10 Fantasy Music Duets That Would Make Dreams Come True

by (@chrisrosa92)


By Christopher Rosa 

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing two of your favorite singers come together for a duet, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience some pretty fantastic ones. But we still can keep on dreaming, and the possibilities are endless with the amount of incredible artists out there. We decided to play musical matchmaker and dream up 10 collaborations that would make the world cry, rage and end all its problems. And yes, Beyoncé is involved. 

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5 Clean Bandit “Rather Be” Covers You Need To Hear Right Now



“Rather Be” by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne is the perfect song. It starts with a great story about traveling on a path to self-discovery. Then strings start to play as they guide the listener through to the electronic bassline. And finally the piano pounds while Glynne’s vocals deliver the perfect amount of richness and edge. It’s no wonder that this song has been heard on the radio, department stores, hair salons and beyond. Listen to the best covers of “Rather Be” to learn that even the “perfect” song can get even better.
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Fisticuffs, Cricket Bat Attacks And 10 Bands That Came To Blows To Settle Their Differences

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Since Elvis Presley sneered not to mess with his “Blue Suede Shoes,” fighting and rock n’ roll have gone together like whiskey and a beer chaser. The music’s natural tendency towards rebellion and bravado demand almost make it mandatory. Some bands are known for feuding with other musicians, some for getting into fisticuffs with audience members and then there are those who take inter-band squabbles into the physical arena and settling their differences, artistic or otherwise, with their mitts. Read more…

EXCLUSIVE: The Doobie Brothers Discuss Reuniting With Michael McDonald For Southbound

by (@JordanRuntagh)

One of America’s all-time greatest rock bands is taking a trip down south! The Doobie Brothers’ are gearing up for the November 4th release of Southbound, featuring their biggest hits reimagined as collaborations with some of country music’s most popular artists, including Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, and Sara Evans. What’s more, the album sees lead vocalists Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons reunite with long-time Doobie Bro Michael McDonald for the first full record in nearly forty years! Tom, Pat, Michael and multi-instrumentalist John McFee visited VH1 Classic’s On Tap radio studios to discuss the exciting new project, and how McDonald was brought back into the fold.

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Get To Know BANKS: Pop’s Unlikely It Girl


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Riding high on her first headlining tour, BANKS has been hypnotizing audiences with her brooding voice and lyrics ripped from the pages of her enigmatic diary. This singer-songwriter originally from California is a refreshing alternative to today’s manufactured pop figures gunning to stay relevant. Her music is personal and perfectly portrays raw feelings kept in the dark, only surfacing when you recognize someone else could possibly feel as twisted inside as you do. She remains soft spoken in interviews but her songs speak volumes and resonate, like books you want to reread over and over again. Enter BANKS’ world, a whirlwind of feminine strength and dark beauty.

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5 Things You Oughta Know About YOK Alum Tove Lo’s US Tour

by (@alixmarie11)

Let’s get it out of the way right now: it’s pronounced Toe-v Low. The last two days have been HUGE for electropop singer Tove Lo. Not only did she release her debut studio album Queen Of The Clouds on Tuesday, but she also just launched her U.S. Tour last night at Webster Hall in NYC. In association with VH1′s You Oughta Know series, we livestreamed her concert across multiple platforms, but there was no comparison to seeing her live.

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