The Quotable T-Pain



T-Pain‘s music paints him as something of a player, as he falls in love with strippers and partakes in one-night stands (after buying a girl only one drink!). His home life is actually much different — he’s been married for two years. When asked about how his wife feels about his musical persona, the man sometimes known as Teddy Penderazdoun said this:

"My wife doesn’t mind. All the money goes back to her. And that, she don’t mind at all."

Nice that she can be bought so easily. Love don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling. In addition to the divide between his music and his home life, T-Pain also sees a divide between his music and image — he may sound smooth on record, but in reality, he’s chunky. "I’m not trying to be Mr. Six-Pack," he says. And as this recent shot (source) proves…


…it’s a good thing he’s not. [New York Daily News / Top image credit: Getty]

Rock at the Movies: Idols and Idols


Kat_mcphee__album_cover – The Dylan biopic I’m Not There — starring Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere and Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan (yes, all of them) — gets the Subterranean Homesick Blues treatment with this movie poster.

- "Idol" may not have wanted her for the finale, but Katharine McPhee is ready for her indie close-up. She’s set to star in The Last Caller, and she’ll play a "self-obsessed woman who searches for love, hope and meaning during a few random events with other urban seekers."

- Who gets the biopic treatment twice over? The Candy Man does. Outkast’s Andre 3000 is slated to star as Sammy Davis, Jr. in Sammy and Kim, while Denzel Washington will star in and direct In Black and White.

Brit’s Battle With Men o’ War



Britney Spears took some time out over the weekend during her Mexican beach vacation to warn her fellow sunbathers of an epidemic facing them: Portuguese men ‘o war. A source told People that she approached an older couple and said, "Be careful, there are lots of man o’ war jellyfish washing up on shore, you don’t want to get stung." OK, Grandma Spears. Why not go all out and tell them to put on their jackets so as not to catch cold?

The source adds that Britney was "sweet" and seemed "happy and carefree" on the beach. It’s nice to see that she’s bouncing back after hitting rock bottom. It’s amazing what peeing in the ocean can do to lift spirits! [People / Image credit: Getty]

Actually, It Is How You Play The Game


070515_game_2 It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the Game — or, in this case, how the Game plays you. During a pick-up basketball game in February, the Game (born Jayceon Taylor) got into a fight with a player on the opposing team. Demonstrating good sense and a healthy outlook on conflict resolution, the 27-year-old allegedly punched the offending player and went to his car (red Cadillac Escalade, natch), grabbed a gun and threatened to shoot the dude. Yesterday he was charged with making a criminal threat, possession of a firearm in a school zone and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of an officer. He was not, however, charged with bad taste or wanton display of public dumbness. (He’s not exactly remorseful.) He’s being arraigned today. If convicted, he faces up to five years in the pen.

Tour Survival Guide: Page McConnell



Our Tour Survival Guide checks in with rockers about life on the road. Phish’s Page McConnell is starting a solo tour to celebrate the arrival of his new CD.


One time in Atlanta we were putting together the set list, and as we were writing, it fell in the toilet. And it was a harbinger for some kind of plumbing problem that happened later. It?s a small theatre and a water line broke up near the concession area; ultimately, it came down through the seats and filled up a section near the stage. We had to cancel t he second set because of electricity dangers. As I recall, we sang some a cappella songs. The set list and the set itself were both under water.

Doing interviews on the road is interesting. They can take you anywhere. Recently I did Public Radio in the morning and a local shock jock thing in the afternoon. Before they had me on, they had to tape up the windows of the studio because they had two strippers in there playing a game. They?d take questions over the phone and for every right answer they?d disrobe to another level. It was different than earlier in the day; I?d played a couple songs on a grand piano in a nice studio, being introduced by a guy with a deep voice. It?s funny being out in the public eye again.

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Ciara Sez…



Ciara was recently asked whether she was nervous about making the leap to acting in the upcoming film version of the musical Mama I Want To Sing! This was her response:

"I don’t want to claim the word ‘nervous’ at all. I’m thinking, ‘Ciara’s gonna go in, she’s gonna go hard, she?s gonna challenge herself, she?s gonna knock it out.’"

Who has time to be nervous when you’re that narcissistic. Referring to yourself in the third person? Seriously, CiCi? [AP/MSNBC / Image credit: Getty]


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The Act You’ve Known For All These Years



Is Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band the best Beatles album? Lots of rock fans spent the weekend celebrating the classic disc’s 40th anniversary, and several pundits, took a crack at examining the album’s importance. When Rolling Stone chatted with Paul McCartney about the 1967 opus, he recalled the day of its American release, June 2.   "Everyone you talked to knew about it; you didn’t have to tell anyone, ‘we just put a record out.’ It was pretty cool to have that amount of influence."

Is Sgt. Pepper’s better than Rubber Soul? Better than Revolver? What’s the best song on it?

Ash and Pete Pulling a Nick and Jessica


Pete_2Pop starlet Ashlee Simpson and boyfriend Pete Wentz are bringing their brand of punk lite to the world of music — Wentz and Simpson are collaborating on a track on Simpson’s new album, due out later this year. Simpson is rumored to be working with acts as various as the Cure’s Robert Smith and Timbaland in the hopes of getting a more "soulful" vibe on her third record. The Sisters Simpson are notorious for bringing off-stage collaborations on — could a reality television show and subsequent break-up be far behind for Ash and Pete?

MTV’s Man-Love Make-Out Scene


Last night’s MTV Movie Awards bestowed golden popcorn on Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jack Nicholson, among others. Host Sarah Silverman did her usual iron-fist-velvet-glove routine, especially when joking about Paris Hilton. (Amazingly enough, the heiress turned herself into authorities after the show ended). There were many highlights — like Rihanna‘s fetish gear spin through "Umbrella" and Amy Winehouse rocking "Rehab" — but our favorite was the man-love makeout session between Cohen and his Talladega Nights co-star, Will Ferrell. Enjoy. For all the backstage news and stuff you didn’t see on TV, check the scoop here.