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American Idol Premiere: The Real Competition Lies Between Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj

Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj at American Idol Premiere

The “beef” between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj that’s been brewing promoted for months wasted no time getting started on Wednesday night’s premiere episode of American Idol. With auditions that began in New York City, both native New Yorkers (hailing from Huntington, Long Island and Jamaica, Queens, respectively) fiercely competed to prove who had more of a reason to sit behind the judges table, and who was more worthy of a network television paycheck.

For every time a contestant gushed about listening to Mariah through his or her childhood and dreaming of one day being able to replicate her five-0ctave range (with good reason), Nicki made sure to assure the next, completely hopeless hopeful that they, too are a star–they’re just not right for this competition. It was an outer battle to be the kindest and funniest judge, as well as the truest Big Apple resident. Queens and Long Island have had a turf war for years, so we guess this makes sense. While Nicki surprised me with her thoughtful and straightforward assessments, she did overuse pet names like “darling” and “sweetheart,” making things a little bit more about her when she could, while Mariah was cool with keeping a slight distance between her and the contestants.  Five Grammys have given her that right. But does it make her a Mean Girl?

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The Black Keys Escalate Their War Against Spotify, Label Sean Parker As An “A-Hole”

The Black Keys aren’t your boring, middle-of-the-road rock stars, not by a long stretch. Their new album, El Camino, debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts when it was released in December, making them arguably THE biggest rock band in the United States after 10 years of toiling in indie semi-obscurity and earning themselves a headlining spot at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival. They’ve also proven to be unafraid of courting controversy, whether by blaming Nickleback for the demise of rock music or by being the most vocal detractor of the game-changing music streaming service, Spotify. Regarding the latter, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney recently lit into Spotify board member Sean Parker for making his fortune on the backs of hard-working musicians during an online rant.

“Because [Spotify board member and Napster co-founder Sean Parker is] an asshole. That guy has $2 billion that he made from figuring out ways to steal royalties from artists, and that’s the bottom line. You can’t really trust anybody like that. The idea of a streaming service, like Netflix for music, I’m totally not against it. It’s just we won’t put all of our music on it until there are enough subscribers for it to make sense.”


During a panel discussion at SXSW, Sean Parker —whose exploits will be profiled in the upcoming VH1 Rock Doc Downloaded— caused some waves when he told audience members that “There’s definitely some sort of dissent brewing between record labels, publishing companies and artists [about the compensation they get from streaming services] … Spotify is returning a HUGE amount of money [to the record labels]. If we continue growing at our current rate in terms of subscriptions and downloads, we’ll overtake iTunes in terms of contributions to the recorded music business in under two years.”

So, who to believe? Are you on #TEAMKEYS because you feel that you should always purchase the music of bands that you support? Or are you on #TEAMPARKER because you feel that non-pirated music should be more easily accessible to everyone? To find out the opinions that bands like Train, The Shins, Fun. and more have on Spotify, watch the video we just shot of them answering this very question down at the 2012 SXSW Music Festival earlier this month!
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Madonna Bashed By Deadmau5 For Drug Reference

One would think that a world-famous DJ who wears a Mickey Mouse hat and spins electronic music against a backdrop of psychedelic lights would not object to a pop star like Madonna making a drug reference. With Deadmau5, not the case. Making a surprise appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival on Saturday to introduce the ultra-hot Swedish DJ Avicii, Madge asked the audience: “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” Molly is a slang term for MDMA (found in ecstasy). The crowd cheered while Deadmau5 took to his Facebook page:

HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???” such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra. quite the f’n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! f*cking cant smack my head hard enough right now.

It seems to us that Deadmau5 has as much of a problem with Madonna trying to be hip by referencing ecstasy as he does with the reference itself. Madge, of course, has a long history of stoking controversy at just the right moment, and she does have an album to promote, MDNA — short for Madonna or a drug reference or both?

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Beef Alert! The Black Keys Are Sorry But Not Sorry For Their Nickelback Diss

It’s a week of diss-repealing; after Katy Perry vehemently denied dissing Beyonce and Shakira, The Black Keys have jumped on the bandwagon to sort-of-but-not-really apologize to Nickelback for dissing them earlier this year. Keys drummer Patrick Carney controversially, and now famously, said of Nickelback, “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world,” but now he’s a little bit sorry about his harsh words, but not really. Carney has now said he, “Didn’t mean to single [Nickelback] out. It just came out,” but added a disclaimer, “There’s much worse bands than Nickelback, maybe.” Worst. Apology. Ever. Come on Keys — time to cure that foot-in-mouth disease, we think!

The Black Keys Are Sorry But Not Really Sorry for That Nickelback Dis [Vulture]

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Katy Perry Denies Dissing Beyonce And Shakira’s “Beautiful Liar”

Earlier this week we reported that Katy Perry was interested in doing a collaboration that was “So iconic” with Rihanna. She was quoted as saying, “I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves”, not like [Shakira and Beyonce Knowles‘] “Beautiful Liar””. Immediately, the Internet lit up with stories of the Katy Perry vs. Beyonce beef — but Katy Perry denies the existence of any such conflict. With a biting tone, Katy Tweeted the following in response to the media’s rush to brand her comments as part of some larger animosity:

We think Katy’s anger at the media’s reaction is somewhat justified. She never attacked Bey or Shakira as artists, but rather made a fairly non-emotive, un-embellished comment on their duet, which, in honesty, wasn’t the run away hit it probably should have been. Whatever — it’s clear Katy didn’t mean to stir up as much controversy as she did, and we’re hoping Momma B isn’t too perturbed. We’d hate to have to rule out a Bey-Perry collaboration!

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Beef Alert! The Fray’s Isaac Slade Wants To Punch Brandon Flowers “In The Mouth”

It looks like Brandon Flowers has ticked off our February Posted band, The Fray. Flowers caught the attention of The Fray front man Isaac Slade when he made some derogatory comments at a concert, but Slade seemed to take it in good humor, saying, “When we started making the album, I saw footage on YouTube of Brandon getting mad at a Killers crowd who were a little sedate. Brandon was yelling, ‘Come on, stand up and dance. This isn’t a f**king Fray show’… All I could do was laugh because that’s true — we do have a very thoughtful, sensitive crowd who don’t get to dance much. Still, I’ll pay Brandon back for picking on our fans. Next time I see him I’ll have to punch him in the mouth.” We’re guessing that Slade’s threat of violence is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, as we can’t imagine him raising a hand in anger to anyone. But good on him for sticking up for his fans — it’s nice to feel important!

The Fray’s Isaac Slade vows ‘to punch Brandon Flowers in the mouth’ [NME]

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Beef Alert! Santigold Calls LMFAO A “Joke Band,” Comments On Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Diss In “Big Mouth”

It appears that Santigold, like the name of her new single, has a big mouth. In an interview with Pitchfork, Santigold talked about her new album, but the prevailing takeaway in the media seemed to be her distaste for LMFAO. Of the schizophrenic dance act, Santigold said, “I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards. I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack sh*t. I’m sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren’t they a joke band? That type of sh*t makes me cry. I’m like, “Really?””.

Along with her obvious abhorrence for LMFAO, Santigold appears to take issue with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga too, parodying both of the pop stars in her video for “Big Mouth”. Santigold said of the Perry and Gaga imagery used in the video, “That was actually not intended in the way everyone thought. I am not that familiar with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, I swear to God. I missed that. I can’t say the director missed that, though — it might have been his brilliant interpretation of my song, but we never discussed it. I’m disappointed with the state of music right now, but it’s not really about anybody specific. I think there’s a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance. It’s like you don’t have to make good music to be f**king huge. Now, I’ll say that, and all the little kids will be like, “F**k you. I hope you die.” [laughs] Don’t let them think you dissed Lady Gaga!”

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Last Lap: Beef Alert! DMX Doesn’t Like “Anything About Drake” And Says Lots Of Other Crazy Things

Beef Alert! DMX Doesn’t Like “Anything About Drake” And Says Lots Of Other Crazy Things
In an interview for the Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1 radio station this morning, DMX said some really crazy things. Amongst them was the following comment about Drake; “I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his voice, I don’t like what he talks about, I don’t like his face, I don’t like the way he walks, I don’t like his haircut. I might just…Let me shut up. I’ll just stop right there.” Click on to read more! [Pop Dust]

Chris Brown Is In Trouble With The Law… Again
It never ends, does it? Chris Brown is reportedly up for a robbery charge after snatching a fan’s iPhone out the front of a Miami club after she attempted to take his photo with it. Let’s not forget that legally, Brown is still under criminal probation. [Huffington Post]

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Beef Alert! Lil’ Kim Calls Nicki Minaj A “Stupid Hoe”

The Black vs. Pink Friday feud rages on! Last we heard, Nicki Minaj released “Stupid Hoe” (or our PG version, “Stupid Stupid”) as a diss track aimed at Lil’ Kim, who released a whole diss EP, Black Friday, aimed at Nicki, last year. You follow? Now Lil’ Kim has lashed out at Nicki on the TV show Watch What Happens Live, kicking the bitter back and forth into overdrive. When asked what she thought of Nicki’s controversial Grammy’s performance, Kim cattily repied, “Who? It just slipped past me. I don’t know with that one.”

She went on to give comment on “Stupid Hoe,” saying, “I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels about it now. If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid Hoe’, you must be a stupid hoe.” We’re not the arbiters of what makes a good diss, but isn’t turning someone’s insult against you back on them sort of… school yard? Either these two ladies are very silly for carrying on this ridiculous verbal war, or they’re very savvy — at least for Lil’ Kim, who is making a comeback into the music scene right now, a beef with the hottest female rapper in the world is stirring up a world of publicity. Although we think a duet would have done the trick just as nicely.

Lil’ Kim calls Nicki Minaj a ‘stupid hoe’ [NME]

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