50 Cent: The Origin of Me

by (@unclegrambo)

50 Cent Explores His Slave-Era Ancestry In 50 Cent: The Origin of Me

On Monday night, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, VH1 will be proud to present the television premiere of a brand new documentary film, 50 Cent: The Origin of Me. In the film, 50 Cent and a team of filmmakers take a trek from his hometown of New York City all the way down to the rural, small town of Edgefield, South Carolina, to explore 50’s ancestral heritage. In a story published on VanityFair.com, writer David Kamp posed a question to 50 that, at its heart, is integral in helping all of us understand the culture of violence that permeates our society: “Could it be possible that Edgefield?s violent code of honor had hopped cultural and geographical boundaries?first from masters to slaves, and then from southern freedmen to northern gangstas?”

This question, it seems, infuriated 50 so much that he asked for the cameras to be turned off, but not before replying, “I don?t necessarily see a connection between stuff that happened 200 years ago in Edgefield and stuff that happened to me on the south side of Jamaica, Queens. Some people just choose to be bad.”

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