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Justin Bieber Celebrates Six Years On YouTube: What Have You Done With Your Life Since Then?

Beliebers. Bieber Fever. #StayStrongForJustin. It’s hard to think about our current, crazy pop culture landscape without mention of the 18-year-old, saggy pants-wearing Canadian who not only fuels our rumor mill but lands coveted entertainment gigs. But no too long ago, there was a time when Justin Bieber was just a boy with a guitar, standing in front of a camera, asking us to love him. Today marks the six-year anniversary of Bieber on YouTube, the place where he first adopted the pseudonym of  kidrauhl and changed the way aspiring acts market their talents forever. To celebrate–and once again self-promote–the Bieb is pimping a new acoustic take on one of his personal favorites (“Take You”) from last year’s Believe.

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Coldplay and Rihanna Go Bare For Acoustic Version of “Princess of China”

Coldplay and Rihanna have unveiled this acoustic version of their recent collaboration “Princess Of China” that will feature on the single’s digital EP. The fourth single off of Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, “Princess of China” at first seemed like an unlikely collaboration between rock and pop stars, making sense only as a meeting of the giants (and members of Jay-Z’s inner circle). Bare of the bombast and electronic of the original, this version makes room for the its real Princess and the King, Rihanna and Chris Martin

This acoustic cut strips the song of its arena-ready thump and slows the tempo down, keeping only the guitar line. And it kind of works! Mostly because they finally sound like they are singing in the same room, and like they are heart broken by the fairytale break-up they are singing about. Whereas lines like “You’re holding in your hands to halves of my heart” sound a bit corny when washed in the synths of the original, they seem to bear more emotional gravity here. Rihanna’s “ooh ooh”s become “la la”s, and you can almost hear pain in her voice when she sings “You really hurt me” on the hook.

Have a listen above. What do you think of this new version?

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