Naughty By Nature To Drop New Album, Perform At Hip Hop Honors


On the heels of the news that Naughty By Nature will be honored by VH1 at this year’s Hip Hop Honors, the Jersey trio who specialize in getting asses out of seats have just announced they’re back in the studio to record another album, their first in six years. According to, Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee say the tentatively titled Anthem, Inc. (fitting, right?) has no set release date, but the group assures us we’ll be hearing tunes shortly. ?There?s no set date, but before this New Year comes in, you?re definitely gonna be hearing some exclusives, some appetizers to let them know we coming,? said Treach.

No need to wait until New Year’s — tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m. to watch Naughty perform.

Watch our Naughty by Nature Box Set, which contains loads of interviews and videos.

Can You Say Winner? Kimberly’s Checking Out the New Kids This Weekend


We were looking for an ultimate fan in our our ongoing New Kids on the Block contest, and we found the first of a few choices we’ll be making this autumn. Kimberly Medina of Florida will be seeing the guys in concert this weekend in Boston. Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets.

“My friend and I had a column in the school paper, “New Kids Korner.” We were Seniors and knew that was NOT cool. So we had pen names. I was Ashley Rashleigh. (Rashleigh is Jonathan’s middle name) She was Megan McCloud (Puff McCloud, Danny’s nickname. We were too clueless to realize he probably got the name because of all of the weed he smoked.) If anything, we should win just because of the torture we endured when word got out on the last day of Senior year. :)”

Nice, right? Lots of dedication there. Diehard fans need to know three things about the New Kids.

1. Their Behind the Music Special airs this Sunday night, September 28, at 8 pm ET.

2. During the show, the band will cut into the action from their concert stage in Boston, performing a few tunes live.

3. The Ultimate Fan contest continues. Send us your stories and photos for a chance to win a shot at seeing the guys onstage this fall.

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Watch them explain their favorite videos right here.

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Busta, Flav And Many Others To Appear At Hip Hop Honors


The list of artists scheduled to appear at this year’s Hip Hop Honors keeps getting longer — and better. In addition to greats like Outkast‘s Big Boi, Kid Rock and Wyclef Jean, more of hip-hop’s luminaries of past and present have been added to the roster. Cee-Lo, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, Fat Joe, Flavor Flav, Gym Class Heroes and Chuck D. are just a few of the folks that will gather to honor Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick and Too $hort. To see a full list of the folks who’ll make an appearance, check here.

Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m. to watch, and be sure to keep checking in as new performers and presenters are announced.

Vote On Our Rock Band 2 Video Countdown


How are your fingers? What about your voice? Are they ready for all the guitar/bass/drums/singing action that’s going to be needed to play Rock Band 2 when it’s released in November? Hope so. VH1 Classic is getting psyched for all the new tunes by having fans tell us which RB2 songs are the hardest hitting. Here’s a list of some titles that are included in the release. Pick your favorite ass-kicker, tell us why you love it in the “Comments” section, and on October 18, VH1 Classic will air a video countdown of the most popular tunes.

Alanis Morissette ?You Oughta Know?

Alice in Chains ?Man in the Box?

Beastie Boys ?So Whatcha Want?

Billy Idol ?White Wedding Pt. I?

Bon Jovi ?Livin? on a Prayer?

Dinosaur Jr. ?Feel the Pain?

Duran Duran ?Hungry Like the Wolf?

Fleetwood Mac ?Go Your Own Way?

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All Aboard The AC/DC Train!


Huge guitar riffs, crackling vocals and schoolboy shorts can only mean one thing — AC/DC is back! On October 20th the legendary rockers bring the thunder from down under with Black Ice, but you can check out the premiere of their new video “Rock N Roll Train” right here, right now! But wait — that’s not all! After you get on board the rock train, you can get on board the AC/DC train when you enter to win a chance to hang with the band at their last dress rehearsal before their tour. But don’t take our word for it — check out the clip below.

Hip Hop Honors – Videos, Photos, Features


With Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, Slick Rick, and Too $hort in the center ring, this year’s Hip Hop Honors show is set to be rather devastating. Factor in a cast of performers that includes Kid Rock, Big Boi, Wyclef Jean, and Lil Jon, and whole thing gets a lot hotter. Carve out time to be in front of the television on Monday, October 6th at 10 pm ET – that’s when the beats start to bounce.

There’s only one way to get psyched for the show. Jump into the massive Hip Hop Honors site we just launched. Old school videos, new school photos, and feature lists of the best rap discs ever and 2008’s top tracks…it’s all here. Check out the playlist of videos by the honorees and see if it gets the party started.

Head into VH1’s Hip Hop Honors site.

Pep Under Attack: New Book Excerpt


As part of Salt-N-Pepa, Sandy Denton struck a blow for women rappers everywhere. The famed trio’s string of hits, including “Push It” and “Let’s Talk About Sex,” opened lots of doors and lots of minds. Since her pioneering heyday of the ’80s, Pep’s gone on to participate in VH1’s Surreal Life, be celebrated on Hip Hop Honors, and show us the subtlties of the reunion with her old partner on the Salt-N-Pepa Show. Of course, she lived her life, too – it’s had its ups and downs.

The new Let’s Talk About Pep, a tell-all autobiography, is filled with the particulars of those ups and downs. Her rough childhood, teen stardom, falling out with Salt, battles with domestic abuse , premonitions of death, promise of celibacy, and lots more. You can purchase the book right here.

We grabbed one of the book’s more dramatic chapters to illustrate how candid the whole thing is. Here’s a section of “The Nightmare.”

“In my dream, I was standing at the top of this huge staircase. This staircase was like something out of Dynasty?with its white, wooden railings that seemed to go on forever. It was the kind of staircase you find in a mansion, splitting two wings. The staircase was so huge that in this dream I couldn?t stand in the middle and grab the railings?they seemed like a mile apart. In my dream, I?m at the top of the stairs and I?m in a fight. I?m on the wrong end of this fight, with my back to this huge staircase. I?m being beaten and I?m not really fighting back because I?m over this staircase?this long, hard, wooden staircase?and if I fall, that?s it. So I?m holding on to this person, trying to hold on to my life. But in my dream, I lose this struggle and end up at the bottom of this staircase broken. I don?t know whether I?m dead or paralyzed, but I?m not moving.

I was barely speaking to Brad. I was recuperating from that last incident with the IUD. I spoke to him long enough to tell him about the no sex for two months. But why was I even entertaining being with him again after that? I was not in my right mind. I was not in a good place…

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Lifehouse: Behind the Scenes of “Broken”


It’s always fun to see how a big L.A. video gets made, and since Lifehouse‘s “Broken” is getting its on-air Top 20 premiere this Saturday, September 20, we thought it was only right to share this behind the scenes clip with fans. There’s star factor involved: Kiefer Sutherland directed the video, and he’s part of this clip. Watch singer Jason Wade explain the vid concept and the inspiration for his new song.

Check out the latest Top 20 videos.

Check out Lifehouse playing acoustic at the VH1 studios.

Last year we gave the Lifehouse guys a “blindfold test.” We spun them a song and asked them to guess the artist without showing them who it was. Did they know Rob Thomas, Radiohead, the Police? Read the feature.

New Kids on the Block: Win Concert Tickets, Watch Their “Behind the Music” Special, Catch ‘Em In Concert


By now, New Kids fans know that VH1 is giving away tix to a handful of the group’s fall shows. We’ve had lots of great responses to our “Ultimate Fan” contest. People have sent in photos and stories about why they’re the most rad NKOTB lovers ever. No one has been more impressed than the guys themselves. Last week, they stopped by our NYC offices and checked out a few of the entries.

In the above clip, Donny, Jordan, Jonathan, Danny, and Joey urge everyone to participate in the contest. After the jump, they read of a few of their fave submissions. Don’t miss the one about the girls who went to Boston to actually kiss the porch of the house the Knight family lived in…

Every fan, ultimate and otherwise, will be hopped-up about the arrival of VH1’s “New Kids on the Block: A Behind the Music Special,” which premieres on September 28 at 8 PM ET. It’s a great overview of the group’s phenomenal early success and their recent reunion. Best of all is the fact that during the show, VH1 is cutting to the Kids’ sold-out Boston concert to see a live performance of three songs. Do Not Miss!

Find out how to participate in the “Ultimate Fan” contest and see the New Kids in concert.

Watch the New Kids talk about their favorite videos in VH1’s “My Playlist.”

See pictures and read some crazy fan stories here.

Check out our two winners so far, Kim and Torrie.

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Help! Bastards Stole R.E.M.’s Guitar


We thought Scandinavia was full of easy-going, lovey-dovey blondes, not guitar-stealing nogoodniks. Guess we were wrong. A couple nights ago in Helsinki, Peter Buck of R.E.M. had his trademark Rickenbacker 360 guitar lifted from the stage. Poof – no more jangle. The band is offering a reward and accepting information about the instrument’s whereabouts. Head to the R.E.M. Web site for the specifics.

Here are five of the band’s best Rickenbacker tunes. Do you agree? Listen to R.E.M. at Rhapsody.

“Sitting Still”

“Seven Chinese Brothers”

“Pretty Persuasion”

“Feeling Gravity’s Pull”

“Begin The Begin”

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