VMAs: Behind the Scenes Blow by Blow


Paris working the Blackberry while smoking a ciggie. Christina Aguilera’s dancers claiming they “nailed it” after their performance. Kid Rock saying that he “feels like an old man.” All the particulars of the evening’s action as seen through the lens of MTV’s Buzzworthy blogger is here for your perusal. Don’t be shy. Peek behind the curtain…

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VMAs Preview: Britney’s In the House


Lots of news from the Paramount party zone in L.A., the site of this year’s VMAs. With the show starting in an hour, Britney‘s cooling her heels in her dressing room. Paramore’s Haley Williams, whose band is competing with Kid Rock for “Best Video of the Year” award, says what would really thrill her is shaking Spears’ hand (what, no tongue kiss a la Madge?). Lauren Conrad & Chase Crawford will be handing out a prize, Tokio Hotel rocks as hard at rehearsal as they do during a real show, and Rihanna warms up her throat by belting out Jonas Bros hits.

Above is a classic clip of Britney doing her thing a few years ago. Make sure you’re tuning-in at 9 pm ET to find out who makes the biggest splash.

Classic Videos of VMAs Performances


Yes, there was Madonna writhing in her wedding gown with her “Boy Toy” belt singing “Like a Virgin.” And Britney with that snake and that pillow talk opening statement (“I know I may be young, but I’ve got feelings, too/and i need to to do what i feel like doing/so let me go…”) during the “I’m a Slave 4 U” stage show. Indeed there have been lots of killer performances at the VMAs. Kanye’s “Gold Digger,” TLC’s “No Scrubs” – we’ve put a bunch together in a video songlist that contains these and lots more.

Crank it up and get prepped for Sunday night’s 2008 VMAs on MTV at 9 pm ET.

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VMAs Preview: Kid Rock’s Rehearsal


They’re getting everything tight at L.A.’s Paramount Studios, the site for this year’s MTV VMA’s show. Tight meaning rehearsals, tight meaning pre-party interviews, tight meaning fun. Check the video player above for Kid Rock romping through “All Summer Long.”

Watch the show on MTV Sunday night at 9 pm.

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Kanye Eats His Words, Returns to VMAs


You know, Kanye West says a lot of stuff. Some of it is simple, courage, and profound, like his “George Bush doesn’t like black people” proclamation in the wake of the Katrina nightmare. But some of it is glib, pissy, and untrue, like his promise to never return to MTV after his 2007 performance was positioned somewhere other than the main stage. Well, never fear. Rap’s biggest name will do his thing at the 2008 VMAs party this Sunday night at 9 pm ET – on MTV. He’s part of a gathering crowd of stars participating in the annual show, including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and host Russell Brand.

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VMAs Hotties: Fashion Flashback Gallery


The VMAs has its pie-in-the-face silly moments, but we’re expecting that there will be a big dose of glamor this Sunday night on MTV – people like to see their celebs looking sharp. As you can see from above, even Paris Hilton tried to do the leopard print Zsa Zsa Gabor routine when arriving at the show last year.

Here’s a gallery of other hotties – both men and women – from the 2007 VMAs affair.

Watch some classique VMAs performances to get psyched for the 9 pm ET kickoff.

VMAs Preview: Jonas Brothers’ Set Pics


America’s premiere boy band (sorry New Kids) can’t just jump on any old stage and do their thing – the vibe must be exactly right. Especially on a show as key as MTV’s annual Video Music Awards, which airs Sunday night at 9 ET.

Fans who want to get a sneak peek at the faux Brooklyn brownstone that Moe, Larry, and Curley Nick, Kevin, and Joe will be rocking in front of should check out the pictures right here.

Fans of boy bands who want a short pictorial history should check out this gallery.

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Britney Returns to the Scene of the Crime


After a week or so of “will she, won’t she,” Britney Spears has decided to give us another piece of herself. In a non performance appearance, the singer will open the 2008 edition of MTV’s VMAs show Sunday night at 9 ET. You’ll recall that things went a bit wrong last year when her dance routine seemed a bit “wan.”

Here’s what she says about her decision. “MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs? I’m excited to open the entire show, to say hi to my fans and to be nominated.”

Here’s a song list of several nominated videos and artists.

Here’s Britney’s Box Set, a blend of videos and interviews.

10 Memorable Moments in VMAs History


MTV’s big show is taking place this Sunday night at 9 pm ET, and every year there’s been something outrageous that goes down on the VMAs stage. Whether it’s Courtney Love crashing Kurt Loder‘s Madonna interview, Dennis Miller trying to talk to cosmonauts, or Nirvana‘s Kris Novoselic knocking himself out during “Rape Me,” there’s a three-ring circus in effect.

We made up a list of 10 VMAs moments that stick in the minds of many longtime viewers. See if your fave – like parolee Lil Kim showing up in chic jailhouse orange – is part of our collection.

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Perez Says Britney Should Do the VMAs.


She ruled the world. She spun out of control. She crashed onstage at last year’s MTV Video Awards. But Britney Spears is seeming alot more sane than she did 12 months ago, and the rumor that she’s busting a move this Sunday night on the 2008 VMAs is on lots tongues. Could she truly redeem her off-kilter career is she showed up looking hot a did some cool comedy stunt? Perez Hilton thinks that it would be wise for her to play ball.

What do you think? Watch the show Sunday, September 7 at 9 pm ET.

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