Adele’s “Someone Like You” Covered By Unlikely Candidate, Bobbi Kristina Brown

by (@Lacezilla)

After leaping from #19 to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart last week, Adele’s “Someone Like You” might be gearing up to follow in the footsteps of her first single, “Rolling In The Deep.” And while we wait for the UK songbird to deliver what’s rumored to be a stunning music video for 21′s second single, we can sit back and watch as covers for the song start piling up. Whereas “Rolling in the Deep” got love from the likes of John Legend, Mike Posner, Gwyneth Paltrow (via Glee), and even a military band, it appears the only famous person to touch “Someone Like You” is the “Look At Me Now”-covering YouTube sensation Karmin, until now!

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 17-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston took to the interwebs on Saturday to record her own version of Adele’s emotional, longing-laced ballad. Singing a capella, the teenager showed that she comes from good, talented stock by not butchering the song—it’s virtually impossible to come close to meeting Adele’s vocals—but Bobbi Kristina demonstrated both solid breath control and a sweet smile from what appears to be her somewhat-messy bedroom. By no means is this version sonically mind-blowing, but it’s nice to know that, even amidst her mother’s rehab-related turmoil, young B.K. isn’t afraid to show that the good qualities of the apple don’t fall too incredibly far from the tree. That being said, we’re still somewhat partial to Adele’s Unplugged version of the song, and obviously look forward to seeing who’s next to hop on this one!

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s Daughter Covers Adele’s “Someone Like You” [PopDust]

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Coldplay Release Second Mylo Xyloto Single, Reveal Rihanna Feature


Coldplay may have revealed the tracklisting and cover art for the forthcoming Brian Eno-produced Mylo Xyloto on Friday afternoon, but that hardly means they’re not savvy to the news cycle. This morning they premiered the album’s second single, “Paradise,” on BBC1 (and then YouTube), and revealed that the track “Princess of China” would feature vocals from Rihanna. That’s how you promote an album.

As for the single itself, it’s another big-sounding Coldplay track, though unlike “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,” which this song’s lyrics reference, there’s no sample here?unless you count the break in the intro, seemingly ready-made for rap freestyles. The somewhat trance-y sound of the first single is here integrated into Coldplay’s historical sound, so it sounds more like a natural progression of their music than the product of a really great Ibiza trip Chris Martin took.

The deluge of Coldplay news also includes details about the “Pop-Up Album” version of Mylo Xyloto, which includes not only the album on CD, vinyl, and mp3 download, but also a 64 page 12″ x 12″ hardcover “containing graffiti pop-up art” along the lines of the album’s art, designed by David A. Carter. What we’re really curious about, though, is the “selection of stickers and stencils,” because our Lisa Frank love has never waned. But we’ll have to wait?though Mylo Xyloto is available on October 25, the pop-up version won’t be available until mid-December.

Paradise Is Here, Pre-Order The Album [Coldplay]

MUSIC SEEN: Spend An Afternoon In New York City With Dawes [PHOTOS]


VH1′s latest You Oughta Know artist Dawes is well into its co-headlining tour with Blitzen Trapper, but late last month, when they stopped by our offices for a You Oughta Know Live set, they were accompanied by VH1′s multi-talented Lauren Deiman, who in her role as photographer followed the band all day for our Music Seen photo series. After the jump, the band gets really good coffee, performs at our offices, and lugs equipment around the city to all sorts of stops on a promotional junket. The band’s tour continues through November 15, and we’ve got plenty more from Dawes, including interviews and music videos, over at

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Rick Ross vs. Kreayshawn: World’s Most Lopsided Rap Beef Continues In The Pages Of XXL


The altercation backstage at the 2011 Video Music Awards between Rick Ross and Kreayshawn‘s manager Stretch now looks to have been the fulfillment of a promise made by Ross to XXL contributor Ben Detrick for the cover story of XXL‘s October 2011 issue, due out next week. KarenCivil provides an excerpt from the interview:

He even threatens Kreayshawn, the fledgling Bay Area rapper who called Ross “fake” in a recent freestyle. “I can’t wait to slap the s?t out of whoever carries her bags,” he sneers. “And I hope it’s her n?a. Dirty b?h. You better know the f?k you talking about. I?ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

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Posted: Demi Lovato Checks In From Her Unbroken Rehearsal Sessions

by (@unclegrambo)

It’s been quite a month we’ve gotten to spend with our September Posted artist of the month, Demi Lovato, so far. She’s given us some great scoop on her new album, Unbroken, and took us behind the scenes at Perez Hilton’s birthday party. Currently, she’s in the midst of rehearsals for two big Unbroken preview shows in New York City and Los Angeles, but we’re thankful that she managed to find a few minutes to send us a quick update.

Before we let her share her experiences, we’re excited to announce that next Tuesday, 9/20, Demi will be popping by the VH1 offices here in Times Square. She’s agreed to let you, her fans, “Ask Her Anything,” so fire away! Leave your questions in the comments and she’ll answer as many as she can get to when she gets in next week. Now take it away, Demi!

I am getting sooooo excited for my upcoming shows in NY (9/17) and LA (9/23)!!! ?I have been rehearsing all week and I think everyone is going to love it! I have been having so much fun performing “Skyscraper” on shows like America’s Got Talent and the Do Something Awards, but I am really excited for all my fans to hear some of the other songs on my album. The dance numbers are so awesome!!!

There’s more from Demi, including two exclusive photos from the set of her Unbroken cover shoot, below!
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The X Factor Prepares For Launch With Extended Promo, Rihanna Guest Spot


With the premiere of The X Factor less than two weeks away, the show’s promotional engine has pulled out all the stops, releasing an eight-minute extended promo?featuring two auditions?yesterday after FOX’s NFL coverage. After an oddly gendered set of judge introductions, in which Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid talk about how much they’ve given up in order to “gamble” on the new show, and Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul just talk about their excitement for the upcoming season, and lots of quick-cut visual glimpses at auditions, and some of the show’s ad libs, the promo gives us Rachel and Stacy, two contestants who wow the judges with their renditions of, respectively, “Mercy” (by Duffy) and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” That neither contestant would have been met American Idol‘s age requirement is, of course, not a coincidence, but both auditions are stellar nonetheless.

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Cyndi Lauper Becomes Latest Celebrity To Flub The National Anthem

by (@unclegrambo)

Cyndi Lauper became the latest in a long line of singers to draw a temporary mental blank while singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Saturday night’s U.S. Open women’s semifinal match. However, pop culture historians will most certainly not rank her momentary lapse of concentration alongside some of history’s most infamous anthem flubbers like Roseanne Barr, Carl Lewis or Christina Aguilera.

Lauper lost her way during the “O’er the ramparts we watched” section of Francis Scott Key‘s 1814 chart-topper, when instead of singing “were so gallantly streaming,” she belted out “as our flag was still streaming.” To her credit, though, she didn’t let the moment get to her, and she was able to finish the song without further incident. The blown lyric appeared to be a result of the gravity of the moment, as the native New Yorker was called on to deliver the national anthem just moments after a moment of silence for 9/11 victims had taken place. Lauper explained as much on Twitter in the moments following the incident, writing that “Whew, I just did the anthem for the US open. It was an awesome experience.I got choked up in the middle remembering 9/11.” Don’t sweat it, Cyndi, America will do doubt forgive you: after all, it’s pretty apparent that your true colors are red, white and blue.

Cyndi Lauper flubs a line of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at U.S. Open [Music Mix/EW]

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Paul Simon Brings Ground Zero Crowd To Tears With “The Sound Of Silence”


Paul Simon‘s Newark and Queens upbringing doesn’t always seem as intrinsic to his musical identity as it is for other New York City-affiliated musicians, but the songwriter’s background came to the forefront yesterday at the site where the World Trade Center stood, as he played the 1964 Simon & Garfunkel single “The Sound of Silence” for the gathered crowd. His performance was reportedly one of the most powerful moments of the September 11 memorial service, and after watching the footage above, we believe it. Simon has performed in a similar capacity before, most notably his performance of “The Boxer” as part of the tribute that opened the September 29, 2001 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Interestingly, the official program for the tenth anniversary ceremony indicated that Simon would be performing “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the 1970 single that was originally sung by Art Garfunkel, and which would also have been appropriate. Nevertheless Simon’s decision to sing “The Sound of Silence” instead made the performance all the more moving and memorable.

Musical Moment: Paul Simon Sings ‘The Sound Of Silence’ [NPR]

Check Out Some Unforgettable Images From The Concert For New York City

by (@unclegrambo)

Starting at 4 p.m. ET this afternoon, VH1 will be airing six uninterrupted hours of footage from The Concert For New York City, which was originally held in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on October 20, 2001. We’ll be streaming the entire show this one-time only on, and you’ll also be able to tune-in on your television to watch, too. As a way to help you remember this epic event, we put together this gallery of images from that unforgettable evening. We’ve got snaps from the night’s biggest performances (Paul McCartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, etc.) and some awesome backstage photographs as well.

Don’t forget, the Robin Hood 9/11 Relief Foundation could still use your assistance, too. Oh, and one last thing: If you are looking for a schedule to find out when to tune-in to see your favorite artist, we’ve got it for you here: The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later Air Schedule

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Last Lap: Friday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


September 11: How Music Responded
Long Read of the Day: We wrote earlier today about the music that people listened to after the events of September 11 occurred, but before they had any effect on recordings. Over at MTV Hive, five pieces explore what those effects turned out to be for pop, country, indie rock, rap, and dance. [MTV Hive]

Coldplay Share Cover Art And Final Tracklisting For New Album
Coldplay posted the details for Mylo Xyloto, due out October 25, on their website this afternoon. Also, each track has its own little pictogram. (The symbol for “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”? A teardrop.) []
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