2013 Oscars

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Dreamgirls Will Never Leave You, But Are Beyoncé And Jennifer Hudson Performing At The Academy Awards? Maybe!

Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson Oscars Movie Musical Tribute

We thought we were lucky simply by having a chance to watch the superwoman that is Adele return to the stage, trading high-fives with 007 and making other nominees cringe at their own acceptance speeches. The Academy Awards is typically Hollywood’s night, showering films and their respective performers with love and a 360 GlamCam, but more recently, music has been finding a way in to the big show more and more.

Part of that trend is the Academy’s planned tribute to the movie musical (amazing, amazing idea) which will take place at this year’s show on Sunday, February 24 (ugh, not soon enough!). Despite the rich canon of excellent examples–do everyone a favor and rid your mind of Nine and Rent–the focus will fall largely on recent screen adaptations. So don’t expect Hugh Jackman to launch into “Trouble,” although I am willing to lend this idea to a casting record for a price to be determined later.

Films like Chicago and Dreamgirls will be featured in the tribute, as well as one of this year’s big contenders, Les Misérables. The former arguably brought the genre–barreling–into the 21st century, while Dreamgirls put Beyoncé on the big screen and made us forget Jennifer Hudson was an American Idol reject–still hard to believe after this. Yes, Harold Hill may have to wait, but if you’ve dreamed a dream that Wolverine and Queen Bey might one day share the stage, you could be in luck.

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Adele Is Going To Make The “Skyfall” With A Comeback Performance At The Oscars

Certainly you haven’t forgotten about the soulful British chanteuse who owned 2012 with her diamond-selling 21. Adele‘s 19 followed by 21 were all about heartbreak. There was nothing for the make-us-cry-with-emotion singer to write or sing about after falling madly in love with Simon Konecki. After the 2012 Grammys she took a hiatus from music to do things rich people in love do– having a baby whose name she won’t reveal yet (more on that in a bit). As she slowly creeps back into music with the James Bond 007 theme song “Skyfall” her presence has been requested for an Oscars performance to which she’s happily obliged. Read more…

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The Thought of Adele Performing At The Oscars Leaves Us Shaken, Stirred, Excited

Will Adele Perform Skyfall At 2013 Oscars?

Adele has a way of stealing the show, so you can’t blame us for hoping she pops up at just about any high-profile Hollywood event. With the latest James Bond musical theme coming at the voice of Ms. Adkins, many are wondering whether or not her she will make her long-awaited return to live performing at the 2013 Academy Awards next month.

According to BBC News, the Academy is planning a tribute to the Bond films, which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012. With musical themes from Tina Turner to Madonna, Adele is the most recent addition to a storied franchise, yet arguably the largest prime-time draw for both music fans and Oscar lovers. Details on the 007 celebration are scant, but another element that could make her appearance more enticing is the fact that she hasn’t performed, let alone really been seen, since the birth of her son last fall–a child we are choosing to call “Alistair” until his true name is released to the public. The February 24 show stands to be her biggest live performance (televised, in a room full of fabulous folks) since the 2012 Grammy Awards, when she assured us that her smashing voice was just fine, thank you very much.

If you are the betting type, you might want to strongly consider placing a call to your friendly neighborhood bookie this morning and place a firm bet on this rumor becoming a reality. After all, “Skyfall” grabbed a nomination for Best Song when the 2013 Academy Award nominations were announced in front of a room full of bleary-eyed West Coast journalists this morning.

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