Juelz Santana Is Down Wit OPP


Above, one of Dipset’s finest talks about Naughty by Nature, the group he’ll take the stage to salute at this year’s Hip Hop Honors (airing Monday, October 6 at 10/9c). He also lets us in on why one of NBN’s most loved anthems is particularly near and dear to his heart…among things.

Below, check some shots of downtime during Naughty by Nature’s rehearsal.

Hip Hop Honors: Cypress Hill Goes Up In Smoke


The gang’s all here this beautiful Wednesday morning as the second day of rehearsals for Hip Hop Honors kick off. Some say hip-hop runs on its own time, but Fat Joe, Jim Jones and the Gym Class Heroes are all here, right on time, to honor Cypress Hill. To have such a collection of talent under one roof is amazing, and that’s not lost on the honorees themselves. While walking around surveying the set, B-Real happens to whip out the same digital camera your loyal bloggers have to record the moment, as a decidedly less portly Fat Joe walks over to pay his respects.

It’s obvious Fat Joe’s been doing his homework, as he tears through a flawless rendition of “The Phuncky Feel One.” Jim Jones has a little work to do before the show, as he seems more interested in watching the dancers than the words to “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That.”

Appropriately, plumes of smoke wreath Cypress Hill as they run through “(Rock) Superstar.” Moments later, Cypress Hill, Jim Jones, Mack 10, Gym Class Heroes are up on the mezzanine, answering our questions about Cypress Hill and a particular herbal remedy the group are fond of (coming soon…). Mos Def swings by and tells us which honoree he’s most excited to see, which we’ll have for you later today.

Check back for tons of updates from hip-hop’s front lines, and be sure to tune in Monday, October 6th at 10 p.m.

Behind The Scenes Of Hip Hop Honors: Treach Goes A Capella


There’s about 60 or so hours until the 2008 Hip Hop Honors show kicks off, but you?d think it was this afternoon by the looks of the stage at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Lit up like an arcade, it?s a truly worthy temple of hip-hop.

But the stage is icing ? a nicely wrapped present compared to the action going down on it. After a brief interlude, Naughty By Nature emerge from their 7th floor rehearsals to check out their upcoming performance spot. Sitting on the steps, posing for pictures in what will be their honorary thrones for the evening, Vin Rock and Treach look genuinely excited. As the group sits out on the balcony while some middle-aged production dude awkwardly dances and lip-syncs on stage during a run-through of the group?s hit ?O.P.P.?, you gotta wonder what?s going through their heads.

After a brief technical difficulty (Treach: ?This sh*t has to be hot so I can do the intro!?) the guys launch into ?Uptown Anthem,? the forever celebratory ?Hip Hop Hooray,? and then a sick version of an acapella, which we happen to have a little footage of above. We’ll be posting on the action from the show site all day Wednesday and Thursday. Come back for more news and video.

Check Naughty by Nature’s story, and watch their videos.

Watch Hip Hop Honors on VH1 on Monday, October 6 at 10 pm.

Tales From the Road: De La Silliness


When we get with our Hip Hop Honorees before the big show, we ask ‘em to spill some of the wild stuff that goes on when they’re touring. Sex antics is a typical response, but a lot of times it’s old fashioned silliness they go on about. Maybe you could predict that from De La Soul, one of the music’s most whimsical crews. They like to have fun with everything they do. Read their story here. Listen to their music here. And find out what they do with powder and pillows by clicking the clip above.

Tune in to our 2008 Hip Hop Honors show next Monday night at 10 pm ET. Check the entire site now for videos, photos and favorites lists.

Watch all of the Tales from the Road interviews.

Honors 2008: Real Stories from Real Royalty


Too $hort recalls his first rhyme session, and explains how he came up with characters like “Jiggle Jenny.” Naughty By Nature jumps back, telling us how Reaganomics stripped their East Orange home and made kids develop with their own kind of entertainment – rap. Slick Rick tells the world that he wasn’t down with battling; he was always into stories – and (ahem) name-brand fashion – from the jump. De La Soul talks about how the skits on their records were generated by squandering rehearsal time. The guys Cypress Hill explain how they considered their style as “Public Enemy inside out.” Whew, that’s a lot of info, right?

Fans are going to learn quite a bit from the interviews we did with our Hip Hop Honors royalty.

Check our entire “With Honors” clip fest to grab some insights about the way the old school rolled.

Check back here on Wednesday for news items and photos of the rehearsal sessions for the big show, which airs on VH1 on Monday, October 6.

Notorious: Check the Biggie Biopic Trailer!


It would be nice if they didn’t get it wrong. Mr. Christopher Wallace is a guy whose story is so important, it would be really nice if all the nuance was in place when it hits the silver screen. Notorious is coming soon, and we’ll see they do right by Big Papa. Angela Bassett, Anthony Mackie, and Jamal Woolard as Biggie himself are all working on it now.

Check Biggie interviews and videos in our Box Set.

You’re a hip hop fiend? Here’s our Hip Hop Honors 2008 site.

Presidential Debates Tonight, Hip Hop Honors Oct. 6


The banks are crumbling, the economy’s stumbling, and McCain‘s swooping into DC, squawking about rectifying everything. Can you say bluster? Reports have it that the guy with 10 houses didn’t help much. And now, after waffling about going toe to toe with the next president of the United States in tonight’s Ole Miss debate, he’s finally heading south, getting his make-up done, and taking the stage. We’ll see what happens…

Politics define the autumn of 2008. So we came up with some relevant and humorous ads for our own candidates, which this year include Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick, and Too $hort. VH1’s Hip Hop Honors airs Monday, October 6 at 10 ET.

Hope you enjoy the ads. Three more are available after the jump.

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Hip Hop Honors: 21 Awesome Moments


You’re going to learn a few things when you roll through our HHH: Awesome Moments playlist.

1. Ice T is no slouch when it comes to freestyling.

2. Ciara‘s a good choice when it comes to whispering the refrain to LL Cool J‘s “they’re jiggling, baby.”

3. Entourage guest T.I. loves Big Daddy Kane because the Brookyn godfather is “smooth and edgy.”

4. If you see Tracy Morgan on the street, he’s got one simple request: “holla atcha boy!”

5. Not everyone can do a convincing impression of Snoop Dogg – but Bow Wow is crackalacking good.

Our annual show airs on Monday, October 6 at 10 pm ET. We’ll be adding new stuff to our Hip Hop Honors 2008 site every day until then. Swing by and check it out.

100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs Ever!!!


The arguments go on forever. Is old school better than new school? What’s the hardest gangsta joint around? Which MC has the hippest flow? And, of course: what’s the drop-dead deep-ass dopest rap track ever made? Well, we can all chill on that last question for awhile. Our 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs countdown has the answer. It’s part of a ramp-up to this year’s rather incredible Hip Hop Honors show.

All summer long fans have been voting on the list. VH1 combined their opinions with those of hip-hop culture vultures and next week, for five nights, the show runs down the ranking, offering interviews with artists and pundits, breaking out classic footage, and dropping some superstar science on all the tracks involved. It airs Monday, September 29 – Friday, October 3 at 10 pm ET.

Now, the big question, which one made the top of the list? Was Public Enemy (check the video above) number 10 or number 1? Make the jump and find out.

Watch a video playlist with LOTS of the 100 Greatest entries.

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Cypress Hill Tells Tales From The Road


It’s no surprise that this year’s Hip Hop Honors honorees Cypress Hill have had some hectic moments on the road — after all, they’re the same guys who’ve spoken frankly about gang-banging and their love of ganja. But back in the day, on one particular stop in St. Louis, the guys thought their days were numbered. Check out the above clip to find out how Cypress Hill got out of a sticky situation with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m., and until then, check out the Hip Hop Honors site for all your hip-hop needs.