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The Thought of Adele Performing At The Oscars Leaves Us Shaken, Stirred, Excited

Will Adele Perform Skyfall At 2013 Oscars?

Adele has a way of stealing the show, so you can’t blame us for hoping she pops up at just about any high-profile Hollywood event. With the latest James Bond musical theme coming at the voice of Ms. Adkins, many are wondering whether or not her she will make her long-awaited return to live performing at the 2013 Academy Awards next month.

According to BBC News, the Academy is planning a tribute to the Bond films, which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012. With musical themes from Tina Turner to Madonna, Adele is the most recent addition to a storied franchise, yet arguably the largest prime-time draw for both music fans and Oscar lovers. Details on the 007 celebration are scant, but another element that could make her appearance more enticing is the fact that she hasn’t performed, let alone really been seen, since the birth of her son last fall–a child we are choosing to call “Alistair” until his true name is released to the public. The February 24 show stands to be her biggest live performance (televised, in a room full of fabulous folks) since the 2012 Grammy Awards, when she assured us that her smashing voice was just fine, thank you very much.

If you are the betting type, you might want to strongly consider placing a call to your friendly neighborhood bookie this morning and place a firm bet on this rumor becoming a reality. After all, “Skyfall” grabbed a nomination for Best Song when the 2013 Academy Award nominations were announced in front of a room full of bleary-eyed West Coast journalists this morning.

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