A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary

by (@zaragolden)

Train’s A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary Version Of “Joy To The World” Is All We Want For Christmas

Like Santa down a chimney, A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary album dropped last month and it was like Christmas come early. The double-disc, sixteen song compilation has all our favorite acts — Jewel, Michael Bublé, Jordin Sparks, OneRepublic, Jason Mraz, Christina Aguilera, for just a few — singing all the classic Christmas carols, but sounding all the more angelic because proceeds from the album go to the Special Olympics. So basically, if you’re not watching these 5 off-beat holiday videos, you should probably be listening to this Very Special compilation.

Train‘s contribution, a rock-infused rendition of “Joy To The World,” shows off everything that’s fun about the collections. The video inter-cuts footage of the band hard at work in the studio, scenes from the Special Olympics and festive Christmastime imagery. And Train interweave their “Calling All Angels” seamlessly into their otherwise faithful interpretation of the holiday season classic, giving good (not that you should need one) reason for adding yet another version of this song to the collection.

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