Bon Joviver

by (@kat_george)

Meet Bon Joviver: An Incredibly Attractive Bon Iver/Bon Jovi Love Child

You’d think that 80s power pop/rock, awesome hair band Bon Jovi and sensitive, indie, regular hair band Bon Iver would make strange bedfellows, but New York City’s Miracles Of Modern Science have put the two together in what we think is a very successful, very attractive little package. The band, taking on the alias “Bon Joviver,” sing Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” in the wistful style of Bon Iver. The lyrics are a perfect fit for Bon Iver’s fantastical introspective falsetto, and with the addition of some whimsically bleak imagery that invokes the chill of winter, we’re hoping the two Bon’s might be inspired by Miracles Of Modern Science’s effort and give us the duet we’ve now decided we’ve always wanted.

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