Ask Rob Thomas Anything You Like!


Rob Thomas, pop star, good guy, and humorous fellow, is always up for an adventure. So this Friday, June 19, he’s sitting down in Manhattan to answer an array of questions from his New York fans. We’re going to shoot the whole thing and put together one of our famous video packages. You liked Ask Weezy? You enjoy Ask Brooke? Get ready for Ask Rob Anything.

Because he’s a renaissance man of sorts – acting silly on on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, acting smart in the Huffington Post -? he’d like questions to be as broad as possible. Sports, politics, movies, any and all music queries – let it ride.? Hit the comments field below to post your questions and we’ll feed ‘em to the man asap.

Hope you know that Thomas’ new cradlesong CD is being released on June 30. We don’t want you to wait that long, so we’re streaming the entire CD for the next two weeks. Have a listen on The Leak.

ZZ Top Storytellers: Get A “Sharp” Sneak Peek


As promised. Here’s a teaser for our Storytellers show that’s coming up on June 27 at 10? pm. The Texas Top really raise a ruckus with just guitar, bass, and drums, right? Watch ‘em rock “Sharp Dressed Man” and see what they have to say about taking direction from a homeless dude.

ZZ Top Storytellers also airs on VH1 Classic and Palladia on Saturday, July 4 at 9:00 pm ET.

Lady GaGa Doesn’t Trust Those Cameras


Gotta give it to her, she’s really pumping out the good stuff right now. As if “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” and “Love Game” weren’t enoughLady GaGa‘s got another music video to overwhelm her fans. Welcome to the world of “Paparazzi.” Question: how many of us have had sex on a marble porch along the Mediterranean? She’s flat out fabulous 24/7. No wonder she’s touring with Kanye West.



AC/DC Invites Anvil To Rock This Summer


Rock hard enough and you’ll wind up rocking with the best. That’s what’s happened to Anvil, the little heavy metal band that could. It’s been announced that the band is sharing the stage with AC/DC at two key dates this summer, Boston’s Gillette Stadium on July 28, and New York’s Giants Stadium on July 31.

As VH1 viewers should know by now, the veteran kerrang team has been gathering loads of coverage and kudus thanks to the acclaimed new documentary, Anvil! The Story of Anvil.

AC/DC is chugging through the U.S. on its Black Ice tour. Tickets to all the dates can be purchased at AC/DC’s Web site.




Bret Michaels: Fractured Nose, Full Bladder


Turns out that our Rock of Love maestro was kind of befuddled the entire night at the Tonys celebration. That run-in with the descending stage scenery, you know, the one that fractured his nose, wasn’t the only oddball affair. Earlier in the evening he had to hit the head so bad that he walked backwards down the red carpet. That’s rock ‘n’ roll, y’all. Here’s a short confession above.


Dave Matthews Talks About His New Disc


Last week we brought you an interview with the Dave Matthews Band. The boss and his buds explained a bit about their new Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. It’s their tribute to fallen bandmate LeRoi Moore, who passed away last year.

Here are some more clips from that interview. The one above explains how the album title, which Dave says sounds like “a fairy tale for grown-ups,” came about. New Orleans has more than a little to do with it.

After the jump you can learn how Dave believes there’s no drummer finer than the DMB’s Carter Beauford.

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Rock Band Breaks Out The Beatles in September!


Fans of the Fabs now know that the Beatles catalog is going to be digitally remastered and placed in stores this September, 9/9/09 to be exact. From “I Should Have Known Better” to “Carry That Weight,” all those jewels are going to gleam.

But 9/9/09 is big – make that massive – in the gaming world, too. The Beatles: Rock Band will be released that day. It’s the first time that rock’s most influential songbook has been applied to a game. The opportunity to grab an instrument and knock out everything from “I Feel Fine” to “Get Back” is going blow a lot of minds. Paul, Ringo, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison helped tell the world at the E3 confab last week. As you can see from above, VH1 News was there.

Perhaps the coolest part about the game is its authenticity. The instruments are superb replicas of the signature basses and guitars the band played. The “venues” that participants rock out in are the ones the Beatles actually played, from the Cavern Club to Shea Stadium.

We’ll deliver more Beatles: Rock Band news as it’s announced.? CHECK A GAMEPLAY TRAILER

Music Videos: Let’s Hear It For The Boys!


No need to sign him up for Celebrity Rehab 3! He?s handling those drug problems on his own. After a four-year hiatus it was questionable if the best-selling hip hop artist of all time could still kick it, but with loads of promotional buzz leading up to the new Relapse, Eminem has proven himself once again. Leading us down a path of addiction and abuse flashbacks, the Marshall Mathers we?ve known for over a decade is as provocative as ever on the new disc.

The wacky video for debut single ?We Made You? mocks celebrity and its power. Did you ever think you?d see Em as Bret? Combine that with his extremely dark clip for ?3AM,? and its obvious Slim Shady hasn?t lost his flair for controversy! It pays off. He recently set the charts on? with the highest debut record sales of the year so far.

Also returning from some time off is Rob Thomas, whose new solo album, Cradlesong, hits stores on June 30th! Even after taking a break, both of these guys are working to confirm they still got it, moving into the spotlight without breaking a sweat.

Our ?Leading Men? playlist features Rob?s ?Her Diamonds? (with a cameo from Alicia Silverstone!) alongside Em?s more scandalous vids. Check it out right now. David Cook, Kanye West and other dashing gents will also be found there! – Lacey Seidman

VH1 News: Do Something Awards Winners


Don’t believe the cranks when they say today’s youth are Twittering their lives away. Plenty of young adults are applying themselves in a major way, making a real dent when it comes to helping others.? Take Maggie Doyne: the 22-year-old Jersey girl was recently celebrated at NYC’s Apollo Theater for building housing for orphans in Nepal – with her own life savings. She wasn’t alone. Four other heroes were recognized as well. Check the VH1 News clip above.

The Do Something organization has been helping volunteers realize their dreams of changing the world. Thursday night’s show celebrated a number of hard-working and creative activists, along with Usher, Akon, and other celebs.


Win A Trip To VH1′s Storytellers!


You know how we do. Whenever we have a big show, we make it possible for VH1 zealots to get on board, too. Handing out tickets comes easy to us. This time we’ve got a bunch of options for fans of Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1. This summer MTV Networks is giving away tickets to a Roast, a Spring Break Getaway, and one of our upcoming Storytellers shows. Jump in now to participate!