Soul Cities: Take a Tour of Black America


The best way to find out about a subject is to jump in and drill down, right? Travelers know that the “drill down” part is the most fun when visiting various locales. You can’t get a full taste of New York or Paris by hanging at the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower – you’ve gotta get to where the people actually live and the culture is created.

Nelson George created Soul Cities with that in mind. For the next several weeks VH1 Soul is airing a string of episodes that finds the author, screenwriter, and music critic roaming through six of a the hippest towns in the U.S., including New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, L.A., and the Bay Area. He creates a portrait of the artistic, cultural, and political vibe that help define each location.

Philadelphia is first (the show premieres Tuesday, November 11 at 9 pm ET on VH1 Soul). George chats with Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff about classic Philly R&B, swings by Geno’s to wolf a cheese steak, drops into Ms Tootsies soul food restaurant for an interview with LaBelle, talks politics and music with ?uestlove from the Roots, browses the ultimate R&B record store, and lots more.

Check our music video playlist of R&B artists associated with Philly.

Facebookfiends should check out the photos associated to each episode that live on George’s profile page.

For another glimpse into his world head to his Web site.

Check the specific addresses of the Philly sites after the jump.

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Kid Rock Storytellers: Sneak Peek!


Kid Rock loves a good romp, and a few weeks ago, just outside of Nashville, he gathered up his Twisted Brown Trucker band and spent the evening recording songs both old and new for an episode of VH1 Storytellers. That’s the show that delivers the artistic backstory, with stars explaining a bit about their songs’ genesis – you really get a feel for what goes into the creative process. Kid, of course, has been riding high this year. His Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus CD found its way into lots of record collections. His “All Summer Long” dominated the radio during the last few months. His entire song catalog finally became available for download exclusively at Rhapsody.

VH1 Storytellers is set to premiere on Thanksgiving day, November 27 at 9 pm ET. Watch him bounce through “All Summer Long” from the show in the above clip.

And below you’ll find a special glimpse of another Storytellers track, as well as the show’s entire set list.

Check out a photo gallery of Kid Rock through the years.

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Eric Hutchinson’s Music Is Beloved The World ‘Round (or something like that)


When we chose Eric Hutchinson to be one of our “You Oughta Know” artists a few weeks ago, we knew that we were knocked out by the craft that drives his tunes and the verve that he puts into his performances. You can hear what we heard on Rhapsody’s Hutchinson page (download or stream his songs).

What we didn’t know was how deeply the young pup’s music has touched people around the world. That’s why we were thrilled to come across the infomercial clip above. It pretty much explains Hutchinson’s position in the pop firmament. As he says, it’s “an exciting time for music.” Enjoy, and may God bless…

Taylor Swift Meets Def Leppard: Crossroads


CMT’s Crossroads is known for building unexpected bridges between a variety of artists. Bon Jovi & Sugarland, Maroon 5 & Sara Evans – there’s been some sweet match-ups. Tonight’s premiere of Taylor Swift & Def Leppard could be one of the best. You can decide for yourself after watching country’s current superstar connect with the Brit boys on their classic “Photograph.”

Check Crossroads tonight on CMT.

Watch Bon Jovi videos on VH1.

Watch Maroon 5 play Unplugged.

New Rejects Video: Watch It Tuesday


It’s been a minute for some new tracks by the All-American Rejects, but the wait is over. Swing by our place next Tuesday, November 4, and you can watch the emo kingpins’ latest video, “Gives You Hell.” It’s allegedly a wild one, as the band recently told interviewers.

Here’s a little taste of the guys making the clip.

See if the photo after the jump can provide any clues regarding the storyline…

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Ghouls, Freaks, Zombies, and Blood


If you’re looking to get your Halloween on, there’s nothing but options ’round here. Above find Chris Brown doing his vampire thing. It comes from a playlist of fun music videos that walk on the ghastly side. Don’t forget to study that Tool clip.

Right here you can see if your favorite bloody demise made it to our list of Gruesome Horror Movie Deaths.

Have you heard about America’s Next Top Zombie Idol? Yes, even the undead enjoy a nice reality competition once in a while. Watch clips from our Web show right here.

Speaking of competitions, there’s a race for a spot in Saw VI, and the ladies participating in our Scream Queens show are all pretty good at displaying their erotic spin on terror. Don’t forget Saw V.

You can can’t have a fight flick without a sexy teen in danger. Here’s our photo gallery of Horror Hotties.

And do you know what the 50 Scariest Horror Films of All Time actually are? Check our list to see if we’re right.

Rhapsody has got lots of horror movie music for you to download or stream as well.

Kid Rock Answers “Loaded Questions”


A few questions, if you please. Did Kid Rock ever sing “Bad, Bad, LeRoy Brown”? Did Kid Rock ever dress up as the Statue of Liberty? Is Kid Rock a shoes fiend? Is Kid Rock down with Garth Brooks? A few answers: Maybe, could be, perhaps, and let me get back to you. Actually the Detroit dawg, who’s a fan of Too $hort and lots of old school hip hop, jumps to the center of these subjects in the video above. Fans can learn something new about their boy by watching his interview with CMT for a few minutes.

Fans can also learn something about him by checking out his VH1: Storytellers performance, premiering on Thanksgiving Day, November 27. That’s where he’ll be performing his biggest songs like and explaining how they came about. Keep your eyes open for more updates and a sneak clip from the show. Check more interviews and lots of great videos in our Kid Rock Box Set.

You know that his entire catalog has recently become available for download exclusively on Rhapsody, right?

New Kids: The Story Behind “Single”


You’ve been watching the New Kids on the Block latest video for a while now. “Single” finds the guys coming to the emotional rescue of a fine clubland lady – yes, each of ‘em interacts with this heartbroken hottie. If it’s one of your fave clips, they want you to find out more. Here’s where the NKOTB crew explains the “Single” shoot in their own words.

In other NKOTB business, we hope you realize that there’s still time to try to win tickets to a New Kids concert, as well as enjoy an exclusive meet ‘n’ greet session with the guys. If you’re an “Ultimate Fan,” here’s the place where you should be headed.

NKOTB Fan Contest: Joey Hair Wins!


The latest winner in our New Kids on the Block “Ultimate Fan” contest has been named. She’s Amber Neumann, and yep, she once went way out of her way to celebrate her love of the world’s greatest boy band. She’ll be attending an NKOTB gig, as well as enjoying a meet and greet session with the guys. Here’s her story and her pictures.

I HAD NEW KIDS HAIR!! Not literally theirs! I didn’t go drain diving for follicles. THAT would be crazy!
In the era of long hair and big bangs, I cut my long hair into a Joey curl, shaved in back, complete with rattail! Did I get teased?! As a crazed NKOTB fan…so worth it!

Enter our Ultimate Fan contest.

Watch New Kids in Concert clips

Let The Rock Band Battles Begin!


Sebastian Bach and Alice Cooper are currently in the process of building a group of Rock Band experts, and each week we get to see them reviewing their new crop of participants. Rock Band 2 The Stars is a challenge and elimination deal. Check the clip above to see some of the nuts who play the game 24/7. See how Cretin, Cab, Trizz and the others do on AC/DC‘s “Let There Be Rock.” Which one will make it all the way? New episodes arrive every Wednesday.

Listen to AC/DC’s new Black Ice album here.