Nickelback?s Fortune Cookie Rock: Watch Videos


What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out you had one day left to live? That?s the question Nickelback asks in their latest video. Yes, Chad Kroeger?s voice is always full of raspy drama, creating an ominous vibe, but instead of stressing gloom, the guys give their fans a message of hope about the end of the world – while rocking themselves silly, of course.

The clip kicks off with a bunch of kids darting through the streets. Documenting their every step with video cameras, and buzzing around in secret, the squads look they?re preparing for some city-wide attack. And they are. But as ?If Today Was Your Last Day? unfolds we discover they?re actually spreading an uplifting message.

?Tomorrow is too late.? ?Reminisce old memories.? ?Forgive your enemy.? All sorts of thoughtful prompts are printed on jackets handed out in Times Square, and confetti poured onto pedestrians from above. There?s even a dude distributing cash to the needy. The simple phrases are like fortune cookie messages, intended to remind us of life?s important things. Know what? They succeed. – Lacey Seidman


The Fray Helps Save The Music: Text To Give


If you’ve been watching VH1 for awhile, you’re likely aware of the profound efforts of VH1 Save The Music. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to restoring music education programs in public schools, which as we all know, are taking hit after hit in the funding department these days.

Save the Music hooked up with a number of artists, including The Fray, for an initiative that will put a chunk of cash back into the coffers. What’s the easiest way to send a message these days? Texting. What’s a simple amount of to share, even in these economically challenging times? $5. Their Text To Give campaign asks that you donate a fiver via phone by texting SAVE to 84465.

Save the Music will match the first $30,000 in donations. The money will go to the Denver Public School system. Yep, the Fray got their start in the Rocky Mountain state. It all comes back. C’mon everyone, especially our Colorado peeps, grab your wallet and use your thumbs.



Green Day: Hear The Entire New CD This Friday, A Week Early


There’s already a consensus around Green Day‘s new disc, 21st Century Breakdown. Critics and journalists who have a spent time with it say it’s the band’s most ambitious album yet – and better still, they say the guys completely pull off all their experiments.

The punk trio has come a long way since the days of Dookie. The new record has massive guitar flourishes and elements of classic rock guiding its action.

“I think the music is very linear and it takes you on a ride … but it all connects,” Billie Jo Armstrong told MTV news, “I’ve always said if you’re going to write a political song, it’s gotta come from the same places that you’d write a love song,” Armstrong said. “But I think the record has these ebbs and flows and it has these dynamics to it. You go from a song like ‘Christian’s Inferno,’ which is the most hateful song I’ve ever written ? the most diabolic. And then there’s a song like ‘Last Night on Earth,’ which is like that soul-crushing sort of love moment and, you know, one right after the other, so I think that kind of represents what the record is about in a lot of ways.”

If you want to hear their wildly anticipated disc a full week before it hits the stores on May 15, make sure to be here this Friday: We’re streaming the entire CD.

Get a taste by blasting the “Know Your Enemy” video, above. Check all the band’s music videos right here.



Katy Perry Sneak: Her New Video Premieres Next Tuesday


Katy Perry has made a big splash in a short time. From calling us gay to kissing girls to feeling hot ‘n’ cold she’s swooped into the lives of her fans and stormed around a bit. The next video from her One of the Boys CD is “Waking Up In Vegas,” and we just thought you’d like to know that we’ll be offering it as a VH1 Top 20 Premiere next Tuesday morning. Get a feel for what you’re going to see by checking the sneak above. See you Tuesday.



Daisy Of Love Premiere Party in L.A. – Photos!



If you watched Daisy of Love‘s premiere last night, you heard Morningwood‘s “Best of Me” blasting from the TV at the start of the show. The band is a favorite of ours, and singer Chantal Claret brings lots of unabashed sexuality to the swagger that drives the whole thing. Turns out Claret is a celebreality addict well. She’s going to be hosting several of the live blog parties that will take place as each new Daisy Of Love episode premieres. Follow her lead and there’ll be lots of lively discussion going on.

Claret is all hooked up, so it was no surprise that she was part of the festivities at last night’s kick-off party in Daisyville. An avid blogger and vlogger, she snapped off some photos and wrote up some impressions of the evening. Check out her report.

“Being from NYC, this was one of the first “Hollywood” parties that I have gone to since I have moved out here.
I’m not used to waiting on line, or waiting to get my pictures taken on the red carpet, but I am willing to put up with it for the sake of the absurd, and most importantly, I AM A HUGE FAN OF REALITY TELEVISION!

On the line I was standing behind Destiny & Catherine from Rock of Love 2 and in front of Megan. I was so psyched to be in a Rock of Love sammich, but it was totally lost on Pedro, my bass player, who doesn’t even own a television. He kept asking “Who are you talking about, why are you so excited?” It was like having a TV in front of my face, and I felt the same way about them I.R.L (in real life) as I did about watching them on the little screen.

True to character Megan seemed sort of ornery; when I asked her if she was psyched for Daisy, she sort of smirked and told me to watch her show instead. Brandi M. was a hottie potatie, and she seemed like a sweetheart who was genuinely happy for Daisy. Same with Destiny, who said that she and Daisy have become “close friends.” Riki Rachtman was the cat’s pajamas; he was there with his hot wife, and we proceeded to have a conversation about true and consistent love in a R&R (rock & roll, not rest & relaxation) world. He has been married to the same lovely lady for the past six years which apparently in our profession is considered a long time. He then went on to tell me that he and Daisy still talk regularly about love advice – although as much as I prodded he wouldn’t tell me who won the show.

I also saw Lacey, who is probably my least favorite person of all of the VH1 shows. I asked her if she thought she got “edited badly,” and she said “NO, I was just an *sshole all the time” – which was bold of her to say, but made me dislike even more.

One of the most interesting run ins I had outside of the R.O.L family was David Weintraub, best known as Mary Carey‘s boyfriend? from Sober House.? After I told him I was “blogging for VH1″ he made a point of sitting down with me and telling me how badly he was edited and portrayed on the show. According to him, he never went out with Mary Carey, and he proceeded to save the lives of half the people on that show by being their agents and getting them into the Sober House.

I don’t know if I fell for a line of poo or not, but I listened and accepted what he had to say, as he offered me his business card.? Another bonus was getting a snarky picture with Sean, the mega douche from Tool Academy. Seriously I don’t care if you are a pussy cat who roles over on the floor of the club and let’s me rub its belly, if I have the patience to watch you for six weeks and you still are a MEGA douche, when I see you I.R.L., you are going to have to realy work to prove yourself otherwise.

All in all it was an amazing night!!! While writing this morning, my one-person consensus is that I watch WAY TOO MUCH REALITY TELEVISION, and I’m sorta psyched about it!!

I can’t wait to do it again! Congrats to Daisy who is a super hot cutie diamond in the rough and deserves all of the best and most of all deserves to find love.? xo, cce”

Download Morningwood’s “Best of Me” at Rhapsody

Watch Daisy of Love’s full premiere episode

Green Day: Watch a Sneak Peek of Tonight’s Video Premiere


Tonight’s the night. We’re premiering Green Day‘s “Know Your Enemy” here on at midnight ET. It’s the lead track from the band’s 21st Century Breakdown (it arrives May 15, but listen to it a week early on, and it’s a full-tilt rocker that has lots of the band’s fans already going wild.

Be here tonight. If you miss it, we’re also also premiering it on VH1, tomorrow, Friday, April 24 at 8 pm ET.

Watch Green Day videos and interviews

Make the jump to see some “behind-the-scenes” footage of the video shoot.

Read more…

Behind The Scenes of Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” Video


Tomorrow night, Thursday April, 24 at midnight ET, we’re premiering Green Day‘s “Know Your Enemy” video right here on Friday night at 8 pm ET, the video makes its on-air premiere on VH1. Everyone’s psyched. Want to see what went into the final product, which director Mathew Cullen says is “really big”? The band’s wildly anticipated CD, 21st Century Breakdown, arrives on May 15.

Watch Green Day music videos and interviews

Listen to Green Day’s new CD a week early

Green Day’s New Video Premieres Thursday Night


They’ve been playing secret shows, and they’ve announced their summer tour datesGreen Day is gearing up for all the action that’s going to surround the release of their 21st Century Breakdown on May 15. This Thursday, April 23, at midnight ET, is premiering the record’s first video. This Friday night, April 24, at 8 pm ET, is the VH1 on-air premiere. It’s for the song “Know Your Enemy.” Stop by the blog this week for an advance sneak of the trio’s new clip.

Watch Green Day music videos and interviews

Listen to Green Day’s new CD a week early

Listen To Green Day’s New CD One Week Early!



Everyone wants to hear what Green Day‘s coming back with when their 21st Century Breakdown hits the streets on May 15. Hang out at our house and you’ll be the first to know. We’re streaming the entire CD a week before its official release. Be here from May 8 – 15. “The Leak” will give you a chance to blast all the songs REAL loud.

Stay tuned to the VH1 blog this week. Each day we’ll be offering more info about Green Day’s new stuff. This Friday, April 24, we’re premiering the video for “Know Your Enemy.”


VH1 Divas Show Returns in September! Tell Us Who You’d Like To See!


Update: VH1 Divas 2010 has just been announced with performances by Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Sugarland and others.? Kathy Griffin to host. Get all the details at VH1 Divas Salute the Troops.

The lineup for this year’s VH1 Divas has been announced! Click here to share your Divas Story and tell the world how your favorite diva influenced your life!

Pop, R&B, and hip-hop are known for their strong female artists, women who have made an impact on both a musical and cultural level. Those kinds of singers abound right now, so it’s a perfect time for VH1 to revitalize its respected Divas show. The 2009 edition of the multi-artist presentation takes place at a perfect venue, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, on September 17. VH1 will air the show live. A new generation of participants will be on board, and performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed.

The list of artists who have previously performed is tremendous. From Aretha Franklin to Debbie Harry to Joss Stone to Mariah Carey, an array of generations and perspectives has been presented. This year?s scope promises to just as wide. Producers have their eyes on strong women whose songs have brought joy, optimism and empowerment into the lives of listeners.

Further, they?d love for listeners to weigh in on who would make a great Divas participant. What does the term ?diva? mean to you in 2009? Someone heroic? Someone inspiring? Hit the comments field and lets us know. We?re also open to suggestions: feel free to make a list of the artists you?d like to see perform on the show, as well as cast your opinion on which two singers would make a perfect ?Diva Duet.?

Thanks for all this. Your participation will make this year?s edition of Divas that much more fun. Stay tuned for more information on the show. We?ll be posting it here in the blog.