Bawse Of The Year 2012


GQ Solidifies Its Love Fest With Rick Ross By Naming Him The Bawse Of The Year

GQ Names Rick Ross The Bawse Of The Year

Rick Ross is the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far. But you knew that already because he’s only been grunting it since ’07. To validate his self-proclaimed admiration of himself, GQ has named the Miami rapper the Bawse of the Year 2012. For your viewing pleasure his coveted title includes a very special (by special we’re really blowing smoke, but stay with us, people!) shirtless photo of the Head Boss In Charge draped in mink. Let us not forget he’s flipping the bird to all, while hiding half of his face under his mink. It’s like he’s saying, “F you, you peons! My mink has more swag. Uhhhhh.” Well alright then, bawse man. Read more…