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Kanye West Might Be Teaming Up With Angry Birds For… Angry Yeezy?

Kanye West has reportedly met with the creators of Angry Birds to talk about… Angry Yeezy? Apparently the most popular video game of all time and the most famous artiste of all time (yeah, we wouldn’t argue. Just go with it), sat down in London last night to have a chin-wag about how they could possibly collaborate in the future. And now we’re wondering what in heaven’s name could be happening that could bring the two forces together. A Kanye West mini game? Will it be “Blame Game,” where the objective is to attribute guilt in a Cluedo style mystery? Or maybe “Gold Digger,” where you aim to extort as much money from your opponents as possible? Will it be a simple music making game, where you play off against others in real time, acting as a savvy way for Kanye to identify new talent? Or will it be a mash up of Angry Birds and Ye — we’re just imagining Kanye’s face soaring across an animated screen, annihilating little green pigs while “Runaway” plays as the soundtrack.

Kanye West Working With ‘Angry Birds’ Creators? [Prefix]

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by (@kat_george)

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