Timba Preps to Drop, Game’s Got Beef


070329_timba_game Timbaland‘s Shock Value drops next week, and apparently nobody’s more curious about how it’ll be received than the man himself. SOHH ran some video of Timba at his New York listening party, and while he seems to be in a good mood when introducing the album, once it actually gets rolling you can see him scanning the room to see how people are responding. (Relax, Tim. Those in the know are mostly diggin’ on your efforts.)

In other news, a former Timba collaborator received a little shock value of his own recently. The Game was called out by model/singer Vida Guerra during a radio show appearance. Guerra "rapped" (at least we think it was supposed to be rap) about the Game having none after he called her a video ho on his single, "Wouldn’t Get Far." Don’t expect to see these two "collaborating" any time soon.

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Jenny Disses Block, Fellow Latinos


Jlo_2Enviably pelted woodland creatures, PETA and Diddy’s babymamaJ. Lo can now add Spanish-language record company Ritmo Latin to her list of sworn enemies. Ritmo has announced that its 50 stores in the New York area are boycotting Lopez’s latest, the Spanish-language Como Ama Una Mujer. Jenny from the Block recently returned to her Bronx hood to promote it offering select fans the opportunity to meet her at FYE. The fact that Lopez chose an "Anglo" store at which to promote her record enraged Ritmo President David Massry. "This is a Spanish-language CD, and if she wants to discriminate against the Latin community, then we will not sell her product," said Massry. 

Rove Raps – Will Washington Burn?

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Roverap Last night?s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a hootin?, hollerin? affair. President Bush warmed up the crowd with a few funnyisms, like when he joked about Senator Barack Obama?s ?sleek, hairless pecs.? Fun, right? Even funner: When the baby-faced Darth Vader of the current Administration, Karl Rove, one of the president?s most trusted advisors and the man who has frequently been called ?Bush?s brain,? got up on stage and rapped. He dubbed himself MC Rove and augmented his impromptu freestyling with some hippity-hoppity footwork – picture a cross between Lord of the Dance and what might happen were you to suddenly realize you were sitting in a pile of dogsh*t. [Continued after the jump.]

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Tantric Diddy: 30 Hours of Glorious Nasty


Diddy_tantricIf Diddy‘s constant flossing and general tone of entitlement don’t gross you out, this might: the entrepreneur/rapper/partier recently revealed that he’s engaged in tantric sex with Kim Porter, his longtime love, now in more ways than one. Did says the marathon happened during a recent Paris trip: “We went up to my suite and had tantric sex for at least 30 hours, ordering up whipped cream and strawberries while we were at it. As meticulous as I am with my work, I’m more meticulous with lovemaking.” Does that mean he samples other people’s rhythms in bed, too?

Moving from insertion to withdrawal, the recent cancellation of Diddy’s London concert with Snoop Dogg has got Diddy down. “I am going through Snoop withdrawal right now,” he says of his would-be partner, whose law problems have resulted in a ban from England. “I miss him a lot.” Diddy doesn’t miss him; he just misses Snoop’s doggy style. [Mirror.co.uk]

Spidey: Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs



As if there wasn’t enough to look forward to with the upcoming Spiderman 3Topher Grace, a more realistically complex Spiderman character — Record Collector has announced the soundtrack, a smorgasbord of indie fare. In addition to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wolfmother and the Walkmen, there’s the awesomely titled "Spiderman vs. Muhammad Ali" by the Flaming Lips. All songs are "new and exclusive" to the soundtrack according to the Record Collector site, though Chubby Checker’s 1960 hit "The Twist" is included. In keeping with the indie-fying of the soundtrack, maybe Checker’s song underwent a DFA remix, available only on 180 gram vinyl.

This isn’t the first time the indie cognoscenti have rallied around Spiderman — punk forefathers the Ramonesrecorded a version of the theme song.

Nevermind the Ballet

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Nirvana was always threatening to go highbrow, and now Seattle?s Spectrum Dance Theater is taking them there. Called Nevermind, the theater?s new contemporary dance show debuts March 31st. Based on the 1991 record that changed everything forever, the production will feature the band?s music and dancers playing roles that represent Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The complicated choreography – how, exactly, do you block interpretive steps for addiction, being shredded by the press and suicide? – is by Donald Byrd, who has worked for Broadway (The Color Purple).

"It?s about how the sense of unconditional love, that someone loves you, is what makes the difference between life and death," he told The Seattle Times. Here?s the million-dollar question (literally): Does this show do more to honor Cobain?s memory than Courtney Love licensing Nirvana songs for use in CSI: Miami? Serious question, people. Think about it.

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Ready for ‘Kon & ‘Clef’s Newgees?


070328_wyclef_akon_2 There have been rumors that Wyclef Jean has grown frustrated with the Fugees and is looking to start up a new band with none other than R&B superstar Akon. The pairing of ‘Clef and ‘Kon would be an island-soul dream team, but would it ever happen? In a recent interview with SOHH, Akon sounded skeptical, but said he would be on board.

It’s fun to speculate who would best complete the trio. The new gal would have to be soulful and sexy, with a killer voice. Kind of like … Nelly Furtado? Gwen Stefani?

Some ladies that Wyclef and Akon wouldn’t have any trouble recruiting are sexy-sister duo Brick and Lace. Cast from the Rhianna-Ciara mold, the young Jamaicans are the first act signed to Akon’s label, "Kon Live" and already have a video for their first single, "Never Never."

Who should be ‘Kon and ‘Clef’s female band member?

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Modest Mouse Debut At Number One



Modest Mouse‘s latest is the third entry in ’07′s indie rock hat trick. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank debuted at number one, selling 129,000 records in the first week. The band joined their indie brethren the Shins (whose lead singer James Mercer appears on We Were Dead…) and the Arcade Fire, who also debuted albums in one of the top two slots on the Billboard charts.

Hopefully, the record breaking sales will help to cheer frontman Isaac Brock up.

Scarlett Finds the Heart of Saturday Night


73295354 This spring, Scarlett Johansson is putting out a record of Tom Waits covers. That?s right: You might get to hear The Nanny Diaries star singing ?Jockey Full of Bourbon.? OK, haters, before you invoke the ill-conceived albums of such non-singers as Eddie Murphy – or, perhaps more appropriately, ill-conceived Tom Waits covers, including Rod Stewart?s execrable version of ?Downtown Train? – consider Johansson?s voice. She?s not all Vuitton ads and lounging around naked on the cover of Vanity Fair, you know. The 22-year-old?s husky pipes lend her a maturity that?s beyond her years. But does she have the skid-row gravitas to pull this off?

And, tell everyone, which Waits songs would you like to hear her cover?

Not an Eazy Role


070327_eazyeHow does a daughter of a late hip-hop legend honor a father’s legacy? Well, if you’re Erin "E.B." Wright, daughter of Eazy-E, maybe playing dad in a biopic is the answer.

In an interview with AllHipHop to help mark the 12th anniversary of her NWA MC’s death, E.B. suggested that she would like to cross genders and play the hard-core gangsta rapper who died of AIDS. "I think it was cool how Hilary Swank played that role as a boy in ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’" said E.B. "That movie was great! I would love to do something like that in my father’s movie."

Considering that E.B. has only starred on MTV’s "My Super Sweet 16," it’s hard to imagine she has Swank-sized chops. But if the acting thing doesn’t pan out, she can still try to cut it as a rapper — yup, E.B. has an album coming out later this year. (Listen to one of her songs here.)

You interested in seeing an Eazy-E movie?

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