Grammys: Rappers, Rockers and Youngin’s


Three distinct categories stand out this year. Best Rap Song, Best Rock Album, and Best New Artist. Our news team talked to T.I., Coldplay, and Duffy about their feelings for the 2009 race. The show airs on CBS this Sunday night, February 8. Head back here after the show for photo galleries and winners lists.

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Grammys: What’s The Song of the Year?


Everyone has their favorites when it comes to the competition for the Grammys. This year’s show is Sunday night, and each day this week we’ll choose a category and list the artists that are up for an award. We want you to comment on their chances. Watch videos and read news while you weigh in on who you think will take the prize.

Today it’s “Song Of The Year”

Estelle - “American Boy” Listen at Rhapsody

Sara Bareilles – “Love Song” Listen at Rhapsody

Adele - “Chasing Pavements” Listen at Rhapsody

Jason Mraz - “I’m Yours” Listen at Rhapsody

Coldplay - “Viva La Vida”???? Listen at Rhapsody

Watch videos by this year’s Grammy nominees

Watch videos by VH1 You Oughta Know artists up for a Grammy

Check lots of fun Grammy lists at Scandalist

Check our photo gallery of all the Grammy nominees and their categories

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Write Romantic Comments, Win a Mariah iPod!


There are lots of pop music fans who feel warm and fuzzy (and maybe a little hot and horny) when Mariah Carey launches into one of her trademark romance tunes. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time of year to celebrate this part of Mimi’s songbook, and her new Ballads disc does just that – it’s a CD full of the singer’s sexiest and heartwarming tunes.

To celebrate, we’re streaming the entire disc for the next two weeks, and we’ve got lots of cool Mariah items to give away to those who are also feeling ultra romantic. Want to win a Mariah-branded iPod Nano, a complete set of her CDs on the Sony label, a deluxe edition of The Ballads (which includes a sample of her Luscious Pink fragrance), and an autographed photo? Well, jump into our Mariah Carey: One Sweet Day sweepstakes by reading the Official Rules, and then write some romantic Valentine’s Day wish or greeting in our comments section below.

They could be to your current love, an old flame, a horrible ex, or a wonderful new partner. If they have something to do with Mariah‘s music as well,? all the better. The comments must be 50 words or less.

We’ll draw randomly from all the submissions, and the winner will be announced on February 18th. The cut-off for submissions is February 16 at noon ET.

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Sing a Mariah song, and send it in a Valentine’s Day ecard

Bret Michaels’ Super Bowl Pick Is…


We don’t know if our Rock of Love superhero is a betting man, but do know he has opinions. And we also know that he grew up in the great state of Pennsylvania, even though he lives in the great state of Arizona. He’s been chatting with journalists about who he’s screaming for on Sunday. This interview right here should explain it all.? If you read it, you’ll also learn where he lost his virginity.

Check Rock of Love X-Rated Photos

Check Bret’s comments on his five favorite Poison songs

Grammys: What’s 2008′s Best Rap Song?


Everyone has their favorites when it comes to the competition for this year’s Grammys categories. During the next two weeks, we’ll list the artists that are up for an award, and you can watch videos and read news while you weigh in on who you think will take the prize.

This time it’s Rap Song of the Year. Hit the comments field to speak your mind. Is there any chance that Jay-Z could top Lil Wayne this time around? Click the artists’ names for videos, performances, photos, news, tour dates, lyrics, and lots more. The show airs on Sunday, February 8.


Lil Wayne – “Lollipop”

Flo Rida - “Low”

Snoop Dogg – “Sexual Eruption”

Jay-Z – “Swagga Like Us”

Lupe Fiasco – “Superstar”

Watch videos by this year’s Grammy nominees

Check our photo gallery of all the Grammy nominees and their categories

Meet The Fray, Watch ‘Em Play. Superfan!


The Fray has lots of fans, and they appreciate each and every one of ‘em (see the clip above). But these days the guys are looking for a Superfan – you know, the kind of zealot who wants to come to New York City to see the group celebrate the arrival of their new CD with a concert at Webster Hall.

If you’re think you’re one, enter our sweepstakes. You and a pal might be on your way to the Big Apple with a promise of seeing the Fray live, and meeting the guys backstage. That’s not all, of course. The Superfan will also get a year’s subscription to Rhapsody and a Squeezebox Boom audio system. The show takes place on February 4. Enter now, so enter right now.

Watch the guys talk about all the different varieties of their fans.

Watch videos by The Fray.

Watch the Fray play Unplugged

100 Greatest Hard Rock Leftovers!


“Call all your friends in the neighborhood/Get ‘cha party started.”

KISS knows what time it is. For the last two weeks, lots and lots and lots of music fiends have been blasting their way through our list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. From “Born To Be Wild,” to “Hot For Teacher” to “Cherry Pie,” the videos speak for themselves. KISS made it with “Rock ‘n’ Roll All NIght.” But they also had a tune that just missed making the cut. You can find out what it is by lighting up our new batch of clips. If you can’t make the first 100, it’s good to make the next 11.

Watch 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs: Songs That Missed The Cut

If you like that, we bet you like this, too.

Critics Choice Awards: Rooney’s Fave Films


This year the Critics Choice Awards are going to rock a little louder. Revered L.A. band Rooney will be on hand, playing presenters and winners on and off the stage with some of the smartest and catchiest pop-rock around. We’ve been Rooney fans for a long time, and during the years invited them into do an acoustic concert for us, and tell us all about their favorite videos.

Since they’re part of our CCA show on January 8 (start with the Red Carpet bash and watch it live on VH1 at 8:30 pm ET), we thought we’d get some info about their own movie habits. When they’re traveling in the band bus there’s a hierarchy in place. The back lounge tends to be the “low-brow scene,” and the forward lounge screens “art films or classics.” Jump on with them and you might see anything from Casablanca to Wild Hogs.

Here are the guys recent faves:

Robert Carmine: I used to go to movies a lot, but I?m staying home and watching ?em on DVD these days. It makes life better. I watched Trading Places and Stripes the other night ? fantastic. This year I liked Iron Man. I think Robert Downey, Jr is awesome. It was cool that they cast a non pretty boy. It was an oddball choice ? it made the movie better. I didn?t freak out over The Dark Knight, but it was really good. I don?t like how people try to make it into a ?masterpiece.? It was a great action movie; don?t make it into something it?s not. Don?t like it when something is over hyped. I saw Indiana Jones and James Bond ? no comment. I liked Burn After Reading a lot. I love the Coen Brothers, I totally jock anything they do. Pitt was funny. It?s cool when someone known for one thing does something unexpected. He?s bold.

See more after the jump.

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Piazza Takes On Axl: That Metal Show


A new anecdote just in time for the radically-tardy Chinese Democracy: Mike Piazza‘s story about how he confronted Axl Rose at a Guns N’ Roses “meet and greet” backstage at New York show eight years ago.? Seems the former Mets catcher was miffed because Axl was wearing every NY sports team’s jersey onstage ‘cept for you know who. Seems that Piazza was in high spirits. Seems that…oh you should hear him ‘splain the story himself.

It’s part of the latest edition of VH1 Classic‘s That Metal Show, a weekly confab that finds three loud rock crazies kicking around ideas and visiting bands on the road. This week the guys also spend some quality time with AC/DC.

Watch the entire show above.

Watch a list of videos by bands talked about in the show, including KISS, Slayer, Metallica and others.

Soul Cities’ Last Roundup: Los Angeles


Down to Nawlins, up to Chi-Town – for the last several weeks Nelson George has zig-zagged around the country, celebrating the impact of African American culture on certain metropolises. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 16 at 9 pm, Soul Cities comes to a conclusion on the West Coast, examining historic and modern aspects of L.A.

He begins with explaining the importance of Berry Gordy‘s decision to move his Motown headquarters from Detroit to the Sunset Strip, and he gets his hair cut at the High Line Barbershop, a place where Magic Johnson or Andre 3000 might walk in for a trim.? The show spills forward from there: a chat with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds about 80s groove music and 00′s business logic, a plate of fried chicken at? Aunt Kizzy?s Back Porch and Roscoe?s Chicken n Waffles, a tete a tete with Angie Stone where the singer discusses the spirits residing in in Marvin Gaye?s studios, and a connection with Al B. Sure, New Jack Swing hero and current radio jock, talking about the city’s R&B lineage.

And as he does in ever episode of Soul Cities, George goes crate-digging, this time at Amoeba Records where he declares Gaye’s I Want You to be the “best in-the-basement record ever.”

Facebook members can see photos from all the Soul Cities shoots on Nelson George’s page.

Watch a playlist of videos from soul artists associated with Las Angeles.

Check the full list of Team George’s L.A. stops, and see extra clips (Angie Stone and Amoeba Records) after the jump.

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