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Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar And The Lonely Island Encourage Us To Only Live Once The Responsible Way

He wasn’t pulling double duty like Bruno Mars did back in October–or like Justin Bieber will do in just two week’s time–but there was still plenty of opportunity forĀ Adam Levine to show off what his day job is like during his first Saturday Night Live hosting gig. He’s been stretching his acting muscles in recent months, but Levine stuck to his musical roots just enough to bust out a catchy hook and taking part in the formation of a brand-new beef, the latter taking place when Pat Monahan of Train (Taran Killam) steps to his own Maroon 5. Employing one of our necessary rules for successful hosting, Levine was not above mocking his own group, and the bands squared off in a battle of harmless guitar riffs and lady-killing stares while the likes of Jason Mraz (Jason Sudeikis) and John Mayer (Bill Hader) looked on.

But the night was not complete without the return of the digital short and the Lonely Island, whom we miss now more than ever. Levine joined Andy Samberg (welcome back!), Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer to hold court along the famous Grease raceway, reminding us that yes, we only live once, and we probably shouldn’t take that for granted with stupid stunts that will make us momentarily Internet-famous.

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Watch Jack White Looking Slightly Uncomfortable Next To Lindsay Lohan In The New SNL Promo

Maybe Jack White always looks this uncomfortable, or maybe not, we don’t know the man personally. All we know is that regardless of his regular stance, the charismatic musician seems somewhat perturbed in this new promo for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. White, who is set to appear on the show as a musical guest, spends almost the entire promo next to host Lindsay Lohan and funny man Andy Samberg with his arms folded in front of his body. Add to that a few sideways glances, the hint of an eye roll and the unenthusiastic exasperation with which he delivers his lines and it seems like he’d prefer to be anywhere but there. And let’s not mention that he seems to lean nervously away every time Lindsay gets close to him — or is that just our over active imaginations? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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