2012 Grammys

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Adam Lambert Weighs In On Nicki Minaj’s “Exorcism Of Roman” Grammy Performance: “I Was A Little Lost”

We were lucky enough to spend an hour or so with Adam Lambert earlier this week when he swung by our New York City headquarters. We talked to him about a variety of topics, including his new video for “Better Than I Know Myself” and some of the thematic differences you’ll notice between For Your Entertainment and Trespassing, but we also got his thoughts on some recent goings-on in the pop culture world. We’ll be sharing the full interview with you over the coming weeks, but we wanted to get this clip out to the Glambert Nation as soon as it was humanly possible.

Since Adam is no stranger to controversial live television performances (*cough* the 2009 AMAs!!! *cough*), we thought we’d get his opinion on Nicki Minaj’s “Exorcism Of Roman” number from at the Grammys this past weekend. “It was a really intense idea,” he told us. “I was just trying to follow what the narrative was, I was a little lost. But it was interesting and she went for it.”

Lambert continued, “Being an artist, it doesn’t always work, whatever it is that you’re doing. But there’s something to be said about going for it. She has a point of view, and she’s bold, and she wanted to tell a story. I just wasn’t sure the story, but it looked rad.”

We’ll have more from our interview with Adam Lambert for you next week! (PS, only 32 more days until Trespassing comes out!)

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POLL: Should Chris Brown Have Been Allowed To Play At the Grammys?

The Grammys certainly did stir up a healthy amount of controversy this year, didn’t they? We already asked you what you thought of Nicki Minaj‘s strange “The Exorcism Of Roman” stage show, and now we want to know what you think of the whole Chris Brown debacle — because conversation around the issue hasn’t diminished in the slightest since Sunday. We should all be familiar with the back story by now: in 2009, the night before The Grammys, rapper Chris Brown physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna (to which he pleaded guilty in court), forcing both to cancel their planned Grammys performances. Official court documents tell a very chilling tale of what went down between the pair on the night of the assault, and if you have the stomach for it, you can read the gruesome details at MTV News, and if you have an especially strong disposition, you can see the results of those acts at TMZ. Brown was then sentenced to 180 days of labor service, five years probation and attendance at a domestic-abuse program for a year. If you’re any good at math, you’ll notice that the justice system still has Brown on probation.

Controversy arose earlier this year over The Grammys’ decision to allow Brown to take the stage — not once, but twice (!)— to perform at the illustrious awards ceremony. This ruffled more than a few feathers, with women’s groups, activists, and a wide portion of the online community firing into a vitriolic rage. One of the most concise commentaries on the matter from Hello Giggles’ Sasha Pasulka gives a measured bur firm summation. While Pasulka is a proponent of rehabilitation for offenders, she still saw allowing Brown to perform at The Grammys as reductive for victims of a abuse, in a broader, more global sense:

“We – the grown-up influencers in this country, the people with platforms and with educations and with power — are allowing a clear message to be sent to women: We will easily forgive a person who victimizes you. We are able to look beyond the fact that you were treated as less than human, that a bigger, stronger person decided to resolve a conflict with you through violence. We know it happened, but it’s just not that big of a deal to us… We’re accepting the message that women just aren’t that important, that their health and their safety and their self-respect is only important until it stops being convenient for everyone. We should be angry about this, and we should be angry publicly about this.”

Following the Grammys, several high profile celebrities also lashed out at Brown via Twitter, including Miranda Lambert, Bette Midler and Michelle Branch:
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Willie Nelson Sings Coldplay’s “The Scientist” For Chipotle’s Adorable Animated Commerical

Last night’s Grammy Awards were punctuated with some very clever advertising, number one among the canny commercials being Chipotle’s ode to the local farmer, playing out to the tune of Coldplay‘s “The Scientist,” sung by Willie Nelson. The advertisement was one of the top trending Twitter topics during the awards show, and you can see why by watching the video above. Set to a quaint animation, Willie Nelson’s crooning vocal along with the visual gives the love song a whole new import. Speaking to innovation in the livestock industry, the pumping of animals with steroids and the problems with live food production, the commercial paints a somewhat frightening image (despite the cute cartoons) of the future of produce. Supporting locally grown, organic produce, Chipotle really hit a home run with a commercial that seemed to really resonate with the Grammys audience.

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Adele Caps Off A Historic Year By Sweeping The Grammys

In “Rolling In The Deep”, Adele sang “We could have had it all.” Well, at the 2012 Grammy Awards tonight, she did end up having it all — all the awards, that is. The English songbird completed a year of total dominance on the Billboard song and album charts by sweeping the three major categories at this year’s awards: Album of the Year for 21, Song of the Year for “Rolling In The Deep”, and Record of the Year (also for “Rolling In The Deep”). All in all, the 23-year-old took home six Grammys tonight, bringing her career total to eight.

Adele also performed “Rolling In The Deep” in front of a hushed crowd, her first public singing performance since she underwent vocal cord surgery back in 2011. We haven’t seen any video of that performance emerge on the web yet, but we DID see her knock Anderson Cooper‘s socks off with an a Capella performance of her Grammy-winning smash on 60 Minutes earlier tonight. We’ve got that performance for you below.

With her historic “Triple Crown” win tonight, Yahoo Music noted that Adele became only the sixth artist in history to accomplish that feat. Her peers in this exclusive group include Simon & Garfunkel (1971), Carole King (1972), Christopher Cross (1981), Eric Clapton (1993) and the Dixie Chicks (2007).

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More on the 2012 Grammy Awards below!

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Kanye West, Skrillex Tied For Early Lead With Three Grammys Apiece

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards won’t be televised until 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight, but just because CBS hasn’t turned their cameras yet doesn’t mean that the festivities haven’t already gotten underway. A handful of awards have already been given away this evening at the Pre-Telecast Grammy ceremony, and the evening’s big winners so far include controversial rap genius Kanye West and the electronic dubstep artist Skrillex.

Ye has pocketed three Grammys thus far, winning Best Rap Album for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (where it topped his collaboration with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne) and Best Rap Collaboration and Best Rap Song for that album’s single “All of the Lights.” The ultra buzzy DJ Skrillex has taken home three awards, too (Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Dance Recording, and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical). This early trifecta of trophies bodes well for his chances to pull an upset in the Best New Artist category later tonight, and he just posted this inspirational tweet to his official @skrillex account.

Other winners so far tonight include Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse, Foo Fighters and Betty White. (Yes, that Betty White.)

For live Grammy commentary all night, be sure and follow us on Twitter at @vh1music!

Skrillex, Kanye West, Foo Fighters Among Pre-Telecast Grammy Winners [Billboard]

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Shearer’s Spotlight: Three Surprises To Look Out For At The Grammys

Each week here on VH1 Tuner, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer’s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown tomorrow morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Jim Shearer

As I peer into my crystal ball, here are three surprises to look out for at the Grammy Awards this Sunday night:

1. Nicki Minaj Won’t Win Best New Artist
Does she deserve it? Probably, but voters are prone to give the award to an act they think of as a potential career artist, more so than what they deem as a current mainstream phenomenon. Look for The Band Perry to win.

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The VH1 Tuner Podcast, Episode 4: The Fray & Village Voice Music Editor Maura Johnston

The Fray‘s new album, Scars & Stories, just hit stores on Tuesday and is already flying off the shelves. Early projections have the band selling 90,000 to 100,000 copies of their third studio album, which should land them in the Top 5 of the Billboard charts next week. The guys were in our office earlier this week, where they performed “Heartbeats” on Big Morning Buzz Live. Our own Jim Shearer, host of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, was able to grab some time with them for the latest episode of the VH1 Tuner Podcast, where they discussed a myriad of topics ranging from Yo Gabba Gabba to U2 to, um, shrinkage. (Thankfully for all parties involved, these were all separate incidents.)

Also, as a special bonus, Jim and Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston (@maura on Twitter) conclude the podcast by discussing some of the big storylines at this year’s 2012 Grammy Awards.

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Curious About This Year’s Grammy Nominees? Join Popdust’s Listening Party!

Our friends over at Popdust came up with a fairly ingenious (if also a wee bit insane) way to educate themselves with the contenders for this year’s Grammy Awards. Since 10 a.m. this morning, they have been hosting a Grammy Listening Marathon, during which they have been playing all 108 of the songs that have been nominated for Grammys this year in alphabetical order. VH1’s own Carrie Keagan, host of Big Morning Buzz Live, is joining their conversation from 4-5 p.m. today, as should you! (As of 4 p.m., they’re at the “R” section of the alphabet.)

Below, you can find a USTREAM player so you can listen to the songs, as well as a way to join in on the chatting festivities. Enjoy!
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VH1 You Oughta Know Artists Score 22 Grammy Nominations

We hate to say we told you so, but… we told you so! All year we’ve been bringing you the best new music so you can stay aurally informed, and if you’ve been doing your homework and keeping abreast of the hottest new acts with us, you’ll notice more than a few of our amazing You Oughta Know artists on the 2012 Grammy Nominees list. We made our predictions for nominees for Song of the Year and Record of the Year, Best New Artist, and Album of the Year yesterday, and now we’re pretty excited to see some of the artists that we’ve introduced to you succeeding so decisively in their different genres. Here’s a little recap of the members of the VH1 family that were awarded Grammy nominations last night:

As we predicted, Adele was a shoo-in for a fistful of nominations, given that her fandom is almost universal and that she’s widely regarded by the industry as seminal in the singer/songwriter field. “Rolling In The Deep” scored nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Short Form Music Video, while “Someone Like You” was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance. Adele’s album, 21, was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. You can check out Adele exclusively answering 5 intimate questions for VH1’s You Oughta Know here.

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Common Calls Kanye A Genius, Wants To Work With Mumford And Sons

Talking to Common is like being sucked into a sexy, soulful vortex filled with sensitive, meaningful eye contact and Miles Davis shout outs. Really, this man is a creative god with out of this world good looks and a voice so deep it could hold all the creatures of the ocean inside it. Er, we’re not sure what that means either. It’s late. We hung out at the Grammy Nominations Concert all night. We talked to Common. Can you blame us for having a melty brain?

Gushing aside, Common’s an underground icon in the hip-hop community who performed “The Message” last night in a tribute to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. We wanted to know which nominated artists got under his skin and into his iPod. He name checked some of our faves – calling his pal Kanye West a “genius” and confessing that he’d like to collaborate with British folk hipsters Mumford & Sons. They’re featured on his new AMC show Hell On Wheels and he’s now a big fan. Common’s got an album coming out later this year – maybe there’s still time to get them on board?