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The 8 Most Viral Music Sensations Of 2012

The days of summer beach hopping and brunching outside of lofty restaurant patios in the sun seem like only days ago. Now Christmas is two weeks away, which means 2012 is winding down and 2013 is on the horizon. VH1 Tuner is excited to present to you with a myriad of fun end-of-year lists for the rest of December, as we reflect back on the year that was. And what would 2012 be without the music YouTube phenomenons that made us laugh, scratch our head and dance? Without further ado, here’s to the rising crop of music stars (or at least popular for the moment) who can credit “going viral” for their success.

8. Austin Mahone, “Say Somethin”

He’s not the next Justin Bieber. We’re only writing it because the comparison has been made a zillion times. Austin’s teeny bopper song “Say Somethin” spread quickly in the cyber world after his popularity grew from his covers of pop stars’ hit songs. The kid’s YouTube page of 90 million views and over 500,000 subscribers ultimately led to one of his biggest opportunities to date. From YouTube sensation to opening for Taylor Swift’s her RED tour, another one bites the good ol’ YouTube dust.

7. Rap Battle Royale: Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe

One rap battle, two MCs, lyrically spar for bragging rights as the dopest rapper. This year’s most noteworthy battle birthed the infamous quote: “You gon’ get this work.” Loaded Lux and Calicoe battled for over 30 minutes in front of an anxious crowd vigilantly waiting to decide which rapper would hold the championship belt. The video quickly made its way to hip-hop sites galore where Loaded Lux’s “you gon’ get this work” had even Jay-Z tweeting the line. Shoutout to Lux for one of the hottest catchphrases of 2012.

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There’s A Lot Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def Doesn’t Like On “I Don’t Like” Freestyle

Yasiin Bey "I Don't Like" Freestyle

Now that Yasiin Bey has championed to get people to stop calling him Mos Def he’s focused on the music. And Yasiin has not one solitary ounce of care to give about offending anyone with his latest freestyle over the Chief Keef turned Kanye West “I Don’t Like” beat. And he’s an equal opportunity offender. From tossing around the word cracker and Natzi to going in on how he doesn’t like fake thug rappers, everyone is fair game. Read more…


Video Of Lil Reese Beating A Woman Gets Twitter Riled Up

Who is Lil Reese? Let’s start there. He hasn’t exactly put out any quality music that warrants the type of attention he receives. He’s a Chicago rapper most known for his affiliation with fellow Glory Boys Entertainment rappers Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Def Jam saw something in the teenager and signed him. Both Reese and his partner in crime Chief Keef have been called out for the type of poor behavior they glamorize. Keef made headlines last month for his dismissive “LMAO” tweet upon finding out rapper lil JoJo–whom he was beefing with–was murdered.

Birds of a feather…You know the rest. In a video that recently surfaced you can see a boy who is suspected to be Lil Reese beating up an unidentified woman. What the two are arguing over isn’t clear, but the woman can be heard asking, “Who the f— let them in here?” She also asks him to keep his hands to himself to which he doesn’t oblige. He punches her repeatedly. He stomps her repeatedly. The truly sad part is the number of people who didn’t intervene. Lil Reese didn’t deny it was him either. He tweeted, “The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh-t from years ago damnn we winnin it’s 2 late.”

Sigh. And this is what’s being rewarded with major record label deals these days, eh? Youth homicide in Chicago is real; and devastating. This type of violence against women is a piece of the thread to the larger issue. Rapping about street life because it’s what you’ve grown up seeing is one thing. Living that actual life, laughing about it and promoting it is quite another. It’s high time we all give careful consideration to the type of foolishness we give platforms to.

Rapper Lil Reese beats woman in viral video, causes Twitter frenzy [NY Daily News]