Bad Ideas

by (@zaragolden)

Drake and Chris Brown Get Offered A Million Dollars Each To Take Their Beef To The Boxing Ring

Drake and Chris Brown’s bottle brawl is the bar fight that just won’t quit. Now, we see exactly what the narrative might be worth: Celebrity Boxing has gone ahead and offered the offending parties $1 million a piece to literally duke it out at L.A.’s Staples Center on August 25th. The fight’s potential organizer, Damon Feldman, says that Celebrity Boxing has organized 55 matches like this — think Danny Bonaduce vs. Jose Canseco, think Rodney King vs. a random cop — and he promises that “this would be the most interesting of all.” And as a cherry on top, he’s offered a portion of the proceeds to a charity that supports abuse victims. Yikes.

So, you know, should the two rap stars so choose, there is a venue, a financier, and a charitable motive ready to make this fight happen. So will it (happen, that is)?

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