Out Loud” at VH1′s SoundClash event last year.

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You Won’t Believe Which 25 Classic Metal Albums Are Turning 25 In 2015

by (@BHSmithNYC)

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As we count down another batch of records that celebrate important anniversaries this year, 1990 looms large in the history of hard rock and heavy metal. While the dawn of the nineties saw the United States winning the Cold War against the Soviet Union, in the world of metal the thrash hordes had fought the glam bands to a stalemate. While both sub-genres retained huge followings (for the time being), grunge waited in the wings and a new crop of even more underground bands would take thrash’s innovations to even sicker extremes. What’s most striking about those records celebrating their 25th, or “Silver,” anniversary this year is the sheer diversity of what was considered metal in the year 1990. Read more…

An Abridged History of Rappers Who Also Sing



It’s still a mystery as to why singing became a sign of softness in rap, when rappers have been singing on songs since the beginning of hip hop. Yes, there are rappers like Drake who sing about drunk texting exes and Biz Markie who sang about being friend-zoned but so what? Historically, artists like Queen Latifah, Cee Lo Green and Andre 3000 took singing and incorporated it into their songs so well that their music didn’t suffer from the stigma, they got better. Take a look back on rappers throughout history who sang and rapped and no one gave a fuss.

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Exclusive: Listen To The Airborne Toxic Event’s “Chains” Before Its ITunes Release


Check out this awesome Album Premiere from The Airborne Toxic Event!

Indie rockers The Airborne Toxic Event follow up their lead single “Wrong” with an epic new song called “Chains”. Be the first ones to listen to the next single off of their upcoming fourth studio album Dope Machines today while the rest of the world has to wait one more day to pre-order the album on iTunes. Read more…

Secrets From The Experts: Inside 2 Years Of Justin Timberlake’s Epic ’20/20′ World Tour



-By Rosalia Cefalu

It’s February 11th, 2013. Only a month prior, Justin Timberlake had announced his first album release in seven years, a move that sparked shrieks and trembles in the homes and offices of fans worldwide. But on this particular night we learn something new about Timberlake’s plans as he takes the stage at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Of course, we’d seen the signs with “Suit & Tie” the record’s lead single that seamlessly melded a booming horn-filled section with modern hip-hop. But we weren’t prepared for a slick-haired Timberlake, looking like a long lost member of the Rat Pack, crooning in the spotlight over an 18-piece band. Only then did we, the fans, realize—this is not a one-time epic performance to land his name back on top of the music world. This is a new era of our beloved JT. This era lasted until January 2nd, 2015, the final date of his 20/20 Experience World Tour.

I’ve spent the past 18 months following Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids (his band members, singers, and dancers), and I want to share with you the secrets and stories I’ve collected on my journey.

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12 Times Ed Sheeran Covered Songs And Made Them Better

by (@hernameislex)


Ed Sheeran loves covering songs. There are multiple YouTube playlists dedicated to all the song covers the singer has performed so far, and we’re betting these lists aren’t comprehensive. We’re sure he’s got more covers on the way, but for now, we’ve found 12 Ed Sheeran cover songs that are so good, we dare say they’re better than the originals.

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