Clive Hates Kelly Clarkson … Or Does He?


Clarkson News about American Idol wannabe Kelly Clarkson‘s feud with her label head, Clive Davis, continues to surface. The New York Post reports that the Grand Old Man of pop is furious that Clarkson isn’t listening to his suggestions about her music. We, on the other hand, have begun thinking that the lady doth protest too much. Frankly, if Clive Davis wanted to shut Kelly Clarkson down, he could. (To paraphrase Cliff Huxtable, he gave Kelly life . . . and he can take it away.) Since he hasn’t, we’re forced to assume that all this strife might all be a media stunt. In which case, it is you, dear public, who suffers.

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Oops! I Upchucked Again


Brit2 Just one day after admitting she hit rock bottom, a vomit-covered Britney Spears had to be dragged out of the men’s bathroom at a Los Angeles hot spot. The rehabbed young mother apparently apologized by saying, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment."

It’s doubtful that Britney meant for her "comeback" to include stumbling around dripping in her own puke. So I gotta ask: is her sobriety back on the skids or did the pop princess eat something toxic?

Wednesday: Paris Is No Heiress; Fergie Freaks About Taco Bell


Pretty Paris Heaved From Heiress Book
Editors of an upcoming photo book of beautiful heiresses from around the globe unanimously voted to exclude Paris from its pages.  Perhaps she’ll be asked to pose for piece on gorgeous convicts instead? [NY Post]

Enrique to Anna: "Adios!"

Game over!  Maybe-married couple Iglesias and Kournikova have split after five years together.  Now Enrique can get back to trying to beat his dad’s record number of lady lovers ? a tally that’s allegedly in the thousands. [The Sun]

Young Jeezy Cuffed At Strip Club

The rapper was arrested early Thursday morning following an argument at
a Hot’lanta strip club. The drama was a family affair ? both Jeezy and
his sister were cited for disorderly conduct. [MSN]

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Jackson Family Crap: Cooler Than Your Family Crap


Today, the Jackson Family Auction kicks off, which means people with too much money will be able to take a little piece of the Jackson home. For the rest of us, it means that we get to virtually rummage through the Jacksons’ crap as shot after shot of the auction lots are posted online. We win! I mean, try to not gawk at this:


What is it? Probably some film prop. Why did Michael Jackson own it? A few thousand plastic surgeries ago, it provided a model for the face MJ would come to own:


And there’s more beauty below!

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Bobby Brown: Lyrics Not a Prerogative

by (@katespencer)

Brown Bobby Brown‘s got a lot of things to keep straight. Years of suspected drug use, warrant-dodging and being married to one of the music’s most difficult divas can muddle a man’s mind, which is exactly what happened at his performance in Southampton at Stereo this weekend. Brown began to sing his hit  "My Prerogative" only to stop before the second verse and apologize for forgetting the words. Brown might have also been distracted by his new ladyfriend Alicia Etheridge, a longtime friend of ex Whitney‘s, who Brown was reportedly making out with in a car for 30 minutes prior to peforming. When asked whether he was seeing anyone, Brown responded: "I’m dating, so it’s not like I’m single."

Britney Tells Us What We Already Knew


Brit_2_2 Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional pop star, Britney Spears, posted a heartfelt letter to her fans (and foes) on her personal website today. The divorced mother-of-two went off on just about everything and everyone – from her former manager, to her family, to the countless times she was taken out to dinners and events, only to find out after that it was paid for with her moola. Ouch! Talk about being used. 

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Linkin Park Destroys Norah Jones



Linkin Park are no strangers to selling a butt-load of albums. But they recently changed their sound (goodbye rap-rock, hello passion ballads) and some pundits wondered what the future would hold. Well, the future is now and the arrival of Minutes To Midnight brought some clarity to the question. The group had the biggest first week sales of 2007 (625,000 — Norah Jones had previously held the record at 418,000). We caught up with guitarist Brad Delson on the day he found out his band rocked the charts.

"My manager emailed me and it just didn’t seem possible. I’ve accepted that it’s true, but I’m still shocked and humbled. I’m ecstatic about the fact that this amount of people are going to hear it." In addition to the band’s monster sales, Delson also let us in on some surprises to expect from the Linkin Park curated Projekt Revolution tour

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Manson Hearts Justin (A Lot)

by (@katespencer)


Marilyn Manson is channeling his inner teenage girl. After covering pop pin-up Justin Timberlake during a live BBC performance last week, Manson told the venerable radio station that he has "a fascination with Justin Timberlake," and that he carries a picture of the pop star with him wherever he goes. This information goes far in explaining what he and 19-year-old girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood could possibly have to talk about.

And when he’s not canoodling with gorgeous movie stars or being toted around in creepy rock stars’ wallets? J-Timber’s starting his own record label, to be be distributed through Interscope Records. The label, named Tennman (an abbreviation of Tennessee Man, which he is) expects to announce new signings in the upcoming weeks.

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Pundit: Jordin Was Too Fat to Win


Should 17-year-old Jordin Sparks have been barred from winning American Idol because of her weight? That seems to be the going concern of MeMe Roth, a very skinny, very blond pundit from an organization called National Action Against Obesity. Speaking on Fox News, MeMe called Jordin obese. Proving that Debbie Downer isn’t the only one lacking perspective, she also said, "When I look at Jordin what I see is diabetes, I see heart disease, I see high cholesterol." This makes us detest MeMe. What do you think?