Beyonce Videos: Hot and Thoughtful


Lil Wayne rhymes “handcuffs” with “pants off” in his f*ck the police opus “Mrs Officer.” He’s not the first guy who’s been hot for a lady in uniform. Bet there’s lots of that lust in the air now that the world is getting a glimpse of Beyonce‘s new “If I Was a Boy” – B looks sweet in her NYPD blues. It’s a message clip, full of implications about stereotyped relationship roles and the friction that’s created when jealousy dominates a domestic scene. It’s also only one of the two videos that Beyonce has dropped today. The other is a dance party dealio, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

Here’s one perspective on the two-sided move by the R&B princess and the alter-egos she likes to express.

Here’s a full playlist of the new videos, as well as classic clips and exclusives in Box Set.

And here’s the “Single Ladies” clip, after the jump.

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New Kids Concert: Another Happy Winner


It’s happened again. We have another New Kids on the Block fan heading off to see their favorite group. Torrie Eddy-Morris has been loving herself some NKOTB since day one. Congrats Torrie! She’s won herself a trip for two to Las Vegas, VIP tickets to the show, a meet and greet session with the Kids, and two nights of sweet hotel accommodations.

Here’s the photo and the story she submitted to our Ultimate Fan contest.

“The craziest thing I have done for something connected to NKOTB was my friend Renee and I would collect soda cans (worth 10 cents in Michigan) to get the items our parents would buy us. The hat I am wearing in the picture was paid for by “pop can” money!”

The Ultimate Fan contest continues. Send us your stories and photos for a chance to win a shot at seeing the guys onstage this fall.

See photos and read more crazy NKOTB fan stories right here.

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Alter Bridge’s Celebrity Rehab Theme


If you believe music is all about emotional power, then you’re likely a fan of Alter Bridge‘s new video for “Watch Over You.” It’s one of the those guardian angel songs, and it packs a punch. That’s why we chose it as an unofficial theme for Celebrity Rehab 2, which premieres Thursday, October 23. Clips from the series, which features Dr. Drew working with an array of patients that includes Rodney King, Tawny Kitaen, and Jeff Conway, are spliced into the footage of the band in action. Check out the video above.

Here’s a photo gallery of the Celebrity Rehab 2 cast members.

Watch the supertrailer for the show.

Hip Hop Honors: Watch the Entire Show!


You didn’t see Tracy Morgan giving a speech on the NYC transit bus? What about Kid Rock giving props to his pal Too $hort? Did you catch De La Soul rolling through “Me, Myself, and I”? Not a problem. You can see the entire Hip Hop Honors show again and again. Here’s the whole thing right now.

Head to the Hip Hop Honors site for photos, video playlists, and best-of lists.

Honors 2008: Great Onstage Moments


Slick Rick is known as “The Ruler,” and as he sat in his Hip Hop Honors box seat watching his pals burn through few of his rhymes, he looked rather regal. MC Lyte was first with the salutation, “Gather ’round party goers…” It was wild from there. Busta Rhymes in the powder blue outfit with the matching eyepatch, Ghostface and Biz rolling through “La Di Da Di” and Eve throwing down about that slice of pizza in “Mona Lisa.” That’s the real deal.

Head to the Hip Hop Honors site for photo, videos and best-of lists.

Stars Hit the HHH Red Carpet


Last night you got to see all the show-stopping, floor-shaking Hip Hop Honors performances we’ve been talking about. (If you missed it, check the show out here.) So far, we’ve filled you in on the after-party, but check out the up close and personal shots we got of your favorite stars on the red carpet. From Kid Rock to Flavor Flav, see who walked the walk at Hip Hop Honors.

Hip Hop Honors – Comment on the Show


Alright! The show’s started. Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick, and Too $hort are being celebrated by an array of artists. Don’t be shy. Kick some comments, exchange opinions with others. Jump to the boogie and weigh in.

Cypress Hill was way tough. Find out all about them on our Honorees page.

Here’s De La Soul, with “Me, Myself, and I.” Check De La videos and pics.

The Ruler is in action with a little “Children’s Story.” Listen on Rhapsody. Get photos and videos right here.

Didn’t know Cee-Lo could croon like that. Nice Isaac Hayes tribute.

Watch some of the evening’s performances right here.

There are lots of video playlists, photo galleries and best-of lists on our Hip Hop Honors site.

Does Too $hort say the “b-word” like no one else? That’s what Luther Campbell says.

Check Too $hort videos and photos.

Start practicing your sing-along power for “O.P.P.” The Naughty Boyz are coming up.

Ready for a little gaming tonight? See if you can keep our b-boy C-Rock spinning and popping.

Get a free Naughty By Nature “Hip Hop Honors” download right here.

What was your favorite part of the show? Don’t forget that we’re airing it again right now.

Free Naughty By Nature Track To Download


Hip Hop Honors airs tonight at 10 p.m., and you’re not the only one who’s psyched. Naughty By Nature are so thrilled to be in the middle of the whole thing, they even wrote a song about it — which they’re offering to everyone for free! The song, appropriately titled “Hip Hop Honors,” is the only rap track we know that calls out Obama, chupacabras and direct marketing. And given the ridiculous performance the group gave at last week’s taping, we’re psyched for this track, and their forthcoming material.

Download the MP3 here, and be sure to check out tonight’s show!

Biz Markie vs Tracy Morgan: Who’d Make the Sharpest President?


As our team of correspondents cruised behind the scenes at Hip Hop Honors, a faux presidential race cropped up. Who would you rather seen in the Oval Office, Biz Markie (who’s kind of oval himself) or Tracy Morgan (who could laugh his way out of any governmental crisis). Our interviewer Travis McCoy corralled a bunch of musicians, including Cee-Lo, MC Lyte, Busta Rhymes, and Chuck D, to weigh in on the question. Check the clip above for what they had to say.

Watch Hip Hop Honors tonight on VH1 at 10 pm ET.

Tracy Morgan Thinks Tina Fey Should Be VP


Strolling down the red carpet of Hip Hop Honors the other night, our show host Tracy Morgan filled us in on a few things. Like: the smooth R&B he chilled to on the way to the gig, the way 30 Rock is going to punch us in the mouth when it premieres on October 30, and why he doesn’t party with his boss. Check the clip.

Watch Hip Hop Honors tonight on VH1 at 10 pm ET.

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