Rihanna Is Bringing A Plane Full Of Journalists And Superfans Along With Her On 777 World Tour (And We’re Totally Going)

By Pegah Rashti (@PegahRashti)

We know Rihanna is full of surprises, but this just made our day, scratch that, OUR YEAR. The Bajan princess is set to embark on her 777 Tour to perform seven shows in seven countries in seven days, just in time for the release of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, out November 19.

And the surprise part? The pop star has invited a group of superfans from her Rihanna Navy and 150 journalists (us!) from 82 countries to join her on a Boeing 777 Twin-jet (get it?) to travel to each show. Oh yeah, did we mention that WE’RE GOING???

That’s right folks, we’ll be there every step (er, flight) of the way giving you behind-the-scenes updates of it all. And hey: If we could pack you in our suitcase, we totes would.

Details of when and how to purchase 777 tickets to hang out with us along the way are yet to come. In the meantime, if you’re anything like us and need your Rihanna-fix ASAP, two limited edition deluxe box sets are available for pre-sale on RihannaNow.com.