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The Boss’s Wrecking Ball Dethrones Adele For Number One Spot On The Charts

Well. It’s happened. The thing we thought might never happen: Adele‘s 21 has been knocked off the top of the Billboard chart. Sure, there’s every likelihood she’ll reclaim the throne but for now, it’s The Boss who is king. 21 has been number one for 23 weeks, but, somewhat aptly, has been smashed off the top by a Wrecking Ball. Bruce Springsteen‘s new album, after a shaky start and only 196,000 copies sold in the first week, has managed to oust Adele from what seemed like a never ending reign. If Adele wants to get back on top next week, her sales will have to outstrip new releases including The Shins’ Port of Morrow, One Direction’s Up All Night, and The Hunger Games soundtrack (which might be a hard one to beat given the prolonged hype surrounding the movie).

The Queen Is Dead: Bruce Over Adele On Billboard Charts [Pop Dust]

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by (@kat_george)

You Oughta Know Artist Gotye Takes Number One Spot On Billboard’s Alternative Song Chart

Our featured You Oughta Know artist, Gotye, is really turning heads with his hit single “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The Australian artist, whose collaboration with Kimbra has only just become ubiquitous the world over, isn’t just looking at critical success anymore as “Somebody That I Used To Know” climbs the charts. We love to say we told you so!

This week the track takes number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, and Gotye told Billboard he struggled when writing the song; “When I got to the end of (writing) the first chorus, I hit a real brick wall. I didn’t seem to have any way to take the song further… After struggling with what to do with it, it kind of struck me that I needed a different perspective. It should be the other side of the relationship. I wrote that part and then went about looking for the female vocalist I thought could really give it something edgy.” Gotye’s chart success is just another reason You Oughta Know the budding artist who kicks off his US tour in March, including a date with Coachella’s iconic festival.

Alternative Songs Leader Gotye: ‘Somebody’ You Should ‘Know’ [Billboard]