Kelly Clarkson Disses Label, Lohan


Clarkson Kelly Clarkson‘s My December has hit major icebergs in its quest for release. As was previously reported, the American Idol’s third record met an icy reception from label boss Clive Davis, and now Clarkson’s spilling the beans. Initially insulted that her label wanted her to use songwriters, the final affront came in the form of a Lindsay Lohan track: "My label literally sent me a Lindsay Lohan track from her last album and wanted me to record it for my new album. And while I like Lindsay Lohan, like I’m cool with her and I think she sings the song well… it’s already been on an album." Clarkson continued, "I just don’t like working with someone that gives you a song and is like, ‘Oh, I wrote this for you.’ But you find out that they’ve given it to every other artist and they turned it down, you know?" Could Clarkson be referring to her nuclear hit "Since U Been Gone," written by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, and shopped around to other pop stars before Clarkson’s recording? According to a source, Clarkson didn’t even want to include it on the album.

Geldof Grouses, Spinal Tap Returns

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Geldorf_2 Even global pop concerts can’t please everyone on the planet, so perhaps it makes sense that Live Aid bigwig Bob Geldof is kvetching a bit over the upcoming Live Earth bash, which is basically using the famed entrepreneur’s template for mult-artist, multi-city shows around a socio-political cause. The former rock singer says he would only organize such an affair if he "could go on stage and announce concrete environmental measures from the American presidential candidates, Congress or major corporations." None of that has happened yet for Al Gore’s July 7 affair. But Live Earth has managed to reunite Spinal Tap, so all can’t be too bad in the world.

Evan Rachel Wood Hates Her Parents

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MansonIf you ever want to feel attracted to someone again, then best to avoid the very not-safe-for-work extended version of Marilyn Manson‘s video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses" here after the jump. According to Radar, a source close to the production crew said that the simulated sex between Manson and his teenage squeeze Evan Rachel Wood (including some very graphic screams on her part) wasn’t so simulated. We know: Ewww. Coming out on top is Manson’s ex-wife, burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese, who had the following, exceedingly well-adjusted statement to make to the press: "I know a lot of people are shocked by it and think I should be shocked but he has put every one of his girlfriends in his videos so it doesn?t come as any surprise to me." None of that, however, can make-up for the part of the video where the two are digging at each other’s faces with their tongues while rolling around in blood. Enjoy, people! It’s just like Carrie, without the satisfying ending.

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Lily Allen: Countdown to Breakdown


Lilyallen5 In one brief MySpace entry, ska-pop princess Lily Allen reignited her war with fellow Brit Amy Winehouse and addressed the pressure she feels to be thin in the body-obsessed entertainment industry. Writing from "a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle," the "Smile" singer tells fans she "spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery, and laser lipo suction." [sic] Allen’s MySpace confessional comes just weeks after cancelling nearly all of her tour dates due to feeling "tired." She has four remaining shows.

Is Lily days away from a full-scale meltdown?

Maddy Buys Lap Dances ?For Research?


Madonna3 Madonna? In a strip club? Buying lap dances? MSNBC is rather breathlessly reporting this latest information about the Material Girl almost as if they expect her to be chaste or something (here?s a hint: when someone puts out an art book called Sex that features photographs of that person having, uh, group sex, chances are she?s at least thought of hiring a stripper or two in her time). Apparently Madonna’s real goal was to audition dancers for a short film. She was also in disguise and drinking coffee! And, as if that weren?t enough, she asked the nubile hopefuls to read a few lines from a script before getting down and dirty. We can only imagine that conversation:

Madonna: Talk dirty to me.
Anonymous peeler: Lady, exactly how bored are you?

Cyndi Lauper: Why’d I Open My Big Mouth?


Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (May 24) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the silliness that goes down when artists are on tour.

Playing outdoor shows can be a blast, but keep your eyes on the skies. Dangerous poop predators are everywhere, and each one is ready to drop a bomb during your big moment. Cyndi recalls an icky incident.

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Rockosphere: Smiths Break Wind, Kids Sing Tori


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The Return of Lauryn Hill


Lauryn_hill_artistphoto Former Fugee and famed recluse Lauryn Hill will play three shows in England this summer, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone. After intermittent rumblings of a Fugees reunion, and the rather disappointing fruits of those rumors, little has been heard from Hill since she released her nearly flawless solo debut The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in 1998. Between her 2002 Unplugged session and a brief stop at Joss Stone‘s Bahamian recording compound this past year to lend some help (and cred), Lauryn’s been all but disappeared. Which is why we’re so excited about her return from artistic exile!

Lauryn’s Return:
07-08 London, England – Apollo Hammersmith
07-09 Birmingham, England – Carling Academy
07-10 Manchester, England – Apollo

KRS the Savior?

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Hip-hop can’t buy a break right now. Thanks to Imus, Al, Oprah, Cam’ron, Tony Yayo and others, rappers have been cast as foul-mouthed philanderers whose only cares are booty, bling, blunts and beef; order of preference being debatable.

So at a time when hip-hop could use a link to its Golden Age, it’s only fitting that KRS-One should grab the mic again. Watch the freestyle above and you’ll see an old-school teacher who doesn’t need to scream about how bad he is. Rather, you’ll see a master lyricist whose flow is only topped by the pure enjoyment he gets from practicing his craft. I mean, an MC that actually smiles while spitting rhymes? It’s sad that that’s a groundbreaking gesture in today’s rap game.

Listen to the title track of KRS’ upcoming album Hip-Hop Lives. Then weigh in: Do new-school MC’s need to re-evaluate where they’re at? Or is doin’ it dirty what rap is all about?

Ben Folds Fight


Folds The normally sedate audience at Boston Pops in Beantown’s Symphony Hall was treated to more than just guest star Ben Folds last night. A fight broke out in the balcony, apparently between one man arguing with another about the volume of his voice. Way to wreck a good time, buddy. Witnesses report hearing a couple of screams, and then seeing the fight go down — which wound up with one guy shirtless. No injuries were reported, although when the altercation went down, the conductor stopped the performance. Also: No word on whether or not the audience started to chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Wonder about violence in America while watching footage here.