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The Highs And Lows Of Adam Lambert: Performing With Queen And Being Stung With A Law Suit

At this weekend’s MTV Europe Music Awards, Adam Lambert wow-ed fans as he performed live on stage with legendary rock band Queen. In a noisy, epic performance, Lambert belted out numbers like a pro, owning the material in a way that made him seem much more than your run-of-the-mill Freddie Mercury impersonator. Sporting his trademark vertiginous hair and a Matrix-style leather coat, Lambert fronted the legendary band with contemporary style, hitting big notes with soaring force. We feel it’s safe to say that this is probably another high point in Lambert’s career and definitely a favorite moment for his fans, but do Queen’s die hard contingent of supporters feel the same way?

Despite his ripping performance at the EMAs, unfortunately, it’s not all coming up daisies for the ex-Idol contestant as this week; he’s been stung with a pretty hefty lawsuit. The star has been shot with a subpoena by a company called Colwel Platinum Entertainment who claim they had an agreement with Lambert at the time of his appearance on American Idol, and that his appearance on the show was in direct violation of said agreement. We’ll see how this one pans out, but if we know Glambert, he’s not going to let a little thing like a lawsuit stand in the way of getting his (currently delayed) first single completed!

To find out what Adam had to say about the latest delay of his next single, follow along:
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James Hetfield Of Metallica Defends The Band’s Controversial Collaboration With Lou Reed

The controversial experimental collaboration album by Metallica and Lou Reed, Lulu, was officially released yesterday, and seemingly everyone on the Internet has an opinion on it. In the lead up to the much talked about release, critics waxed lyrical about Lulu with many a no-holds-barred, acerbic commentary surfacing in its wake. Every music critic armed with a blog and dexterous typing hand has weighed in on the collaboration, what it tells us about the music industry, and what ‘quality’ means in a world where the fruits of creative process are both disposable and necessary. Overwhelmingly, opinions have been unfavorable.

VH1 spoke to James Hetfield, Metallica front man about the release, and the artist was optimistic, reiterating how much he, Lou and the band enjoyed creating the album, and specifically how much they love the finished product. He goes on to acknowledge the criticism, saying, “at the end of the day all of this is about us writing music that we enjoy listening to, and if other people enjoy it, that’s awesome, and if they don’t — there’s certainly people out there that don’t as well — then move onto the next thing.”

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Watch These Thrones: The Best Collaboration Albums

As Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne tour kicks off this week, there’s really not all that much else to talk about. Between set lists, leather outfits, copious bling and “OMG WILL PREGONCÉ OR FRANK OCEAN OR BOTH MAKE AN APPEARANCE?”, it’s a truly immersive experience, permeating all facets of daily life and conversation. So while we wait very impatiently for our turn to Watch The Throne, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite collaboration albums of all-time.

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Sade’s Ultimate Collection to Feature Collaboration With Jay-Z


Just over a year after the release of Sade‘s most recent album Soldier of Love, Epic has compiled the 2-CD Ultimate Collection, coming May 3. The first disc largely replicates 1994’s quadruple-platinum The Best of Sade, but the second disc, in addition to five tracks and a b-side from Lovers Rock and three tracks from Soldier of Love, includes four new recordings: Thin Lizzy cover “Still In Love With You,” two new original tracks (“Love Is Found” and “I Would Never Have Guessed”) and a new remix of “The Moon and the Sky” featuring Jay-Z, the latter of which you can hear below:

Sade is no stranger to hip-hop collaborations; in 2001 alone she sang the hook on Krayzie Bone‘s single “Hard Time Hustlin’,” while her band’s own single “By Your Side” was remixed by The Neptunes. And “Moon and the Sky” is a hot track even before the stripped-down, added-low-end remix. But Jay-Z’s verse is fascinating. Outside of the framework of best-rapper braggadocio, he gets back to his storytelling roots and can really shine. Or maybe he just does a really really great Andre 3000 impression. Either way, it’s a great verse.


STOMP Perform “Cecilia” on Fallon…but Wait! Here Comes Rhymin’ Simon

Paul Simon surprised viewers of last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when he joined percussive dance troupe STOMP for a striking rendition of his and Art Garfunkel’s 1970 single, “Cecilia.” In retrospect, the collaboration was obvious, as STOMP is perhaps uniquely suited to replicate the peculiar rhythmic charm of the original track. And the performance, to put it plainly, killed.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has emerged as the unlikely music leader in the late-night talk show game, hiring “the legendary Roots crew,” as Fallon puts it, as the show’s house band, and casting a net wide enough to include 90s DC indie-rock stalwarts Jawbox (reuniting only for the show), yacht-rocker extraordinaire Christopher Cross (with special guest Michael McDonald), teenage-riot horrorcore rappers Odd Future, and incomparable new jack swingers Bell Biv DeVoe, among others. Largely, this is thanks to the show’s music bookers (and their bosses, who give them lots of freedom).

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