2012 Summer Olympics

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The Top 29 British Musical Acts That Got Snubbed During The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Summer Olympics officially kicked off with an opening ceremony conceived by the Academy Award winning British film director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire,
Trainspotting, 28 Days Later). One of the sections of tonight’s broadcast bore the unusual name Frankie And June Say Thanks Tim, a love story that contained what NBC’s Matt Lauer described as “a tribute to the best British musical acts of the last 40 years.” Well, although Boyle and his musical supervisors managed to include a decent selection of bands that could be considered canon-worthy, we’d like to call your attention to this (quite undefinitive!) list of 29 highly respected bands that got royally snubbed (in alpha order*):

Black Sabbath
Culture Club
The Cure
Def Leppard
Depeche Mode
Dire Straits
Duran Duran
Elton John (!!!)
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Last Lap: The US Olympic Swim Team Performs Their Own Lip Dub Of “Call Me Maybe”

We’re not exactly sure where this picture of Axl Rose wearing a Missoni robe came from, or who his galpal is, but one thing we are sure of is that this picture sort of gives us the creeps. [Dangerous Minds]

Your favorite US Olympian swimmers (Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, etc.) are the latest squad of athletes to go cray for Carly Rae Jepsen (who, we should point out, is Canadian). We’ll overlook their lack of patriotism this time around. [Vulture]

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Muse’s “Survival” Named The Theme Song For The 2012 Summer Olympics

And the winner of the Official Song of the 2012 London Olympics is … British prog-rock trio Muse! Their new song, “Survivor,” will be played during sports sessions, as athletes enter stadiums, and before medal ceremonies. So, basically, all the time. They won’t get a medal for this big score, but they can rest assured that you, Olympic viewers, will have their song stuck on loop in your head between the opening ceremony on July 27th and the closing ceremony on August 12th.

According to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, the song was written with the games in mind and is intended to “express a sense of conviction and determination to win.” It was scheduled to make its official radio debut tonight on BBC Radio tonight, but Warner Bros released the song on their official Soundcloud page today. Muse is also set to release their next album, The 2nd Law, in September. You can check out the dramatic preview for that album here.

Elsewhere, a list of songs Danny Boyle plans to use in the opening ceremony has leaked and it includes everything from Adele to Tinie Tempah to the Sex Pistols‘ anti-monarchist song “God Save the Queen.” A bit of punk, a bit of prog — let the games begin!

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