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Nelly Compares Miley To Madonna: ‘She’s Not Hurting Nobody’


Leave Miley alone! So says her Bangerz collaborator, multiplatinum hip hop heavyweight Nelly. Naked antics aside (see here, here and here) Miley has been getting flack for the risqué promotion of her equally tongue-in-cheek titled album. But for every detractor, Miley’s had an army of industry A-listers defending her legitimacy as a singer and genius hot mess marketing strategy. Among them is Nelly who lays down a verse on “4×4″ on the new record. So why has Nelly joined The Movement and cosigned Miley as “dope”? And did he just call her Madonna?

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True Life: I’m Miley Cyrus’ Tongue


Being a part of Miley Cyrus‘ world sounds like a dream come true for most. But it’s not always cracked up to be when you become the center of attention just for being the singer’s most famous muscle: her tongue. has the exclusive account of Miley’s tongue’s journey from obscurity to fame and the controversy that comes with it. It’s been one crazy summer for her tongue.

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5 Non-Hip-Hop Artists Who Are Obsessed With Hip-Hop


As musical genres continue to blur, everyone listens to everyone. It’s why Jay Z told Miley Cyrus to keep twerking and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend listens to A$AP Ferg. According to Pharrell, Miley is a “byproduct of America,” raised in an era where “hip-hop is king.” So it’s only natural that she, as well as many of her peers, are venturing outside of their musical molds, ready to experiment with new sounds.
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