Judas Priest And Steel Panther Finish Tour In Style With Epic On-Stage Metal Collab

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Metalheads might have mixed feelings about the pairing, but there’s no denying the affection tourmates Judas Priest and Steel Panther feel for each other. This manifested itself at the final stop of their tour together when metal god Rob Halford brought the Panthers up on stage to sing their heavy metal classic “Living After Midnight,” which you can watch above. Sure when band might have helped create the world’s loudest genre and the other at times seem like ironic-interlopers, but both bands and their fans stand united in their love of heavy f–king metal.  Read more…

2014′s Most Vicious Music Beefs


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Music’s biggest stars faced off this year, throwing shade through social media, interviews, and even inside elevators. What were 2014’s most heated music feuds? Snoop Dogg sparked a verbal war with Iggy Azalea before T.I. became a peacemaker and squashed the beef. Jack White accused The Black Keys of hijacking his style, while Bette Midler slammed Ariana Grande’s sex appeal.

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Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, Booty-Filled 2014



By Chris Carpenter (@chriscarplive)

Iggy Azalea had a pretty dope 2014, you guys. Sure, the Aussie rapper-slash-sometimes-model was fairly buzzed about in 2013—however, it was her breakthrough joint “Fancy,” that infiltrated all of the world’s cars, clubs, cubicles and retirement communities for a better portion of this year. That portion was super great.

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Was Hard Rock’s Class of 1973 The Greatest Of All Time?

by (@McBeardo)

With their new album, Rock or Bust, AC/DC charge into their fifth decade of swinging hard rock’s biggest, heaviest wrecking balls to the peak of the pop charts and the pummeling of popular culture once again. It’s indeed been a long way to the top for these Aussie rock-and-roll outlaws, one that began specifically in the ferociously fertile year of 1973.

Hard rock’s Class of 1973, in fact, may be the most potent and prolific marauders to ever variously invent, embody, and bulldoze the medium forward. After burying the final vestiges of ’60s flower power and fueled by free-form FM radio, rock itself dove deep into darkness in 1973, and came up spewing gold, platinum, and the volcanic ash that has spawned all forms of heavy metal, punk, grunge, hardcore, and other extreme musical subgenres ever since.

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