Kanye West Storytellers: Sneak Peek “Stronger”


“Don’t know if you got a man or not/if god put me in ya plans or not/I’m tripping, this drink got me saying a lot…”

It’s not the drink that’s got Kanye West gabbing – he’s always got something to say. This Saturday night, his subject of choice is his rather incredible songs and the tales behind their creation. His latest CD, 808s & Heartbreak, is all about love lost. Expect lots of vivid explanations.

The Kanye West edition of our Storytellers show is one of the most exciting we’ve ever had. What’s the set list include? We’ll tell you the show’s songs right here. Put hip-hop in your plans on Saturday night at 9/8c.? Come back to VH1.com after the show for some extra, online-exclusive, performances.

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Sneak Peek: New Kids Top 20 Premiere Video


Next Tuesday, we’re dropping the New Kids on the Block‘s “2 In The Morning” music video, and we wanted you get psyched a bit. So here’s a “making-of” clip that finds the guys explaining what went into the shoot. It’s funny, they booked a glorious mansion for location, but wound up doing a fair amount of green screen action that was filled in after the shoot. Check it out: You’ll find out that there’s a personal twist to the tale, and you’ll be reminded that’s it’s one of the best songs on NKOTB’s latest disc.

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Kanye West’s Storytellers: Check The Set List!


Hip-hop’s biggest star swooped into our studios last weekend, delivering a performance for our Storytellers show that was full of the passion and authority that Kanye West fans have come to expect from their hero. His recent Heartbreak & 808s disc was all about lost love.

The show, which airs on VH1 on February 28th at 9/8c, showcases several of new tunes (Download the disc at Rhapsody). It also digs into some of Kanye’s previous hits.? Here’s a list of the songs that are scheduled to be included in the final cut.

Flashing Lights
Say You Will
Good Life
Touch the Sky

Stay tuned: Next week we’ll have an exclusive performance from the show, West working his way through “Love Lockdown.”

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The Fray: Watch Exclusive Live Clips From This Saturday Night’s Palladia Live Show


The Fray is the number one band in the country this week – their new self-titled disc is sitting at the top of the charts. So we’re psyched to show you three great performance clips from a live show that Palladia is airing tomorrow night, February 14 at 9/8 pm central. The concert was recorded at Manhattan’s Webster Hall a few weeks ago, and the show is called “Rhapsody Rocks NYC The Fray.”

The band does a whole set of their best songs. Above you can can see them wailing through “Over My Head (Cable Car).” We’ve also got previews of them performing “How To Save A Life” and their latest hit, “You Found Me.”

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Get the complete schedule of Palladia’s presentation of the show after the jump.

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Jason Mraz’s Free E-Card Helps You Get Romantic For Valentine’s Day


Jason Mraz, the bouncy singer with the big hit (“Lucky”) and the cool friend (Colbie Caillet) has always been a softie when it comes to love. So it’s fitting that he’s put together a Valentine’s Day e-card that his fans can send out to their sweeties this year. It involves some fun graphics and the lyrics to “Lucky.” Jumble them around and click your card off to someone’s inbox. Everything will go better this Saturday night if you do.

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Check Jason’s thoughts about Valentine’s Day after the jump. There’s more Valentines Videos there, too.

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Adele Chats Us Up After Her Grammy Triumph


Adele had plenty to say when she won the Grammy for Best New Artist Sunday night. “If my life got any better, I would overdose on the amazingness,” she told our News team. See what else the young British singer had on her mind.

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Download Nas, Bolster African Health Care


It’s a time of activism, and it’s a time of uniting to solve problems together. Working in the spirit of such ideals, the IntraHealth group has been bringing lots of new ideas to the table regarding health care initiatives in Africa.? LIke most forward thinking enterprises, they’ve gotten plenty of cooperation with artists. African bandleader and global superstar Youssou N’Dour is at the center of this community. And today, along with several other musicians, Nas has put a foot forward to assist the program.

An exclusive remix of Nas’s “Wake Up” is available to those want to participate in the IntraHealth campaign.? It’s free, but you’ll also have a chance to make a donation to the cause as you’re acquiring the track. Please think about participating.



Make the jump to learn more about IntraHealth, the artists involved (such as R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Duncan Sheik), and the ways the campaign has already helped those in need.

Listen to Nas’ music on Rhapsody.

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Grammys: Miley & Taylor Stalk Radiohead


Janell Snowden and the VH1 News team were roaming around the Grammys Sunday night, and they connected with lots of artists. Check out what Jason Mraz says about his signature hat, What Miley Cyrus says about she and Taylor Swift chasing down Coldplay and Radiohead, and John Mayer getting high on the beautiful essence of Snoop Dogg.

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Whatever Happened to Your Fave Metal Bands?



Has your favorite classic metal artist fallen off the radar? Do you want to know what happened to some of those one hit wonders you still secretly revere? That Metal Show wants to hear from you.? Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine are guys who never say die.? Write them in the comments field of this post and tell them who you want to have tracked down. (Don’t bother with Anvil, above, they’ve already been found.) The guys will get on the case, and sniff out the information, and let you know.

It can be any person from the classic years of hard rock and heavy metal.? When you write, MENTION WHAT CITY YOU’RE FROM, too. They might even use your question on the show, so keep sending in requests!

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Grammy News: Coldplay & Adele Are Winners


The VH1 News team was on the scene of the Grammys last night, and along with several other interviews, they connected with a handful of evening’s winners. Coldplay‘s Chris Martin said the band’s award triumphs made him sniffle up. Robert Plant said that he didn’t care about awards, that he and his partner Alison Krauss made music just for fun. And Adele wondered where she’d keep her “Best New Artist” prize – somewhere near the shampoo and toothpaste evidently.

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More News After the Jump

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