Cinco De Mayo

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Rock Out This Cinco De Mayo And Celebrate These Legendary Mexican-American Metalheads

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Today is Cinco de Mayo, which marks the anniversary of the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle Of Puebla on May 5th in 1862. Over the years the anniversary became cause for merriment and festivities in the Mexican-American communities in the South-Western United States and a time to celebrate their native culture and heritage. Just as heavy metal and hard rock would be greatly lacking without the tales of epic battles of yore, so too would it would it be diminished without the contributions of many a Mexican-American musician. Read more…


Our Official Cinco De Mayo Drinking Playlist Will Help You Celebrate In Style Tonight

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today Americans across the country will celebrate the Mexican combat victory over the French in 1862 by getting plastered! And like musical sommeliers, we are here to pair the appropriate drinks with the appropriate music. Here’s how you should start your night?and how you should end it.

A shot of tequila (nothing too fancy but at least something middle-shelf) with salt and lime paired with The Ventures “Tequila”

This is tradition?at least, as much as any minor ethnic celebration recast as a major American drinking holiday can be said to have tradition. The bolder among you can try a Pee-Wee Herman (though it might be a little early in the night for that).

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