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The Panty-Dropper Playlist! 25 Tunes to Sex Up Your Summer Hookup Sesh


The summertime always makes us feel lusty and libidinous (we’re convinced it’s because everyone’s half-naked). In any event, even the hottest hookup moments are made friskier by the perf soundtrack — and here, we’ve rounded up our top twenty-five most aurally erotic tunes on the planet. From tried-and-true gems like Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” to new school scorchers like Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” we swear these jams will have you winning.

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Move Over, Ray Lewis: Beyoncé Is Putting In Some Serious Work Before The Super Bowl

Beyonce Super Bowl Rehearsal 1212

Four days and counting until Beyoncé takes over New Orleans, bringing what we hope will be a life-changing experience that leaves us all feeling a little more empowered and a lot more entertained. Oh, and I think there’s a football game going on? Something about two brothers and a tattoo enthusiast slash quarterback who has a large pet turtle? Eh, anyway, back to business.

Beyonce Super Bowl Referee

We have a sneaky suspicion that football would be a lot less violent if Bey was blowing the whistle.

Lucky for those of us who can’t get to NOLA in time, Beyoncé is documenting her rehearsals (or carefully posing in flattering light) leading up to Sunday’s big game halftime show. Inauguration schmauguration, right? The best way to deflect negative attention is by offering up a tasty, exclusive peek at an otherwise mythical and secret life; no one understands this better than Beyoncé and her team. But what will she sing? What will she wear? Who will join her for a not-so-surprising live collaboration? Will we cry?

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Beyoncé & Miguel Are A Musical Match Made In Heaven

It’s amazing how a casual Instagram can get everyone worked up. Especially when it’s a photo of Miguel and Beyoncé — with the former alluding in the caption: “…woah. creating for Virgo’s all weekend.” Beyoncé, of course, is a Virgo (haven’t you heard B’Day?) and she’s definitely had some R&B heavy-hitters “create” for her in the past. 4‘s “I Miss You” was written by a (then) relatively unknown Frank Ocean. And who could forget “Irreplaceable” written by none other than Ne-Yo (Whoops, not The Dream, he wrote “1+1″ — thanks @KingBeysus)? With Kaleidoscope Dream Miguel by her side, it’s easy to see Bey crafting up some magic for her next album.

Weirdly, Miguel deleted the Instagram soon after he put it out there. Bey is known for being mysterious, but she also must know the speed of the BeyHive–it’s out there and we’re all excited for this Bey/Miguel joint.

[Photo via Miguel's Instagram]


Jay-Z Disses Maybe-Wife Beyonce

bey_jayIs the honeymoon already over for Jay-Z and Beyonce? Though the first couple of Hip-Hop haven’t even confirmed they’re married, there might be dark clouds on the horizon. At Jay’s show at the Hollywood Bowl the other night, the rapper had Beyonce’s ’03 hit “Crazy in Love” turned off, just as fans were getting into it. “F*ck that. Sorry Bey but f*ck that – let’s play something else,” the rapper reportedly said to the crowd and his new wife, who up until that point had been standing stage side, cheering on her man.

After Jay stepped off-stage, his new bride laid into him, according to a source at the U.K.’s The Mirror. “She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy. Like any good husband would, Jay-Z groveled and tried to get out of it with compliments.” Sounds like Jay’s 99 problems just hit 100.


Mr. & Mrs. Z Wedding Details!


First Mary J. let the cat out of the bag, now Jay and Bey‘s florist is talking: UsWeekly‘s latest cover story features a lengthy story on the first couple of hip-hop’s wedding. According to florist Amy Vongpitaka (who probably won’t be hired for any future celeb weddings after opening her big mouth), Mr. and Mrs. Z had an almost six-foot wedding cake, 750 pounds of flowers, and an intimate guest list at their 9,000 square foot apartment. While the couple have refused to confirm or deny their marriage, Beyonce did keep her ring finger covered on Tuesday when the singer stepped out in Manhattan.