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The Top 9 Unexpected Endorsements From Music Stars

You know you’ve made it when the major dough starts rolling in for endorsement deals. Ask Beyonce about that $50 million Pepsi deal or 50 Cent‘s partnership with Vitamin Water (which netted him somewhere between $60-$100 milli). Taylor Swift didn’t let the ink dry before announcing, via video, her new venture with Diet Coke. It’s unclear how much Taylor made from this collaboration, but it’s T. Swift. She’s definitely not accepting chump change. In honor of Taylor being the newest addition to #teamCoke, we present the most unexpected and/or outrageous musician endorsements. Read more…

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It’s 2013 And Psy Isn’t Going Anywhere: “Gangnam Style” Star Lands Super Bowl Commerical

Psy Super Bowl Commercial

The main players may not be set yet, but planning surrounding Super Bowl XLVII continues to come together. We already know that Beyoncé is performing what will likely be a historic, monumental, fabulous halftime show, the likes of which Rick Ross‘ vocabulary has never described, but which personalities–the soon-to-be star, or fringe types–will reproduce Eddie Money-type greatness in between plays? One of the first reports of commercials set to air during the big game is a 30-second commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. The project is a pair of first for both the snack company and the South Korean star, who reportedly completely filming in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

Whether or not his fleeting presence in the ad will help sell additional packages of nuts has yet to be seen.

Gangnam Style’s Psy Just Filmed A Super Bowl Ad [Business Insider]

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Who’s Got 2 Tickets To Paradise? Eddie Money, That’s Who!

The surprise star of the NFL playoffs this weekend was not, as many analysts predicted, one of the many talented rookie quarterbacks (Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson) who led their teams into battle. Rather, it was classic rock veteran Eddie Money, who both delighted and confounded #couchgating aficionados when he repeatedly popped up on television screens nationwide as the star of a brand new GEICO commercial.

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Money, the Brooklyn-born rocker who is no stranger to comebacks. He first made his name in the late 70s with his eponymous debut album, which contained the hit singles “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets To Paradise.” The latter only reached #22 on the Billboard Hot 100, but has been in rotation on classic rock radio since the format was invented in the Eighties. Money disappeared for most of the early 1980s, but made a solid comeback in 1986 with Can’t Hold Back, which contained the biggest hit of Money’s career, “Take Me Home Tonight,” his duet with Ronnie Spector. He hasn’t had a Top 40 hit since the dawn of the 90s, but Money continues to be a constant fixture on the concert circuit each and every summer.
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Pitbull Is At The Forefront Of A New Wave Of Celebrity Endorsement Deals

In his video for his summer smash “Give Me Everything,” Pitbull isn’t shy with his endorsements. In particular, Voli Vodka makes a number of appearances: at the beginning of the video, with Pitbull pouring himself a glass, unashamedly brandishing the label towards the camera, while a very sexy lady, equipped with a red dress and sly grin, reclines next to him, and later, when the drink appears in a party scene at a bar laden with the bottles (it appears to be the only drink available at this particular club) and more good looking ladies. Even the least marketing savvy viewers likely recognize that Pitbull was paid to endorse Voli Vodka, but what’s actually surprising is that Pitbull is not just a celebrity cashing a one-time check; he actually owns a stake of the company.

This weekend’s Los Angeles Times, the paper took a look at this growing trend. It’s not just Pitbull following in the footsteps of Entourage‘s Vinnie Chase, it’s also big names like Diddy (Ciroc vodka), Ludacris (Conjure cognac), Justin Timberlake (901 Tequila) becoming multi-hyphenate marketing magnets. Now, obviously, it’s beneficial to pair an influential celebrity and a brand together in order to promote a product and make sales. And with an increasing number of performers partnering with brands and even developing their own products, now the artist has even more to gain than a one-time payment for product placement. Music and product sales, it seems, are being increasingly intertwined, and the repercussions of this are not only becoming glaringly apparent, they’re painfully obvious in a “water is wet” sort of way. But haven’t we always seen the conflation of art and commerce? From the clothes artists wear to the very precise ways in which they are positioned to align with certain values is often engineered towards brand promotion — albeit more subtly than in Pitbull’s latest foray.

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M83’s “Midnight City” Sees The Victoria’s Secret Angels Come Out To Play

M83‘s new album, Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, has been one of the most talked about releases of 2011, and has launched the band from cult indie-electro status to “next big thing” stature. And the first single from the album, “Midnight City”, appears to be the culprit behind M83’s sudden pervasiveness. As the soundtrack to Victoria’s Secret‘s latest launch — the landing of the newest Angels in tandem with the release of the brand’s new fragrance — “Midnight City” has blasted out of it’s alternative niche and right into the hungry ears of mainstream audiences.

And the buck doesn’t stop there — “Midnight City” was also featured as the credits rolled on Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s How To Make It In America. It’s not entirely surprising that M83’s star has risen so quickly, given the band’s brand of uplifting, huge, reverberating sounds. The music is almost made to play over grand montages of sweeping movements, slow motion running and whimsical moments. We’re expecting to see more M83 blasting over vast, panning cameras and epic movie style drama very soon!

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Bruno Mars And Phil Lawrence Shill For PopChips, Adorably, With “Love Gone Sour”

Bruno Mars and songwriting collaborator Phil Lawrence sing a slow jam for Sour Cream & Onion PopChips in an ad either shot backstage at a venue, or designed to look like it was. The uploaders missed the first lesson of viral advertising: don’t let viewers know it’s an ad (the handle “popchipsfans” is kind of a dead giveaway)?but we’re big enough Weird Al fans that we’ll watch pretty much any joke video about food, even if its chorus happens to be “Sour cream & onion, I love the way you taste/ Sour cream & onion, I want you all over my face.” If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What if Boyz II Men were singing about making love to snack food?”, then this clip is definitely for you.

Bruno Mars Serenades His ‘Greatest Love': Watch [Billboard]

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