by (@kat_george)

Lana Del Rey Is As Big As Drake, Fan Gets “Video Games” Lyrics Tattooed To Thigh (Sigh)

First, a Drake fan in LA got his name controversially tattooed across her forehead, and now a young girl from Glasgow has had lyrics from Lana Del Rey‘s “Video Games” tattooed to her thigh. 23 year old Nadine Walker posted images of the tattoo on her blog along with the simple description, “I got a new (huge) tattoo from the bf of Lana Del Rey’s ‘video games’ lyrics! Ouch! Love it.” Ouch indeed. Let’s hope the words (and her boyfriend) mean as much to her in 10, or even two years from now. We recognise that tattoos have long been a means for fans to express their commitment to their favorite artists. Now, we’re no experts, but we normally associate such hardcore enthusiasm with more… antiauthoritarian artists, like rock stars and hip hop artists who embody a certain timelessness. We never really though that such sentimental and buzz-y music could illicit such zealous fandom, but like we said, we’re not the experts!

[Photo: Bimbo Beautiful]