Ball Drop

by (@kat_george)

Lady Gaga Is Dropping The Ball (Literally, Not Figuratively) At Times Square For New Year’s Eve

It has been revealed that New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has selected Lady Gaga to be the official “ball dropper” at this weekend’s New Year’s Eve festivities at Times Square. We’re excited for Gaga to have been given the famed officious role, but more excited to see if Bloomberg gets down to “Born This Way.” The selection seems pertinent given Mother Monster’s vocal stance on LGBT rights this year, and New York’s landmark decision to legalise gay marriage — so Lady Gaga isn’t just a LGBT icon anymore, she’s a symbol of New York City, one of the town’s biggest personalities. Gaga won’t only press the ball dropping button to signal midnight, she’s going to perform on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, so get ready for some truly weird and wonderful party vibes. We wonder what manner of couture the Lady will be garbed in, and whether she’ll go all out and make it NYE or New York themed.

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