Blue Jeans


Lana Del Rey Is Ride Or Die, Azealia Banks Is A Bad Girl In “Blue Jeans” Remix

Who doesn’t love blue jeans? Both the ones you wear and the “Blue Jeans” tune by Lana Del Rey you turn on when drowning your sorrows over a love lost. In the umpteenth (who’s counting anyway?) remix, Azealia Banks jumps on the track adding her “212” flavor in an uptempo dance track. Indie pop band members of Foster the People, Mark Foster and Isom Innis, released the remix as a part of their DJ project Smims& Belle. It’s a stark difference between the original that has the power to make you feel the lyrics. Imagine the night Samantha from Sex and the City went to the club and popped an ecstasy pill. We could totally hear this version of “Blue Jeans” playing in a club under similar circumstances.

Banks’ speed raps about being a bad girl and liking a bad boy. How gangster. There’s a certain type of party one could zone out to while grooving to this electro-pop. But for those of us who don’t go to raves (hey, no judgment), we’d love to hear this pair on a track that sounds a little like the soulful Lana Del Rey we’ve become accustomed to. Just a little. Read more…

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Lana Del Rey Fornicates With A Crocodile In Her Controversial “Blue Jeans” Video

Poor Lana Del Rey; she’s yet to make it through one of her videos alive. In the video for her track “Blue Jeans” video, Lana meets the same plight as in her “Born To Die” video: Death. And this time, like last time, it’s all the fault of her heavily tattooed boyfriend. With a cinematic Noir aesthetic, Lana moves in and out of shadow in a black and white rendering, except she is not the dangerous femme fatale of the Noir genre; she is not preying but being preyed upon.

The clip is racy, with lots of phallic imagery and not so subtle innuendo (tattoo guy sticking his fingers in her almost lifeless lips is pretty creepy, and is only made creepier in the next scene where his elongated body penetrates the still water of a pool, the splashes creating some pretty suggestive imagery), and climaxes with, well, Lana’s climax. As she cavorts in the shadowy swimming pool with tattoo boyfriend, he turns mystically into a crocodile, upon which metamorphosis there’s some awkward bestiality and finally Lana’s petite mort. Is Lana’s constantly dying for love and sex an acceptable motif? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

Watch Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” video here.

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Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” Single Art Is A Little Controversial, Very Beautiful, Totally NSFW

Lana Del Rey has released the single art for “Blue Jeans” and it’s a little bit controversial, extremely beautiful, and decidedly NSFW, so you’ll have to check it out after the jump. Featuring a napping or possibly (acting) dead Lana Del Rey lying at what appears to be the bottom of the ocean, a heavily and profanely tattooed male hand clasps her neck in what could be interpreted as a strangulation. The male hand is slightly disturbing, given Lana’s propensity to write lyrics about dying for love, and about her bad boy lovers. It seems to be that the metaphor here has something to do with drowning for love — but that’s based on interpretation only. We’re guessing someone is going to have to have something to say about this imagery and it’s connection to domestic violence and abuse, and we’re probably about to see the controversy monster that is Lana Del Rey critique awaking yet again. What do you think? Does the imagery give you chills in all the wrong places? Or do you think it’s innocent — maybe he’s just checking her pulse and is moments away from reviving her! Check it out after the jump and let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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