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The Who’s Roger Daltrey Turns 70! Hear His 7 Greatest Screams!

They say March roars in like a lion so it’s only fitting that today, March 1st, happens to be the 70th birthday of the lion-manned singer of one of rock’s greatest bands and possessor of one of music’s greatest roars, Roger Daltrey of The Who.  Whether as a young, hard-nosed mod, the many-curled icon of the Tommy musical or the tight-shirted, muscular arena rocker, the singer is known for belting out some of the most throat-shredding known screams in hard rock history. And while the years of larynx abuse have brought his range down some recently, anyone who’s seen The Who live in the past couple years, knows he’s still a riveting frontman and powerful vocalist.  So in honor of his 7 decades on thie planet, check out 7 of Roger Daltrey’s greatest screams! Read more…

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Dave Grohl’s Greatest Accomplishments In Honor Of His 45th Birthday!

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Today marks the 45th birthday of one of the most talented and successful musicians of the last 25 years, David Eric “Dave” Grohl. A native of the fertile Washington D.C. music scene, Grohl got his start playing drums for seminal hardcore band Scream but that was just the prelude to his real arrival, when he took over the drum chair for North West alt rockers Nirvana. Grohl’s powerhouse drumming were an essential part of the band’s loud and melodic post-grunge rock. Despite the band’s massive commercial and artistic success, the pressures proved too much for lead singer Kurt Cobain who sadly took his own life in 1994. It was then that Dave Grohl staged one of the greatest second acts in rock n’roll history. Moving from behind the drum kit to the front of the stage, Grohl strapped on a guitar and formed the Foo Fighters. The band has put out seven full-length albums to date and sold millions of records world-wide. But that’s not all. He continues to play drums when the mood strikes him, most notably for Queens Of The Stone Age and the super group Them Crooked Vultures. And he has now added “Director” to his long and diverse resume, manning the camera for 2013′s Sound City documentary. Is there anything he can’t do? When it comes to creativity, apparently not. In honor of his birthday today, we present Dave Grohl’s Greatest Accomplishments.

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Happy 26th Birthday Ke$ha! Let’s Look Back At Her 26 Freakiest Fashion Moments Ever


It’s time to take a really quick break from our “Die Young” dance party to wish Ke$ha a very happy 26th birthday! And what better way to do that than with a gallery of her wildest looks?

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