Celebs & Their Fave Old School Tunes


busta_rhymes.jpgMario is into Ice Cube (we won’t say which song). Diddy is down with Run-DMC (you can guess the track, can’t you?), Busta Rhymes salutes Public Enemy (no, not “Bring the Noise”). In fact lots of celebs still get a kick out of old school hip-hop tracks. We put together lots of lists for Hip-Hop Honors. Come see who chose which joint, and while you’re hanging out, check the 20 cuts we’re calling the best of 2007 (so far).

Hey, what’s your favorite old-school classic? C’mon, spill the beans…

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Hottie of the Week: Jes from Rock of Love


Photo_20x9_1 All Jes Photos

We’re in that weird waiting zone between finale and reunion, so it only makes sense that Rock of Love winner Jes be our hottie of the week. The pink-and-blonde-haired spitfire, who resembles no one so much as ’80s cartoon hero Jem, won one for the nice girls, beating out Lacey and the like for a shot at Bret Michaels’ heart. Speaking to VH1.com, Jes explained how she stayed true to herself: “I stuck to my morals from day one . . . . I?m not going to sit there and show affection to a man who?s showing affection to 20 other women. I wouldn?t do that in front of chicks to make them jealous. I don?t play that game in my life and I refuse to play that game on TV.” She also explained how she remained calm, even when Lacey threw her into the pool: “They portrayed that in my favor. I did freak out and the producers rushed outside: ‘Jes, do not hit her.’ I was screaming, ‘Get her the f*ck out of my face right now.’ But I got over that quickly. I don?t hold grudges.” We’re kind of impressed. Are you?

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Did Lou Pearlman Molest a Backstreet Boy?

by (@katespencer)

pearlman.jpgThis photo of Lou Pearlman seemed to be begging for a caption, something like “It was awesome!” Or simply, “Boys!” But both of these felt really wrong. In case you aren’t sure who that big old fat dude is, he’s the puppet master behind such boy band phenomenons as The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC (and their insignificant copycats Take 5 and LFO). The problem is, he not only made these guys, he also maybe molested them. According to a new Vanity Fair article, Pearlman allegedly preyed on his young future stars, and traded sexual favors with promises of boy band stardom. His former assistant said, “I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou’s game was. Some guys joked about it. I remember [one singer] asking me, ‘Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?’ ”

Apparently Nick Carter, the youngest Backstreeter, was the main target of Pearlman’s, er…affection. One former BSB member said that Lou was “definitely inappropriate” with the star, and Nick’s own mom revealed, “Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago.”

Damn. Maybe this explains all of Nick’s sh*tastic life choices thus far. Paris Hilton, the House of Carters TV show, that hair-do – there’s a reason the guy’s so messed up! Pearlman’s currently in jail for bank fraud, so boy bands across the country should feel safe to continue ruining radio with their crappy make out jams. As for Pearlman – Nick Carter’s got big muscles and one crazy brother. We hope one day he can put them to good use. [NY Post]

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John Mayer & Minka Kelly: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

by (@katespencer)

johnmayer.jpgJohn Mayer has a new woman, Minka Kelly, who thankfully seems to be the exact opposite of his former obnoxious flame Jessica Simpson. She’s a casually dressed brunette and an actress (no, Jessica’s crappy movies do not count as acting) on our fave football drama “Friday Night Lights.” So far, we like. Nice work John! A couple interesting tidbits thanks to Wikipedia: Minka is the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, and once dated actor Donald Faison, whose current gal pal is Jessica Simpson’s ex-assistant CaCee Cobb! The smallness of the world makes us so happy sometimes.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with Ms. Minka, we’ve got the visual goods below. Enjoy!

[All Images: Getty]

Britney Spears’ Guide to Losing Your Kids

by (@katespencer)

britneybabies.jpgCurious as to how to get rid of those two brats that clog up the backseat of your car? It’s easy! Just follow Britney Spears‘ simple guide and soon you too can get your children plucked from your arms!

Tip #1: If the judge in your custody battle gives you a strict and clear set of guidelines to follow and tasks to complete, don’t do any of them! Brit ignored orders to get drug tested, attend counseling and parenting classes and sign the judge’s order. Worked for her – and it can work for you!

Tip #2: Don’t ever get a valid license from the state in which you live. The judge will want to see it, so be sure to still use the one you got in high school in a different state. It’ll piss the judge off a lot! Once he takes your kids you can obtain a new one (just like Britney did yesterday) – but only after your kids are gone, natch!

Tip #3: Do something after your kids are grabbed that prove you don’t give a sh*t that they’re gone. Britney went tanning after she lost her children – what mundane thing will you do?

Tip #4: Once the kids are gone, you’ll probably be all smiles just like Britney! Everyone will expect you to be devastated, but let’s face it, you won’t be. You can finally shop in peace (right Brit?)!

Tip #5: If crazy rumors start circulating that you were doing coke or meth the night you lost custody, don’t freak out! Because if the rumors are true, then you’re kids will be gone for a longgggg time. [Image: Getty]

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Tour Survival Guide: Plain White T’s


Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Here?s Plain White T?s Tom Higgenson on electrocution, his Diet Coke problem, and bad stage banter.

He Suffers For His Art
One time I was plugging something in on stage, like an amp, and I got electrocuted. I didn’t fly off or anything, but I had to play it off like nothing happened, but it was terrible. It was in a college town in Illinois.

Drug Of Choice
There’s this thing called Throat Coat that I use. It’s a miracle drug. If I can’t even talk during the day, I have a little Throat Coat before we go on stage and I can sing. Diet Coke is very important [on our rider]. It’s not an addiction. There was a point where I was drinking a lot more. I switched to diet for my girlish figure. Since switching to diet, if I have a regular coke, it’s disgusting.

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Queen Latifah’s Got a Jazz Jones



Three years ago Queen Latifah flipped the script with The Dana Owens Album, letting us know that blues and jazz were just as much a part of her program as beats and flow. With a ?been there, done that? attitude, she left hip-hop behind and moved into other territories. Unsurprisingly, confidence was everywhere in the new music. The singer had already received kudos for another move that widened her career circle: starring in such films as Bringing Down the House, Last Holiday, and Chicago. The same swagger that marked her approach to rap was central to her acting and singing. (Check her latest VH1 show, Bridging the Gap, which connects her with Eve.)

Now she?s back with Travelin? Light, a smart follow-up to that jazzy debut that packs an even bigger punch. If performance is about charisma and commitment, Latifah is pushing all the right buttons. Some tracks explode, some get overtly sultry, and on the sweet bossa nova ?Quiet Nights? she makes some tough vocal maneuvers seem like a breeze. We sat down for a chat about her new musical persona.

VH1: You sang live in front of the band on some tracks. It must be exciting to have those horns wailing right in front of you on something like ?I?m Going To Live Until I Die.?

QUEEN LATIFAH: It?s the song I?m coming out to our tour. It?s my life anthem. I want to be someone who lives life to the fullest. I had a great example from my 94-year-old grandmother who took it ?til the end. The pace of the song and energy is fun. And yeah, it?s a kick. I?ve been a big Sarah Vaughan fan, but I didn?t know that one. Prepping for this disc I bought a bunch of jazz – a whole lot of Quincy Jones. And what struck me was how lush his big band sound was. I made myself calm down eventually, but I knew I wanted something strong like this.

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Tuesday: Jen Aniston Likes ‘Em Young

by (@katespencer)

jenaniston.jpgLil Wayne Goes Big for his B-Day
The rapper has thrown himself a second birthday bash, this time on a yacht in Miami, complete with cigars and Diddy. [TMZ]

Cam Diaz Nuzzling a New Guy
Big surprise, Cameron is now getting cozy with some other actor dude. Shouldn’t she spend some time getting to know herself? [NY Post]

Jen Aniston Scores Orlando Bloom?
The actress was spotted on vacation in Mexico – with Orlando Bloom!? Go get ‘em, cougar! [ WWTDD]

Ben Affleck Blames J.Lo for Bombs
Ben boldly links all his crappy career moves to his time dating Jennifer Lopez. We’d point the finger at those cheap-ass hair plugs. [People]

Is Pam Anderson Pregnant?
Pam may be heading down the aisle because she’s already got a bun in the oven. Birth control doesn’t seem to exist in Hollywood, huh. [DListed]

Act Like An Ass, Lose Your Kids



It couldn’t have gone on forever. Not after the bodyguard spilled the beans. So the court has stepped in and removed Britney Spears‘ kids from the singer’s home. As of Wednesday, that bastion of maturity, Kevin Federline, will take care of his own progeny. You recall the history. The judge ordered a parenting coach, and random testing for drugs after finding “habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances” defining the toxic one’s party-centric lifestyle. So come mid-day Wednesday, K-Fed will have to nurture Sean Preston and his brother himself – if he can stay alive, that is. Check pics of Brit and K-Fed in happier times, plus a few snapshots of Brit’s recent VMA disaster.

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Snoop & The Game? Missy & Eve? Must Be Bridging the Gap


We’ve all caught hip-hop fever around VH1, which isn’t surprising, considering that VH1′s annual Hip-Hop Honors show premieres next Monday, October 8th at 10 p.m. (EST). In the lead-up to that extravaganza, we’re featuring all sorts of beat-making and rhyme-slinging on our fair network. Tonight, there are at least two shows you should know about (in addition to finding out what happened to the men of I Love New York). First up, there’s Bridging the Gap: Queen Latifah and Eve (11 p.m. EST). The two rappers hit some of L.A.’s finest boutiques, eat a little lunch in Beverly Hills, and then sit down to make hip-hop history by writing and recording a song together. A half-hour later, there’s Bridging the Gap: The Game and Snoop Dogg (11:30 p.m. EST), which follows the same premise — get one of the genre’s pioneers and one of its mavericks together, and watch them create. Whose track do you think will be smoother? We’re counting on hip-hop honoree Snoop. Click above for a tour of his studio.