2012 Video Music Awards

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“I’m Telling You, I’m Telling You:” Taylor Swift Debuts As A Pop Star At The VMAs

No more is the timid girl from a Christmas tree farm with a big voice, hiding behind a guitar and country guise. Rather, behold Taylor Swift, the pop star, who closed last night’s MTV Video Music Awards with a big and choreographed performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Big live shows like this have never been Taylor’s forte, her songwriting being far stronger than her singing, and so she’s created scenes — the “You Belong with Me” subway crawl, the this-one’s-for-you-Kanye but also Little House on the Prairie inspired “Innocent” — in which she might star for each of her VMA performances past. This year, though, she was the scene. There was stomping and hair flipping, a choreographed routine and dashing male backup dancers, an extra-fitted pair of short shorts; and all was befitting of the high-impact and empowered pop song she chose to perform. And more so, the pop star she is evolving into. Read more…

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Rihanna Kicks Off The VMAs, Gets Her Butt Grabbed By A$AP Rocky

The 2012 Video Music Awards got off to a rip roaring start tonight courtesy of the smoldering talent that is Rihanna. Sporting a crimson red outfit and a super chic new pixy ‘do, she performed a medley of new remix of her song “Cockiness” (featuring A$AP Rocky) that our friends over at MTV premiered earlier this week) and “We Found Love” like a BOSS.

“Cockiness” —the hook of which features a sample by none other than Greg Kinnear (!!!)— is one of the raciest tracks on Talk That Talk, an album we described when it was released as “the dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica.” The chorus of “Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion” was liberally bleeped by the MTV censors, but one thing that MTV did not get around to blurring out was the moment when A$AP Rocky grabbed a handful of RiRi’s heinie. And when we say handful, we mean a HANDFUL.

a$ap won ... on Twitpic

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5 Things To Watch For At Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards

With only a hours left until showtime, we’ve got our seat chosen and snacks purchased and and watched everyone of the nominated videos, so all that’s left to do now is wait and see who Rihanna pulls from the pile first when Chris Brown and Drake get in a big fight. Though their attendance has been much buzzed about, this hopefully won’t happen. And anyways, the schedule of events has so much more to offer: a slew of high-profile performers, many Moonmen to be won, and, as always, moments to be made. There’s going to be a lot to take in, so we’ve come-up with a plan of action and here are the five things we are most excited to watch for tonight: Read more…

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The Wanted, PSY, John Mayer And Walk The Moon Rock MTV’s Pre-VMA Party

Excitement turned way up in anticipation of tonight’s big show, things got a little wild at MTV’s pre-VMA bash last night. The evening was headlined by notoriously hard-partying Justin Bieber pals The Wanted, who surprised the crowd by inviting fellow Scoot Braun signee PSY onstage for a little “Gangnam Style” action. Afterwards, the boys took the occasion of band member Max George‘s birthday as an opportunity to shove a cake in his face at the end of their set. Glad you came? Read more…